Audio Branding – Marks. Moves. Inspired.

More and more small businesses discover the potential of acoustic brand management to establish its corporate identity. Viacom is often quoted as being for or against this. “A brand goes to the heart. You must love it and live.” (Schiller, heirs, Halliday 2006) Every company wants to transport a certain message. Every successful company utilizes however, that an enormous Emotionalising and strengthen the corporate brand can be combined with the right form of such a message. Audio branding uses sounds to create a recognizable corporate identity. In times of increasing competitive pressure and a rapidly increasing range of brands, it is becoming increasingly important to complement the existing corporate design to an auditory part and to establish a distinctive corporate sound with audio branding also for smaller companies.

The opportunity for the ear”pack an audio logo, one with can buzz after the second hearing itself; a jingle, whose slogan goes immediately to the heart; a brand voice that reminds one of someone you love or an atmospheric sound carpet, evokes the feeling of safety and security? the cross-media possibilities of sound as a strategic instrument of brands are as diverse as simple. Audio branding allows direct sensual experience and associations about the sense of hearing. Making brands human you have to spend no vast sums of money to create an ideal connection between brand or service and an individual sound experience. In a detailed analysis of core values of the company obtained together with a sound professional advance, on which in later workshops and briefings can be established, if the ideal conception, which is tailored to your company, is designed. The ideal sound concept is tested prior to introduction, establishes a direct connection to the brand and transferred your own core values in a sound foundation. It is important that the client can feel the value of the message.

The brand must be human experience and experience. Audio branding as an anchor for emotions not only externally via media, sales promotion and acoustic product placement so contact points be created? also in-house, such as on your own computer as a music on hold or ring tone, a memorierbares audio image causes an increase in performance, based on identification with the company and emotional bond. Innovative, unique sound concepts promote associations, inspire and create added value for anyone who perceives it whether consciously or unconsciously. That should be clear anyone who wishes to present a brand and establish. Because a single emotion causes often more than a thousand words. Contact: Owner: Nico Flohr Wilhelm Kobelt str. 17 39108 Magdeburg fon: 0391-50 55 80 411 fax: 0391-50 55 80-419 email: Web: filesxing clay Island google +: twitter: