Bizarra interview Here it is that one of the candidates in front of the interviewer seats pause It looks the eyes of it with a deep look in a certain initial anxiety. The interviewer decides for starting with a more or less personal question, probably to have a first conception of the genius whom she was dealing or perhaps to lull to sleep the initial ice. – Very well. We go to start saying a little on you? – To start speaking on me? How thus lady? – Yes. Some problem? It starts speaking on its infancy, its youth, its gostos.

The candidate suspirou and then he talked back with mysterious air: ' ' If I to count believe that Mrs. does not go to believe however, the estria that I go to count to it is true. I say this because I know that everything can sound too much strange. – We have time, is the will. – I took a simple life in a farm in the catarinense west, a paradise, was a small stuck property between green mounts of araucrias, limpid rivers cut the forest, in the sky flied birds of some species, even though Toucans, symbols of this nation. There the time passed slow, in relation to the people nor if it speaks, were humanists, difficult to catch badness and individualism in air.

The access was difficult, due the great distance of the cities biggest, moreover, the land roads sinuosas and were covered by a gravel badly britado that to the times damaged the vehicles. I lived, my mother, father, two brothers and a sister. Infancy was amused; it went up in trees, it shot in the passarinhos, it frequented the house of the cousins, sang on the roofs, it planned pranks and all the things of a healthful child. However, I abstain to very say on this time, rank that is irrelevant front what I want to count to you.