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Profession copywriter is relatively new in its current light through the prism of the Internet. It is becoming increasingly popular among users of the Internet resource. However, for a long time know that one capacious word, at times, capable of more than one thousand speeches. The main advantages of a good copywriter is the ability to express the idea briefly, but the most accurately and effectively. Writing is designed to inform, persuade, attract the attention of people, manage emotions and create in the minds of the person reading the text, the right impression and association.

Using the copywriting techniques you can push a person to purchase the goods or perform certain actions. In addition to the information load useful articles are also playing a significant role in promoting the site in search engines, creating such a thing as SEO-copywriting. Exchange of articles with available by references to promote the site – an essential site in the mechanism of promotion of a web resource. The specifics of this industry copywriting peculiar and requires not only the literate presentation of the material, but also a certain structure of the text for better indexing by search engines.

Selected Plugins

Very, very much written for WordPress plugin. All of them do not try. But there is a necessary plug-ins, there are those who bring comfort, speed, etc. Here I present a selection of plug-ins, with whom I work. Hope this helps someone or at least make life easier in terms of creating a blog. All plug-ins installed in the standard way, then there is a folder with the plugin is copied to a directory with all your plug-in is activated in the admin panel, and then if need be configured through the menu. So go … sh-autolink plugin With this plugin you can do this.

You, for example, it is necessary that certain words in any text of your site has been exposed definite link. That is, for example the word "site" wherever it occurs, you will link to your own website or any other reference. Very conducive to relink the site, its pages, which makes it a plus for indexed pages in search engines and their rankings, respectively. You can download it here. Plugin wp-columnes This plugin is designed to create on your site beautiful pieces in the form of tag clouds, links, headings, or anything you can imagine there wish. Sets the size of the cloud, color, clarity. (Similarly see: Zendesk).

Where a lot of use. You can download it here. Addzakl Plugin This plugin is designed to quickly add users to any page in the system of social bookmarking. For that they need to be registered on any relevant site or make it as we go. Download the plugin here. Plugin keywordes. This plugin is remarkable in that he at the transition site visitors from search engines stores the search query. And when these will be typed five pieces or more, gives them at the end of the post. So this is another plus for higher positions in search engines page. You can download it here. Plug-article-directory. If you have sayte many articles, it is a plugin for you. It helps you to split and sort your articles by category and display them beautifully in a menu on your sayte. The type and size of the menu is configured via the admin panel. You can download it here. Sayty plugin to work with a network of social news smi2.ru. This is another good way to monetize traffic, plus a site promotion. More information can be found here. The plugin download it here.


It is believed that in order not to distort the image, you must specify the trap so that the lighter objects are extended in the direction of the darker, the size of which remains unchanged, and not vice versa. On Indeed, trapping is most often used for major labels, than to graphics, which are usually trying to put together so that there was no need for trapping. In practice, not necessarily committed to overlap zone included all the colors that are used to fill the main subject. For example, if a red (Magenta – 100, Yellow – 100) is superimposed on the blue text (Syan – 100) object, the purpose of the overlap of the same color as the text lead to the fact that around the letters there are well marked black contour integral. Let's try to make the external trap, using only paint Magenta 50%. Then, the overlap will be more intense blue color, which is not so However, not much will stand next to the blue. Viacom does not necessarily agree.

If we are dealing with a purple object (M100) on a green background (Y100, C100), it is advisable to make an internal trap yellow. Then the overlap zone will turn red and will only emphasize the contour of the object of purple. If trapping is done by the two colors that are part of a green background, then again get a black outline. If there is the seemingly "scary" version, when the background contact yellow and green objects located magenta text, you can also make internal traps filled areas of overlap in yellow. In fact, the variety of situations using traps is not reduces to that described, and should not be taken as dogma the proposed options, in each case to decide how to minimize the visibility of the trap.

Technology Web Programming

The first sites that appeared on the Internet were static (html). These sites have now, but there is an increasing role of web programming, because site owners want to give their projects the interactivity, it is convenient to operate website content using cms, etc. Thus, the web programming technology now used to create almost any serious project. Of course, many programming languages originated and existed long before development of the Internet. However, for various reasons, traditional languages were not very well suited for programming Web sites.

With increasing demand for interactive sites this led to the emergence of language and technologies focused exclusively on the web. Which of them today are the most popular? First of all, it should be noted that the program (or, as they are called scripts), so, for the most part, and the languages themselves programming can be divided into server and client. When we travel on the intenet, we download to your computer for your site, and prosmtarivaem them in your browser, but the actual pages and other information that used for their formation (eg, user names on forums, etc.) stored on the server that hosts the site. Thus, the script, allowing work on the page, can work in two places – at the server before the page is sent to the user, it read, and the user's computer, even after it is received. In the first case it will be server-side script in the second – the client. Most languages Web programming is also clearly divided on the server and client, but there are some (eg, Java), which can be used for those and other purposes.

