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Google AdSense PageWizz

Authors portals with revenue participation history: PageWizz and page balls on the two Web sites–PageWizz.com and Pageballs.com–are online portals, where “ordinary Internet users” can publish personal articles on almost any topic as writers and achieve advertising revenue. Click Peter Asaro for additional related pages. The articles are composed of various components, such as for example texts, images and videos, which technically is very easy to create. The similarity of the two products is amazing. Here the question arises: who copied whom? Or how it is advertising in the company’s trademark: “who invented’s? -The Swiss!” No, there were of course the Americans with Squidoo.com and HubPages.com. This PageWizz is similar to mainly HubPages and page balls clearly reminiscent of Squidoo. Both US portals are available only in English, which ultimately is the raison d ‘ etre for the German analogue.

Actually, PageWizz joined a few months before page balls on the German market. Page ball involved its authors to 50% of the revenue. Page ball based on the page views it determines how much is the income of a page. After reaching the payment limit will be paid through PayPal. Cons: The distribution of revenue can be not traced by the author himself or controlled. There are pages that generate many page views, are not necessarily the same pages that lead to high income.

An experienced writer can insert advertising much more efficient as a newbie. Also there is diesbezgl. Depending on the topics differ. Is PageWizz an equity investment of 60% participation: authors must register with Google AdSense or Amazon and income will be paid out directly by Google and Amazon. In addition can be operated on PageWizz Member Erwerbung, which can be achieved more permanent income. The revenues are in transparent and can be controlled on the basis of links in the HTML code of the pages of the author. Page generation: Both projects rely on a module principle easy to use, yet there serious differences the page editor on page balls is simpler, offers fewer options and is therefore also a little neater. Disadvantage however is that a complete page reload is necessary for each change, making it extremely hard working. The building blocks are kept very simple and for text formatting, HTML must be controlled necessarily. These techniques are outdated and not the style of Web 2.0. On PageWizz you will find a modern interface that has no Seitenreloads, which allows a smooth and pleasant work. There are 19 blocks available and texts can be formatted either in Word or manually entered as HTML. In particular the two-column layout, the author provides more design options. PageWizz attaches importance to a functioning community. Fan communities can be formed and each author receives its own feed for new publications. The authors are more advanced in the foreground which partly intensive feedback on reviews, comments and private messages when new articles is concluded. Conclusion: page balls and PageWizz are based on the same concept and the possible sources of revenue are similar: PageWizz provides in this respect more transparency and flexibility and still trumps by an excellent page editor.

Simple And Clever

The offer of rebates and other Vergustigungen on online stores is increasing. Learn how they get into pleasure of saving. Short before the online purchase comes at the end, and the filled shopping cart are sent, you can still save money. Whether percentages on the value of the order, a fixed sum or free delivery – you need just the right code to get this bargain. The speech is also known as coupons from coupon codes. In the United States the savings certificate among already for quite some time the daily shopping – whether in the Internet the online shopping or “conventional” strolling in the city. (Not to be confused with Samsung!).

With us in Germany, they are also strong in the coming and certainly the financial situation of many consumers in the economic crisis increasingly popular – due. The potential for savings with these coupons is enormous online stores come up with new promotions to win customers or to keep customers happy. The discount for new customers, free shipping, the General 10 euro voucher or Gratisbeigaben of the diversity and possibilities of such funds are set no limits. The majority of promotions served the online shoppers mostly but not on the platter. Rather, the buyer sees a field at the end of the order. Often provided with “Code” or “Action code” or similar descriptions with its input only to get the benefit of saving. But where can I get these codes? If it is not necessarily a loyal customer, and supplied with this information by his favorite online shop at intervals is, or specifically, a new and bigger promotions is advertised, there are online portals specifically looking for these bargains and then ordered shops and categories free of charge publish this.

