But what I can say is that declarations logics are to me. And how to transfer this principle to the area of our business? that’s what I want to clarify here. * In the listings of many of our colleagues who are in this same Network Marketing industry very often find the following texts: new business opportunity! Without risks! Without investments! Easy!… etc. Additional information at Peter Asaro supports this article. etc. But to create a successful business must be that someone: – take the risk – reverse – move the product or service (use it, sell it or consume it) – bring new partners and generate profits on a regular basis and if you you do not agree, it means that your company Network Marketing should do it for you. But if your Network Marketing company already does all that what and why should pay you bonuses? For the simple fact that your name is in your database? Quite unlikely do not think equal? Ehh sorry I don’t know if I mentioned it the industry in which we operate is called Network Marketing and no Network NGOs Yes, but it is that if we do that kind of advertising we attract to more people.

It may be so. But for us the following is important: what kind of people we want really to form our team? and what kind of people attract this type of ads? Probably people who don’t want to invest even one only Euro, that don’t want to learn, that they don’t want to risking nothing, wanting everything regalado. And those people we want to form a strong network that generate us a cheque for five numbers? * Well, and then how get attract people of type machines sponsoring, harsh and insensitive against any obstacle that comes their? easy! We must learn to speak clear, but with respect, and get vaccinated since the beginning to our partners.