Technology Web programming on the client side include a set of different tools and programming languages. First of all, it's javascript (which is not to be confused with java), which support is incorporated in virtually any brazuere. Javascript is used more often than any other language for scripting, working on the client side. It is simple, its code is easy to integrate into the code html-page, at the same time it provides a lot of opportunities. Therefore, the javascript you need to know any webmaster. Other languages and technologies, which are relatively frequently used on the client side – is Java and Actionscript (the language used in the technology of flash, it even write a simple game. Everyone knows, Microsoft has attempted to implement their programming languages – VBscript (analog Javascript) and SilverLight (As a replacement for Flash), but these technologies have not yet received a strong popularity. Among the server-side languages, the undisputed leader is php. The language is simple, easily integrates into your page, it says a huge number of popular scripts and engines for websites, and support for php is available almost at any place, even cheap hosting. Among the other server languages can be noted Perl, which is somewhat less popular, as well as asp (designed by the same Microsoft and used on Platforms Windows), and exotic to most languages Python and Ruby. In addition, we can not ignore the query language sql, which, although not independently used for programming the site, in conjunction with other languages, for example, the same php, is an essential feature of programming sites, working with databases. In general, although some web programming languages are more and less popular, each has its niche and can be more uspeschno than others applied to solve some specific problems.

New Standards, More Comfort

Although today there is hardly anyone more that can not do anything with the term DSL, but still very few know about the different speeds of DSL and the resulting opportunities. Follow others, such as Kai-Fu Lee, and add to your knowledge base. After a long time had only the pace of analogue Internet connections or ISDN lines, DSL was with a download speed of up to 2048 kbit / s revolutionary. But even in the world of DSL can now set new standards that improve the comfort and significantly open up the surf in private households new dimensions: DSL 16,000. The speed of up to 16,000 kbit / s allows large downloads in no time. Download a video file into feature-length lasts 47 minutes with DSL 2000. With 16 000 DSL however the download in just six minutes is possible. Especially for families of high bandwidth is attractive. For even in data-intensive applications such as Internet TV or video-on-Demand offers the highest quality connection, even if multiple users within a network are active.

Anyone interested in DSL 16 000 interest does not need much higher access rates to be feared than traditional DSL speeds. The costs are as follows: it falls on a monthly basic charge for the DSL connection, the phone knows how to do it. The amount of the fee varies from provider to another. On average, the price for a DSL connection 16,000 50-10 over the access price for a DSL 2000 connection, DSL offers primacall 16 000 per month starting at 9,90 . Fee to.

There are also the costs of the DSL rate. Here, you can choose between volume rate, time rate or flat rate. Recommended in any case, the flat rate, because the month. Costs are then determined and no surprises are to be feared. With a DSL flat rate there is no limit for data or online time. Some providers like Primacall all DSL products are based on DSL 16,000. Although this speed is not available in all port areas and households, the Offers attractive. Although at first only be surfed at a lower speed, but the capacity is to expand the availability fully exploited.

Formats Image

Currently, there are quite a number of different graphics file formats. Nevertheless, all of them can be divided into two groups. These are files that store vector graphics and bitmap graphics files stored. Raster graphics – is when the image is stored in the form of small dots – pixels. Accordingly, the quality of such images is limited by two factors: it is actually the size of the image in pixels and a resolution image – that is, the number of pixels per unit length (the most common pixels per inch). Files stored in raster graphics are jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, png, psd and others.

Vector Graphics – is when the image is stored in an array numbers describing the construction of images in the form of curves and key points – tops. Formats of vector graphics – swf, cdr, max, ai, partly pdf. In practice, web graphics are mainly used in two formats, raster graphics – jpeg and gif, and one format vector graphics – swf. Much less frequently used format png. Jpeg and gif formats differ in different image compression algorithm. Since the web file size still plays a very significant value for several reasons, therefore lightweight image file significantly increases the speed of loading images.

For different "types" of pictures fits a particular format graphics. Determining the required format – the basic ability to web – designer. For photos, portraits, pictures, large, rich intricate details – best format jpeg. Compression algorithm of this format works so that, when the "weight" of a picture, and therefore quality image as it "blurs" are poorly distinguishable sharp transitions between colors, and there are stray colored pixels as a side effect of the algorithm.

