No person is forced to live as a couple, is a personal decision … is also a human need …. Get together, network, share …. Feel loved and valued and biologically sexuality is a necessity, and the continuation of the species, which in psychological terms is marked as the need to transcend … So, I wonder how life is that if a couple is so important, for the vast majority of the inhabitants of this planet earth, it becomes so complicated, so desired and so patient Is the couple's complicated relationship, or is it that human beings are infinitely complex and one of the places where this is demonstrated is in these relationships … One of the major issues that we hear is that relating to communication within partner, men and women are hurt that their partner does not listen, not hear or are not capable of understanding what the other tells them … In order to communicate, the first requirement is to be vigilant, as our partner to meet us says, or wants tell us, but also know what is what we mean …. At times, we speak crooked, or not use words that express what we want, that is, conceal, say through clenched teeth, or simply give to understand ….

All are ways to communicate, but if I disguise what I mean, certainly my partner understands the other case … and yes, it is a communication predicament … Human communication has many facets. There is a lack of communication, we are always saying things, not just with words, also the tone of voice is important, the way we express, and our posture and gestures help to emphasize communication.