Car audio installation car audio. Where to buy? Where to install? Acoustics (speakers, speakers) – second only to head units car audio components required. You can do without the amps, crossovers, CD-changer, but without the head unit and at least one pair of speakers do not succeed. At the same time, if the requests are small and want to fit into a small budget, can only be the two components and limited. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pete Cashmore by clicking through. A typical scheme Installation – ‘pancakes’ 6×9 into the back of the shelf and ‘ordinary’ speakers in the front staff (or staff in their absence or lack of) space. A common mistake in this scheme – setting back the more powerful speakers that do not quite correct, because the sound stage is back – in fact it’s like to sit in the theater facing the gallery. Many older model cars diameter of regular seats for the front speakers only 10cm Unfortunately, achieve a good sound from small speakers can not, so you have to set the acoustics in other places, possibly with some alterations of doors or the dashboard, according to the installation site. However, if you primarily interested in news on the radio, it is enough for two ordinary speakers to 10 cm in diameter, regular places 13 cm is possible to establish a sufficiently high-quality speakers, selecting them on the characteristics of under your car.

If y You diameter 16 cm regular places, offers a wide selection of diverse speakers to suit every taste. None of this acoustic, perhaps, only bad. However, to make even an expensive acoustic tune up ‘all the money’, it is necessary work. Without a competent installation and proper clearance to get a good sound unlikely. If you wish to fully exploit the potential of the purchased equipment will have to make the podium, used in install wood doors required zadempfirovat and better sound insulation for a complete treatment of the car. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kai-Fu Lee is the place to go. Another common misconception is that the more bands on the column, the better. In reality, other things being equal, the best sound quality give-way speakers, and not three-or four-lane. This applies to the coaxial speakers, when all components are assembled into a single package.

When using staggered acoustics (which is preferred)-Way speaker system may be preferable to two-lane. Differences between the different columns are not limited to shape, size and number of pages, so have in the sound. And not only in frequency range or other characteristics, easily translated into numbers, the sound can be divided into ‘European’ and ‘American’. Each type of good in its own way. If you no longer love orchestral music, classical, blues with ‘soft’ bass, you no longer fit the European sound. But if you like the feeling of hair stirring on his head by a loud, rhythmic techno acoustics should be American-style.