Execution of the image in the technique of relief carving Tips novice carver: do not proceed to the execution of a particular image until it dismantled the structure of wood and learn techniques thread, do not grasp at once for creation of complex images, model the product of its individual elements, work on the wise adage, "slow and steady wins – will continue." An example of teaching practices in service employment. According to the curriculum, a group of eight people rehearsed carved frame in the middle of a relief carving techniques. For example, examines the work of three students: Sergei, Marina and Vadim. Sergei specialty carpenter-machine operator, Marina – kindergarten, Vadim – graphic designer. With the permission of trainers Vadim cuts complex plot image – a bas-relief Madonna.

All students master picked up a piece of cedar planks. For training of the wood waste. Having experience in woodworking, Sergey decided to perform the image immediately in full. Marina previously trained in completing the individual elements (components). During the exercise, it picks up the incisors, which is more suitable for a variety of seizure, and work out ways of cutting the fibers, then starts to perform in-kind product as a whole. Result.

Sergei and Marina work performed almost simultaneously, but Sergei spoiled first piece. Vadim bas-relief of the Madonna have failed, although he had knowledge of the picture and understand the basics of composition. Trouble began chips with small convex elements and the roughness of concave grooves: then the nose will fall off the Madonna, the finger skoletsya … And it all is that the cutter did not consider features of cedar wood, the tool edge in some areas led "Against the grain" without complying with the rules of "chips in chips" and "face to face." In addition, pine board was to express the texture, and need for the product is homogeneous, viscous wood (linden, aspen, birch, etc.). Vadim himself made sure that before you take up execution of complex products, you need to iterate through all the recommended stage of the master thread and followed the example of Marina. Execution of the image in nature start with product may be top of the rectangular frame, canopy locker, and in house groove casing fragment. The image consists of three interrelated parts: a castle in the center, flanked with rocaille palmettes.