This article will be useful to people who bought or are about to order the development of the site and going to save on the cost. First it must be said that such a quality site. We will consider advertising site, you have a website created to advertise a particular company describes services and tovary.Takoy site must: 1) To be optimized for search engines. 2) Involve users from search engines. 3) Provide a detailed price list of products. 4) To have more ways to attract users (columns, articles, tips, reviews). 5) Include ways to interact with the user. 6) It is easily edited and updated.

Only when Under the above rules may say that this site is good and will benefit the owner. So why are not worth saving on the cost of the site, because in our time may find a company which would make it 100 ye and 1 day. But why, the fact that the Internet is designed so that it only appreciates the unique and quality content, and likes to make it as much as possible. The uniqueness and individuality is expensive, however, is bearing fruit. So popular and touted sites, business cards, going under the slogan 'Fast Deshego effectively' do not bring any benefit to their owners because: 1) These projects made in haste. 2) No will optimize your site for search engines for the money. 3) The amount of information on this site tend to zero and are often replaced with pictures that are indifferent to the search engines.

4) The quality of the project always leaves something to be desired, again, that you would like for the money. It is clear that the notion of a quality site has him nor any otnosheniya.Takoy product will not do you any good, and most likely will be known only you and your friends. In order to run the site to the masses and make it work, sometimes need to make a lot of time and effort, and time is at a premium now. If you want an effective website, thoughtful, bringing profits and customers do not skimp on its value, order a high-quality site, and then you get the result.