If we travel to Antarctica, the first thing we will need is warm clothes. The outer layers we recommend for beauty, Gore-Tex clothing preferably because it is para-viento and para-agua. For the inner layers, never cotton. We can choose clothing from synthetic fiber or wool Apparel 100%. To protect us from the Sun, sunglasses and cream with a very high protection factor. For the feet, waterproof boots. Read additional details here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. For the hands, Gore-Tex gloves too. Of course, wool hat and woolen scarf.

It must be borne in mind that trips to Antarctica are conducted during the austral summer, and although we are going to Antarctica, the temperature is usually above zero in those moments of the year. If we travel to Antarctica, do not forget the camera take pictures of several cards of memory, several batteries and battery chargers. Also of the camcorder of your cards memory, batteries and battery chargers. And, how no, the tripod to assist us in the more complicated pictures. It is also interesting carry a backpack of Gore-Tex, to be able to put all this in the backpack and that does not become us nothing on the way to the landing beach. What else we may need? Many wanted to know the most beautiful place in the world. You will find the largest glaciers in the world, crystal clear waters, quiet bays, a lot of amount of wildlife and a highly variable climate in Antarctica. So let us not be visit by environment and provided that we leave the boat, making it ready to cope with any climate change. Good journey, explorers! Original author and source of the article