Recommendations for potential customers who are planning to rent in Poltava, Kiev, and any other city in Ukraine. 1. Before calling landlords, look at apartments on the site to choose for themselves the most suitable option apartments in Dnepropetrovsk, for example, and decide what apartment you need – 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, with renovated, luxury or standard, which should be in an apartment home appliances and other features kvartiry.2. If you are not targeting the city, and you need an apartment for rent in close proximity to certain objects (for example), you can either see yourself on the map locate apartments, or that it is more convenient, ask the landlord, who knows the city and qualified to advise you on these matters. Do not forget to clarify the issue with the presence of paid parking nearby if any, are you interested in .3. Skillz may find this interesting as well. If you question the location of the apartment is not basic, keep in mind that the equivalent apartments in central areas and in more distant, very different costs .4.

Be sure to check question the number of beds in an apartment and a separate room, or double. Please note that some apartments the price will vary depending on the number of people, since the expense is the number of bed komplektov.5. Apartment price is determined by each master in his own way. Someone can take the apartment as a day and at night, which is cheaper. If you need to enter early in the morning, you may have to pay for an apartment in the evening the previous day because at night this apartment is not able to pass.

It is also possible to pay a half days, but all of these issues are discussed personally .6. If you plan to rent an apartment for three days or more, you will certainly ask about price – many apartments, it varies, depending on the number of days of .7. If you want to book an apartment for rent in advance, but you probably will need to transfer money for the first day of the lease. Please Note that not all landlords reserves apartment sutki.8. If you want to celebrate a birthday and you need a big house for all of your friends, keep in mind that most landlords do not rent out their apartments for Similar prazdnevstva, due to the fact that you can not answer for all your guests, especially when they are under the influence of alcohol. And do not cheat and to rent 3-room apartment for two people listen to advice, Be vigilant and if you are sure to find the best option apartments in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, and any other city in Ukraine for themselves.