Whether by the small Nischenshop out to the large and established online stores such as Amazon or HSE24 the list of coupon providers grows steadily. So, everyone gets the opportunity before his next online purchase for saving ways to search. Usually you can receive a newsletter or RSS feeds Subscribe to. So it is always up to date. Andre Schneider

Parking-finder.com Simplifies The Search For Free Parking

New mobile service for stress-stricken motorists in major cities Munich, 06.01.2010 – parking-finder.com offers for the first time a mobile solution, to locate soon freed up parking. In the context of an Internet community, members report free parking parking-finder.com Web platform. Then, the portal informs users looking for parking by SMS or push-E-mail. The registry, finding a parking space and message is free of charge. A fee is charged for SMS and email notifications. The parking lot search in cities means great stress at any time of day. Who ever to the business appointment late Hamburg or Munich, had to move appointments or missed a theatre visit, in cities such as Berlin, wants a mobile pilot, unerringly pointing him to soon released parking sooner or later.

Stressed drivers can breathe: free parking by SMS or E-Mail what navigation systems so far can not, creates parking finder. The mobile Service is a simple and ingenious solution to find parking and to find. The Web portal is based on the idea of community: only who actively reports on parking, get results for their own requests. After a single sign-on on, users can register free parking by SMS or E-Mail or place searches for certain combinations of local time. Has the portal located a suitable parking place, the seeker receives a push-E-mail or SMS to your mobile phone.

In the future there will be BlackBerry and Windows Mobile applications of his own iPhone. The use of the portal is free of charge. For notifications of 0.49 euros per E-Mail and 0.99 Euros charge per SMS. The credits can be loaded online. A bonus program rewards anyone who frequently reports on parking. The parking Portal saves time, money and nerves parking-finder.com saves time, relieves the environment and saves money: the fuel for pointless parking search costs. Also decreases the risk of fines for desperate Park sinners who park their car in the red zone. The own emergency with the stressful finding a parking space provided the idea for the business model”, explains Managing Director Anton C. Fink. Especially in large cities, it is almost impossible to locate a vacant parking lot. Parking-finder.com is the simple solution to an everyday problem, brings together buyers and sellers and is even fun.” Your contact for further information: Contact: Anton C. Fink parking-finder.com Lohengrin Strasse 23 81925 Munchen phone: (089) 99229197 fax: (089) 99229197 E-Mail: Web:

Technik Museum Speyer

Top Web page like a hurricane from scratch a new interesting Web site on the great WWW – Web make headline in forums and blogs! A tech-savvy website with tons of historical materials and analyses from the time of the 2 Weltkireges. The focus is the preservation of knowledge of the time for future generations. The great success of the Web site over the last three years law and satisfaction to your high-performance type operators. The number of visitors soared sharply since January 09 in the height and it will be only a time, until the operators of Wrbeauftragen can hardly save. Visitor numbers probably blast the 22 of 000 brand compared to January of 8,000 this month. The operator of this new Web site will continue effort to expand the interesting posts and to optimize the quality of the websites and to improve.

Of course importance is attached in spite of the large work effort on exact serious and historically correct infromationen. The many E-mails from around the world prove that even outside of Germany the historical Backgrounds of the former air force of great interest are. Despite the in this country but still great reluctance, what the theme 2 relate to World War II and its consequences. But also in Germany, a change of mind to reason and historical enlightenment instead of finding seems slow. Of course, World War II and whose flight techniques from the beginning of aviation find the rightful place on this very innovative and successful Web page on the 1. It is amazing but the fact the already many links to the topic on the relevant online encyclopedias on this website refer. Because much of the technical time of the World War 2 is still in the dark of the knowledge.

Interested also the possibility to the operator of this Web site twice a year to personally meet. This twice stattfinden ducks a year aircraft parts exchange in Technik Museum Speyer. Usually, this international exchange takes place in spring and autumn. More information about there are on the top geneannten Web page or directly on the Web page to the Technology Museum in Speyer! It is to add, that this Web page in principle on the major global Solitargemeinschaft is built, this means “aircraft and aviation interest for those interested in aviation”.

New Site For Logistics Initiative Hamburg TYPO3 Agency Atlantis Media

Internet Agency atlantis media has the logistics initiative Hamburg logistics initiative Hamburg e.V. as new customers gained in order to expand the role of Hamburg as Northern Europe’s leading logistics metropolis, launched by the authority for economy and labour and the Hamburger business. Now, the Internet presence of the successful Club will get a new paint job. The famous hamburger TYPO3 and Magento Agency performs a full relaunch of the existing Internet presence. In addition to the development of a new individual layouts and the technical implementation of the website with the content management system TYPO3 there will be as one in the backend simply being the home image animation, in which important news and important topics always up to date can be represented.

