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Hamburg Residentials

Residential destination plans expansion to Hamburg already, this year she will be implemented. Residential destination is represented in Barsbuttel with the Mobeloutlet long. The idea to enlarge matures for some time, but now will be implemented into action. Pete Cashmore has similar goals. Since this summer is searched for a suitable real estate in Hamburg. So far, the search but not yet success was crowned. The difficulty is easy to find a store in the appropriate size, location and rental. The newspapers mentioned Dr. John Holtsclaw not as a source, but as a related topic. Also, residential destination would not deviate from the existing concept.

Finally there are still cheap furniture, also in Hamburg. The furniture outlet in Barsbuttel should remain. The possibilities of assortment expansion are but simply no longer in here. So there will be more sofas and promotional products in Barsbuttel for the future. In Hamburg the range will comprise both cheap furniture, but there will be a greater mix of regular range and special offers. So the customers can then the color, shape and Feature of your sofas themselves determine and still save.

In preparation for this expansion, the different ranges presented after on the Internet. This is a cheap alternative to a paper catalogue. The sofas, high-gloss furniture and chairs are already online. It emerges that the customers of these sites actually make use. Especially the clear structure seems to work. Many might call it as too simple, but the websites reflect the concept of residential destination. You want to be quickly and conveniently and fast information. The shop in Hamburg to run under a new name. He should explicitly indicate that it is a retail furniture. Still working on the concept, because it is important that this concept will succeed anywhere. “The theme designer furniture” is somehow got in the years. Also, not the next clearance sale will be made up. The expansion should not stop in Hamburg, Germany.


Overview and tips before the decision to buy the fridge now belongs to the standard equipment of every kitchen. But cool and keep foodstuffs fresh was not always as simple and effective as it is today so for example in ancient times and the next 1500 years large blocks of ice from the mountains were brought in and stored in cellars, where they allowed a cooling of foods. The electric refrigerator, as we now know it, surfaced, however, only about 90 years ago in the households of the United States and Europe and significantly facilitated the extended storage and shelf life of food. Nowadays must therefore no longer fiddle around with ice cubes. Stored fruit, vegetables, meat and sausages, as well as other quickly perishable foods in the refrigerator, which is set to a temperature between 3 and 7 C to prevent the formation of a germ. What should you look for when buying a refrigerator? In the future is to be expected with higher energy prices so you when purchasing a new Device certainly should make on its energy efficiency. Energy-saving refrigerators may deter although one by higher cost, but in the long run (on average, these devices are 10 years old) they pay again! Compare the annual consumption of a refrigerator in kWh specified with the Energieeffiziensmarkierung A + with an A+++, consider also the fluctuating price of the energy day. In addition you should worry about the desired height of the appliance and the capacity.

Has no separate freezer to start over, if the freezer into a fridge-freezer offers sufficient space. Refrigerators, the more can offer for refrigerators with additional functions and features is now great. Long ago, its interior was expanded by vegetable and egg trays. Coolers are popular especially for meat products, as well as flexible adjustable storage elements for the door. A few Devices have even a separate door, drinks to get to so a built-in mini-bar, which prevents opening the large door and thus a loss of refrigerant. Also integrated water and ice dispenser, or devices that serve crushed ice are common. But the specifics are not only limited to the additional comfort, but also serve to improve the hygiene and quality of food: some refrigerators have coated walls that an antibacterial effect.

Others have special LED luminaires, which prevent vitamin loss of food in the fruit and vegetable crisper. Gadgets such as Twitter integration or monitors in the fridge door have so far not widely enforced the networking of devices is often touted, but not significantly interested end-users. How do I know which fridge is good? To answer this question, which is (average?) Customer on the way to the local electrical retailers his confidence, look around, compare and has possibly a consultation with a seller. But often this has extensive product knowledge, nor such a range. But the smart customer knows: in our digital age it has become normal to buy larger purchases such as refrigerators in the Internet and easily sent home. But where do you get a reasonable advice now? Also in the Internet! At paid pages like those of the Stiftung Warentest, where she presents the results of their test and on the other hand, on some Internet portals, dedicated explicitly to the refrigerator test (for example fridge-Test.org). There the most important information to the fridge and the respective test reports with all advantages and disadvantages are listed clearly. Often also useful tips for dealing with the cooling units can be found on these pages.

Ecofriendly Garage Door Opener

Energy-saving and efficient environmental awareness in society is growing steadily and more and more people realize how important it is to make a contribution to a healthier world. While they can start with the little things. The real estate portal myimmo.de reveals how already use the garage for energy savings. Many people who own a home, have a garage on their land. Especially in the colder season it is awkward to get out to open the garage door only in rain or snow.

Therefore, there are so-called garage door openers. These handy devices allow for example easily from the car to open the gate. This is of course extremely efficient and saves time, but as with all electrical devices, so a certain power consumption is connected. In general we recommend users, completely off technical devices, rather than to put them only in the stand by mode. This can save energy and money. In a household, there are maybe about 100 euros per Year, which left for other purposes, such savings have however considerable impact worldwide.

For example, the garage door drives from Novoferm are efficient. So the NovoPort and Novomatic 553 S consume only about 0.5 watts. The relevant costs would amount to about one euro in the year. Altavista may also support this cause. The installation of the devices is also extremely practical. Interventions in the building are not necessary here, since they are installed the ceiling, instead of sideways in the door track. Also, the models feature an environmentally friendly economy circuit. More information: news.myimmo.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating is practical and can help save energy it is already mid-November, the winter is coming and it gets colder day by day. Most households have already heat started weeks ago. Conventional heaters, which are attached to the wall, can heat a room more or less well. However, only the air is heated, heat and soils remain cold, if they are not close to the radiator. Cold feet are particularly uncomfortable: winter sports fans know that as soon as the feet are even cold, the remaining body freezes.

