LobbyControl launches final sprint of the lobby-appeal: last chance to sign this is until October 31! Citizens have chosen, the seats in the Bundestag are newly distributed. Now negotiated the policy programme for the next few years. But who actually mixes the cards behind the scenes? There is high season for the approximately 5,000 lobbyists in Berlin. The coalition agreement is the first big chance to establish their concerns equally persistent in the work plan of the new Government. After the election, especially large corporations and business associations harsh morning air. CDU and FDP have shown no great interest in actually in the past, to create more transparency and barriers for lobbyists. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base.

But we citizens have a right to know who influences the policy for who with how much money after the polling stations were closed. Therefore, LobbyControl calls a lobby register, which requires all lobbyists to transparency. Almost 6,000 people have already signed our appeal. In November, we will Present the new Bundestag signatures. Are you already? October 31, 2009, sign register online under! Please mobilize even friends and acquaintances, by you: the link to the action further Guide: register a mobilization banner on your homepage set: blog/index.php/banner/ or show you the LobbyControl video how lobbyists are taking refuge in phrases when it comes to transparency: blog/index.php/2009/08/lobbyregister-statt-pr-ausfluchte/ so the call from LobbyControl, the initiative for transparency and democracy. Since beginning of 2006 a non-profit registered association in Cologne, which has set itself awareness power structures and strategies of influence in Germany and the EU the target. While he would like to provide suggestions for transparency in politics, democratic control and barriers of the influence of interest groups on politics and the public, including bsw. Since May 2005 the Internet blog is LobbyControl.de. Contact: Erich Neumann freelance journalist / DPV P.o. box 1106 82196 Gilching