Description Of The Main Types Of Earnings In The Internet

Let's first define what you know best and what you would like to make a living. Get the scoop on the convolutions of his brain, and select the one that most suits you. Then start looking for a way to earn for themselves. Personally, I prefer to make at home sitting at the computer. Sometimes it does not even earn badly.

There are lots of earnings, but most of these earnings are paid very modestly. But over time you can go on real income. And now I'll give you several types of earnings in the network: – Earnings for viewing ads (klatsat on advertising links are staying at the advertiser's site until the end timer, view and confirm get a few kopecks, about 5-20). These penny credited to your account as a gift from a sponsor who you are, then, once you reach the minimum output at the expense of the payment system from which you can easily transfer money to the bank. And on page "clique sponsors" I have collected the most trusted clique sponsors, in which there is no minimum for the withdrawal.

Almost as systems work by reading emails for money. To your email box come advertising messages that must be read and confirm the view, for what is on your virtual account kapnet penny. Catalog postmen who actually pay you will find on page "Post sponsors – Earnings on the site. This is perhaps the most interesting and most profitable business. To do this you will need to make your site attract back visitors and advertise. You'll earn revenue for unique visitors on the links and banners to your site. It's not hard actually. You register with the advertising broker, he will find an advertiser for a small fee, you place a code of advertising banners or links on the site and wait for your visitors will click on them. A list of such brokers can be found on page "Traffic Exchange" – Freelance. This remote work. Mainly related to writing articles and designing websites, copyright, etc. Shorter work on creation of information in any form. Had never worked, but a good freelancer may receive from $ 50 to $ 5000 per month. – Earnings on files. If you have files that may be of value to others, then you can put them on a free hosting service, which will be you pay for something that your files with him download from the $ 5 per 1000 downloads. More information about this kind of earnings you can find on page "How to make money on downloads"

Internet Standardization

Opera Company is the creator of the famous eponymous browser. Not long ago, Opera unveiled a new search engine called Metadata Analysis and Mining Application (abbreviated – MAMA). This mechanism has been written based on the Perl language with the addition of MySQL. Not only indexes content of the resource search engine, but also captures the used web technology and its structure. As for their content and the architecture it will look for web-based resources. For example, the new search engine allows you to highlight MAMA sites not less than a thousand references.

Perhaps due to meta-search engines to find statistics about the use MAMA flush on the Internet. Or, for example, count the number of errors of the average markup for the web site. Search engine will allow companies to standardize on figuring out how to actually work their recommendations. Take into account the current network capabilities and the technical preferences of users, developers of Web solutions will be better. MAMA has not yet operational, but the database with three million sites studied, he already holds.

An amusing summary of the Opera has demonstrated on the basis of this base. For example, public web server Apache is used as a basis at 67.7% sites, the server is IIS – in 25.9%. Internet documents reach the normal size of 16 400 characters. Ten most popular HTML-tags organized HEAD, TITLE, HTML, BODY, A, META, IMG, TABLE, TD, TR. All the rules of the consortium on the Internet Standardization W3C, as it turned out, responsible only 4.13% of Web sites.

Quality Website

This article will be useful to people who bought or are about to order the development of the site and going to save on the cost. First it must be said that such a quality site. We will consider advertising site, you have a website created to advertise a particular company describes services and tovary.Takoy site must: 1) To be optimized for search engines. 2) Involve users from search engines. 3) Provide a detailed price list of products. 4) To have more ways to attract users (columns, articles, tips, reviews). 5) Include ways to interact with the user. 6) It is easily edited and updated.

Only when Under the above rules may say that this site is good and will benefit the owner. So why are not worth saving on the cost of the site, because in our time may find a company which would make it 100 ye and 1 day. But why, the fact that the Internet is designed so that it only appreciates the unique and quality content, and likes to make it as much as possible. The uniqueness and individuality is expensive, however, is bearing fruit. So popular and touted sites, business cards, going under the slogan 'Fast Deshego effectively' do not bring any benefit to their owners because: 1) These projects made in haste. 2) No will optimize your site for search engines for the money. 3) The amount of information on this site tend to zero and are often replaced with pictures that are indifferent to the search engines.

4) The quality of the project always leaves something to be desired, again, that you would like for the money. It is clear that the notion of a quality site has him nor any otnosheniya.Takoy product will not do you any good, and most likely will be known only you and your friends. In order to run the site to the masses and make it work, sometimes need to make a lot of time and effort, and time is at a premium now. If you want an effective website, thoughtful, bringing profits and customers do not skimp on its value, order a high-quality site, and then you get the result.