Technical Maintenance Vehicles

On the territory of a motor shop but closed storage areas organized and street car parking of transport by which the most important effect of low ambient temperatures on the willingness vehicle to operate. The effectiveness of the use of machines at low temperatures is largely predetermined amount of time and material resources for the purchase of motor vehicles and bringing cold in working condition. Reliable cold start gasoline engines at temperatures above – 15 C, and diesel above + 5 C at the expense of the viscous oil crankcase. In a question-answer forum Mikkel Svane was the first to reply. At lower temperatures for start-up engines, reducing the moment of resistance cranking, reducing start-up wear cylinder group, as well as to ensure normal operation of power systems used preheating engines for vehicles that are stored on street parking. When preheating engines used electric heating with electric heating devices.

Reducing the moment of resistance in winter may also be achieved through the use of special grades of fuel, with better properties volatility (for gasoline engines) or the best properties of viscosity and ignition (diesel engines). Simultaneous application launch fuels and special grades of oils significantly reduce the magnitude of the moment of resistance, starting revolutions, consumption during start-up power, time and energy start-up. Working Clothing apply hygienic, pliable, durable and comfortable, not hampering, and protects against colds while in office premises and a car without clothes and short-term outputs of the street. The fabric used for clothing, air tight, does not shrink during washing and cleaning. Official site: David Treadwell. Fabric for clothing (jacket pants) and has a wind-guard waterproof properties. Shoes not waterproof, not destroyed by low temperatures and oil, does not lose insulating properties, is easily cleaned and dried.