More and more people who complain a lot to work with the computer about physical discomfort. These come in addition to the known back problems through the many seats, more and more problems in the area of the wrist, forearm and shoulder on. By posture and repetitive movements with a computer mouse may result in a but leave some of the joints and muscles. This can also affect back problems. For people with such problems could have a tablet help. Tests have shown that individuals with such complaints, the result of the use of a mouse, could be exempted from the use of a graphics tablet with pen operation of their suffering. The operation with a pen allows a much more natural position and movement of the arm.

How do you paint with a brush is a much more balanced load generated and used the entire range of motion of the arm. Besides the ergonomic handling a graphics tablet offers other advantages. It allows a much more precise work, which in particular the Imaging is a crucial advantage. Also offers a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet control. In contrast to a computer mouse, the mouse buttons only the state “active” and not “actively” know, a pressure sensitive graphics tablet works.

So you can for example, vary with a “brush tool, the thickness or opacity by varying degrees of pressure on the tablet. In addition to the pen included by default, there is another tablet accessories. So one can replace the standard required by a Airbrush pen stylus. Anyone who has worked with a graphics tablet know the advantages and resources in the future will use his mouse only rarely.