Adriana Amaral of the Wedge the technique alone exists with the originated project of the human thought (objective social bedding of ' ' pensar' '), therefore, the man, accepts the requirements of the technique, and these if present each time more complex, and what it can be created for its defense, it can be transformed into the destruction of its fellow creature. As the system of transmission of knowledge and efficient behaviors (techniques and cultures) is contained in the written language, the first one, the verbal one, already, the word, is an instrument of discrimination of the knowledge (social inaquality) and the man only carries through the technique for not being a instinctive factor, and he uses rationally it for the production of its existencial condition. The technological accomplishments have stimulated the occured transformations in history, therefore for the biological evolution, the man is a tecnificador animal. The nature always was same, the reason human being is that it is become enlarged gradually. However, the more the continuous dumb man qualitatively, more if becomes dependent of the natural resources, therefore it does not live without the same ones. The technique, independent of the time, always was invariable in its essence and optimum way to decide the contradictions between the reality and the man, who in turn, is the only animal that he does not need to move of species to evolve. ' ' In global a historical process, the technique, tends to play a liberating role of the man (transference of the material and/or mental effort for the machines), having to be each lesser time the job of it as weapon of oppression of the masses ' '. The course of the development, and in absolute terms, the value of a liberating process of the worker, exempting it of what it is more laborious, the great expense of muscular energy, in the case of the oppressed masses, aggravated for the lack of access to the advantages that would have to provide to them.