People don’t talk about money! Why not? Although the money has a very high status in the society, the Germans hold still on the old adage: “Money is not spoken”. Among friends, acquaintances, co-workers and neighbors, the issue of money is a taboo subject and only the fewest conversations dealt it. Several studies that have addressed with the setting of the Germans to the subject of money to prove that. In the United States, however, the people with the subject of money go much more openly than in this country around. Only the least Americans do a secret about the income or own property. Asked how much he earned, you usually get a reply. So, I’ve discussed once an American deposits and shares what he almost behind screamed his whole positions, profits and the current value of his deposits before loud proud me. Questions like: “How much can you get?”, “How much do you earn?”, “Why don t you try this to make more money?” can in Nice conversations be almost ubiquitous.

Earn as much money as possible on the one hand is the American culture. Make good money is associated with pride, independence and success. This is the American dream and everyone chases after him. On the other hand, the least on the man who succeeded and earned much money, will be jealous. On the contrary, people will be pleased at least to the outside and try to imitate it to one.

In Germany, however, is a completely different culture. Obviously envy is widespread here. Who earns much fear the envy of others and who earns little, feels unfairly treated. So the topic is hushed up rather than having to take any adverse consequences in purchase. I would like to say that only the Germans in the deceptive pleasure of envy may expire. Envy is a human reaction to feel and everyone wears this feeling in itself.