Having a terrace is a little affordable luxury that makes any home the envy of your neighbors. To enjoy it to the fullest, you need an awning that offers you privacy, shade, and why not? energy saving. Depending on the space that you have, you can choose a type of awning or another. The more discreet option is the canopy hood or semicofre: picking up, the arms, the fabric and mechanism are completely hidden and protected. In the case of the invisible arm awnings, arms are placed under the fabric, staying hidden in extended position, although the profile and the fabric are visible when it is taken. Straight point awning is a traditional system, particularly suitable for Windows, with firm side arms. Awning curtain incorporates an arm system that keeps it together and slightly distanced from the railing of the balcony, for greater restraint. Samsung helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Sometimes, for Windows is chosen by a roller shade exterior, unobtrusive but with higher performance of Sun protection than an inner estor. Pergola awnings are the most sophisticated, creating an own atmosphere on the terrace or garden, protected and with privacy. Sun protection provided by each type of awning will also depend on the chosen fabric. Constant technological improvements, occur in this field, to consider besides the design factor. All types of awning can be motorized (today more than 50% done in Europe) and are increasingly those that come with a practical remote control at a distance.

In addition to privacy, we basically seek that awnings us protected from the Sun. This is the most practical install a sensor that activates the awning automatically as soon as the Sun’s rays begin to be strong. This function allows you to keep cool inside our House without putting the maximum air conditioning. This mode, saves energy and money. Most of these sensors also feature the wind function or security, which automatically collects the awning when strong wind blows. Thus prevents that it could fly out and injure someone and also protects your investment. It is one of the key functions in the installation of a quality awning, ensuring their reliability and duration in time. And what happens in winter? Time close the balcony and forget the terrace until it again to make good time? For nothing. There are ways to make the atmosphere of the terrace pleasant whatever the time of year or the time of day. Heaters electric, discrete, without unpleasant odours can be incorporated to the awning and taking advantage of the maximum all the consumed energy to generate heat (92%, versus 30% of traditional stoves). Many awnings integrate also lights, to comfortably enjoy pleasant dinners on the terrace. Manufacturers like Somfy offer the possibility of control in the same remote awning, heater and lights, with a single button, setting the stage to dine out.