3.27. After the completion of high-rise buildings should meet calibration calculations taking into account the results of monitoring sediment load increases to the base. Such comparisons must be performed in the course of construction, and if the strain exceeded the projected base values should evaluate the need for a strengthened base. 3.28. In the absence or non-events, precluding the emergence and development of nonuniform thermal strains, it is recommended make check calculations on the temperature and climatic impact.

3.29. For the foundations of tall buildings is recommended to use the concrete class, not lower than B30. 3.30. Under the slab foundation elements of tall buildings should be no concrete preparation of the concrete class, not lower than B10, the thickness of which is determined depending on the engineering geological conditions, production methods, but are not less than 150 mm. When water-saturated clay under concrete preparation for such facilities is recommended to lay on detrital cushion thickness not less than 250 mm. Project foundations must be provided performance measures to ensure close contact between the plate grillage and soil. 3.31. Design documentation under 'Project' should include the implementation of advanced geotechnical work, composition and volume are determined by a special program, developed with through specialized organizations, and subjected to geotechnical geotechnical expertise.

3.32. Depending on the adopted project structures and methods of installation of foundations and underground parts of buildings in the experienced geotechnical works recommended include: – the test piles and separate fragments of foundations static and dynamic loads; – development of the technology unit of foundations, including the definition of instrumental methods of vibration exposure levels of the buildings surrounding development – study the stress state of soil mass at the base of the building – development work on dewatering consolidation, ground frozen. 3.33. As part of project documentation (starting with the pre-stage) should develop a special section on structural survey the surrounding buildings and geotechnical monitoring system, guided by the recommendations contained in mgsn 7.2 19, instruction 21.