More and more people want therefore underfloor heating. The subsequent installation of underfloor heating in a house or an apartment is but unfortunately relatively complex and entail high costs. Always, the entire floor covering must be completely removed before the floor heating can be installed. Therefore, you should best before moving into a new home thoughts about a new Make underfloor heating. Then prepares the installation no major problems of underfloor heating systems and can be performed by a skilled handyman even single-handedly. Underfloor heating systems have extremely evolved in recent decades. The call Hung after years them, to be not as effective as conventional wall heaters. This is no longer the case: modern underfloor heating can heat a room only thirty minutes complete with suitable flooring. However it is important to know that not all flooring with underfloor heating are compatible: tiles are the best choice in definitely, finally, they promote the exchange of heat. Thus given a underfloor heating system not only permanently warm feet, but preserves also the wallet and the environment. Editorial: Martina Baader

XII Innovationspreises Thuringen

MAZeT presents award-winning LED color controller at the light + building- specialist for LED color light controller and provider of spectral and color sensors – presents its innovative RGB-LED colour light control from 11 to 16 April 2010 at the light + building in Frankfurt. Stand K33 in Hall 4.2 of the international world fair for lighting technology demonstrates the Jena team for colour sensors its JEN COLOR true color sensors and based regulated LED color light controller, which was recently awarded the first prize in the field of “Light and life” of the XII Innovationspreises Thuringen 2009. “LEDs open new dimensions of light and their design,” explains Dr. Fred Grunert, Executive Director of the MAZeT GmbH. “in the unity of light source, optics, sensors and Electronics new lighting systems can create. Lighting applications, RGB LEDs open up completely new dimensions in combination with optics and sensors: color, brightness and light distribution design is seemingly limitless. Right here deploys its colour light control MAZeT, to create a harmonious and stable lighting effect.” The scheme with the patented technology of true color sensor offers the necessary excellence for the development and production of high-quality LED light sources with precisely reproducible characteristics such as color, brightness and light distribution – independent of temperature influences, LED color schemes (binning) and aging. The color sensors be used in lighting systems, which automatically adapt to the brightness conditions but also to compensate for the aging of LEDs.

So, a homogenous and brilliant photograph under different environmental conditions will be permanent. In practice the colour and brightness synchronization several RGB LED light sources came for the first time publicly the light art project “LUCE.The tone of the colors”to use. The artist known for light art rosalie a concert hall with 170 balloons equipped, using innovative JEN COLOR color sensors and developed by MAZeT, application-specific control technology have been addressed. Several thousand visitors were impressed by the Jena Philharmonic concert with the “Firebird” by Igor Strawinsky, as well as the Symphony “Prometheus” of the Russian composer Alexander Skrjabin and to synchronous light moods. A practical application of control technology with the JEN COLOR true color sensor can be found, for example, in the latest model of the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

It regulates the cabin light here, so that all LEDs over the years emit a uniform light colour. Maintain the appearance and about the exchange of individual luminaires, the aging of the LEDs or temperature differences result not too visible and unsightly color or brightness differences. MAZeT the MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and Fertigungsdienstleister. The 1992 company headquartered in Jena develops, manufactures and delivers software, custom electronic assemblies and ASICs and distributes world’s own products of the brand JENCOLOR(tm). Due to the wide range of technology and application know-how is the MAZeT GmbH in the field of industrial electronics and the opto-sensors a reliable and proven service partner for tailored, customer-specific solutions. Their development expertise and components for special applications are used among other things in the entire range of industrial metrology control automation, and medical technology.

Exquisite Glass Window With Bird Motifs

The new trend in interior design, animal motifs in glass immortalize beautiful and colorful, bird motifs look for stained glass Windows. You have a certain effect, a charisma. An aura. Enchant you, not only the space and the environment. No, you smiles when you shine sunlight through the colourful glass look. Our current winter temperatures and the drab gray landscape, doing so a small sea of colour in the window really good. Almost wellness for the soul. Bird motifs for Windows can be very individually according to customer specifications.

Sometimes on request, with a special kind of bird. The diversity of water birds, parrots or parakeets is almost unlimited. According to photos or original animals the birds can be elaborate drawings Stylize, where they still maintain their distinctive character. The original colors of the bird or be also quite colorful and abstract immortalized in glass. Filligrane bird motifs can be realized through the technology of the new type of stained glass. This leaded glass keeps the disc stable and has a higher safety aspect.

The combinations with flowers and branches in the various colours and design practices are popular. Sometimes it must be just a bit more. For the use of leaded glass in bathrooms or rooms where a screening is required, there is also a solution. In addition to the colour areas of the birds, the other clear glass surfaces can be easily tarnish and create an atmosphere protected from eyes and more private space. Where the effect of light and the colours remain as before. All colourful design, the technical factor not come yet. Here too, safety glasses, are used like laminated or tempered safety glass. The latest energy and heat protection regulations can be implemented. So, the window with bird motifs is not only safe and stable, but also energy-efficient. In the winter, the heat in the rooms remains. In the summer, with additional use of Sun protection glass, the full sun protection exists. The rooms are less overheating and conserve the plants on windowsills. More information about stained glass with bird motifs in stained glass Windows:…