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Social Networking Accounts

Digression. Every year the number of social networking is becoming more and more functionality and direction has no boundaries. Different network aimed at different audiences. Which causes their popularity. For example, in ranking the first 30 N. positions occupied by services of interest, it is services such as: club breeders, fishermen, etc. But nebudu distracted and took another step towards the main topic of this article because we are not talking about animals and to protect their accounts. To begin to determine what is required 'thief' on your account? As a rule, hack to use you for sending spam, or for mass sales hacked profiles of those who are engaged in sending this spam. Please visit Viacom if you seek more information.

Break-ins for this purpose are endemic, ie do not break all row selecting. How do you hack? Ways to assign themselves strangers big set of accounts, in this paper, we consider the most pressing at the moment. Link to a site with malware. Most often comes from people being in your friend list. Text messages can vary, from: 'Hey, look, these freaks uploaded your photo 'to:' Oh! long time no see, could you help me? I are participating in the competition. " Such methods of divorce simply to convict.

Another way is to get you to go to feykovy site. For example in the case of site Vkontakte you offer to take part in the contest and throw a link to a site such as not vkontakte vkontakle and then on the site prompts you to enter a password and login, as soon as you do, you fall into a database intruders. The last way that I describe is not the most popular, because protects us from them installed on our home computers and antivirus. Thieves under various pretexts seek to deliver to your komyuter, file, for example a picture infected by a worm that steals all your data and passwords. Therefore ativirus installed on your machine guarantor (of course not 100%, but the guarantor) protect against such thefts. At this until all wait for the next of my articles.

Windows Media Player

If on such Windows applications like Notepad or Paint may still be some practical use, the built-in program audio is so primitive that benefit from it whatsoever. An important component in the sound recording with sound card mixer is Windows. If musical composition roars from the speakers and the program audio recording silence or faint crackling, then you have incorrectly set the recording source. Recording source is set to audio mixer. In Windows 9x for Call mixer must click on the icon with the image of the speaker on the taskbar.

In Windows xp, things get interesting. To open a standard mixer, open the Control Panel, select it and click sounds audio, in the opened window, select the Audio tab, and under Sound Recording click the Volume. By default, the mixer does not display all the sources of record. If recording from a microphone or line input you need choose options with the same name, then to record sound, played back through Windows Media Player, to use a group of Sound and recording with some of the programs you need the group overall record. By default, this group is not visible, it need to open using the menu command Options-> Properties.

The mixer also allows you to set the level of 'volume' recorded signal. Programs recording quite a lot. Only one site, I counted about fifty. There is no point in trying to consider all the recording software. For comparison, I chose two: one free and one shareware. Both programs received the highest rating on the site where I found them.