In the continuous price hike of construction materials, Polymer products must be most welcome. Manufacture of such products is carried out by hot pressing using sand and polymers. These products are manufactured with obligatory observance of environmental standards and safety standards, meet all market requirements. Some of the price stability of polymer-preserved products due to the fact that its production does not use cement binder components (their cost is increasing). With the success of polymer elements substitute products made with outdated technology. But construction – a sector that needs to be the best solution that fully meets the requirements of the availability and quality of construction material. So what are the elements of polymer can meet this market products and what are their main advantages? 1. Polymer tile.

This material is truly reliable and high quality, are durable. He is rightly called the material of the future. It fits perfectly for finishing the roof of any object. Tile is made according to different loads, which allows us to safely navigate through it to complete the installation. This material is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful substances in all weather conditions.

Polymer tile – light, durable and waterproof. 'Polymer tile buy' – this combination of words are increasingly requested by users when searching the Internet and is expected – a very This material will soon become the most popular in construction. 2. Polymer Pavement. This is a special kind of coverage that has all the advantages of polymer materials: noble aesthetic appearance, high moisture resistance and reliability. Moreover – Pavement, made of Polymer Materials, has anti-icing properties (thanks to the sound texture of the picture on the tile ensures a good traction soles of shoes of pedestrians). This tile is used in the device paths for pedestrians, playgrounds and pavilions, terraces and balconies. Paving slabs, whose production is carried out by some companies, due to the strict observance of technology and given the large number of different nuances. To purchase a paving slab just type in any search engine 'Pavement buy' – and at your disposal all the information will be on this issue. 3. Elements of the wells. About this product should be said that it is relatively new and has a completely unique properties. So far, all elements (except the cover) made from concrete. Such products had an enormous number of shortcomings and were not able to provide a decent level of quality in the creation of networks (such as water and sewer), as well as telephone lines. Despite the relatively low weight, polymer-hatches are very strong, much stronger and more reliable than usual. They are well suited for communications networks and observation wells. These hatches are much more durable than their counterparts from iron and because of its environmental performance are completely safe for use in water supply networks. As for the aesthetic aspects of using these covers – the color, you can easily pick up the hatches under the tile. These hatches are quite visible on the sidewalk and look great. Hatches plumbing of polymers – is the brainchild of modern technology.