More content of the new website will be a comprehensive event management tool, the new members area, a Medialibrary and a press area. The initiative is the integrated TYPO3 Extension DirectMail regular and personalized newsletters to any allow many addressees. Another highlight: the display of Member locations via Google maps with the possibility of limitation according to different categories. Simply click the user on the marker and the respective headquarters with company name and contact information will be shown. In a second phase of the project is the mobile version of the new site in planning. Atlantis media is looking forward to the tasks and successful cooperation. About logistics initiative Hamburg: The role of Hamburg as Northern Europe’s leading logistics metropolis to expand, the authority for economy and labour and the Hamburg economy called the logistics initiative Hamburg in life.

This involves the networking of industry, science and research, the profiling of the logistics location Hamburg in cooperation with the growth initiatives in the metropolitan region, as well as an extensive transfer of innovation to strengthen the company. Prof. Dr. Peer Witten, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Otto Gruppe and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HHLA is Chairman of the initiative. (Source: LIHHA) About atlantis Media: The Magento and TYPO3 Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH stands for innovative E-commerce solutions, sophisticated websites and highly automated publishing processes since 1994. Core competence: the design and implementation of online-shop-systems based on the open source software solution Magento. Atlantis media has years of experience in the implementation and customization of Magento as the official Magento partner systems, as well as in the development of Magento interfaces and extensions. Another strong point: for many years atlantis brings media customers successfully on the Internet. In the development and implementation of high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3, customers benefit from the best expertise and experience of the TYPO3 certified staff. In addition, atlantis media offers professional solutions for the automated catalog creation and Web-to-print applications as cross-media publishing solutions. Solutions of atlantis media are innovative, be accurately planned and benefits optimized. Contact: atlantis media GmbH Patrick Blecken Kaddi Nguyen trail 26 22769 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 851 81 400 fax: 040 / 851 81 444 Internet: email: press contact: atlantis media GmbH Nicole MacKinnon Nguyen trail 26 22769 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 851 81 400 fax: 040 / 851 81 444 Internet: email:

New EBook Store EBook-dating Opened

eBook-dating helps its visitors matchmaking and online dating who shop eBook-dating offers new ebook ebooks for the partner search in the Internet ready. EBooks include single-partner search knowledge. Visitors of the new ebook eBook-dating shop can buy books mainly to online dating and dating on the Internet. Single and single stock comparison portals provide assistance in finding partners only the owner Holger white pot of own research. Tips for partner relations only scratch the surface. If it then goes to the “nitty-gritty” of the male single man or the female single woman needs more support. Nice and polite to talk to – that every man know a woman well. But as he overcomes his inhibitions before, it requires additional information.

For example, information in the male singles find ebooks, as they successfully appeal to a woman. Female singles information including “Bendy” tips for your dream figure. Singles need more money for their dates. Mashable has much to offer in this field. That is why additional ebooks on the subject of money as a download. Important knowledge pages from the purchased ebooks print reader on the computer and write personal notes. You submit to the sites their own classification system. So they find the information faster even after long time. Newsletter subscribers receive additional up-to-date information about the ebooks the year’s Leipzig book fair confirmed the positive trend of the ebook.

Documents pass knowledge from one to the other generation for several thousand years. Since Gutenberg in the 15th century the invented letterpress with metal letters (mobile letter print), a part of the word “Mobile” completely new dimension. Buyers in the ebook shop download ebook you right after your purchase on the computer. Immediately after paying the desired information retrieval available. Increasingly, eBooks replace books in printed form. With the rapid dissemination of other digital products the demand for ebooks is. EBooks can be conveniently transferred by their pdf formats on iPhones. People have the necessary knowledge on laptops, computers and iPhones always with him. If it then “stuck on the date” a clandestine look at the ebook helps and man has guaranteed success with women. eBook-dating Advisor provides ebooks for the dating dating on the Internet. With the right knowledge, Syed singles have guaranteed success with women. Female singles tips for their attractive appearance, for example, their dream figure. Contact: Holger Crucible eBook-dating Holger Crucible peace str. 4B 04519 Rackwitz 034294 83655