Superior Unit

A top unit Teodulo Lopez Melendez Recogi my ideas about a third option in an e-book of the same name available in Google. I did it before the legislative elections to consciousness that the polarising results opacarian approach. Indeed, the victory proclaimed by the opposition strengthened in Venezuelans the idea of an opposition unity was the only way to deal with the serious risks that are pouring on the Republic. Again I invite my compatriots to read that my book because I have the ethical certainty that their approaches are absolutely in place. The same way that the new National Assembly was conformed indicated clearly that it had sacrificed everything for the sake of a foolish electioneering. The LOPE, the REP, official abuse had accepted and marches without meaning had been used to dilute the will of the people waiting for an electoral process where the determination of new constituencies made impossible obtained voting to be reflected in number of elected deputies.

We also warned that the result would not lead to anything other than a proclamation that in 2012 would be a resounding victory. Ignoring for the moment the alarming results of the by-election on December 5 I must say abundantly represented in the MUD by political parties decreased unit, whose vote is nothing more than sample of one that the country gives by its monopoly of the nominations, not enough nor is self-sufficient to face serious dilemmas that beset us. The polarization is harmful, extremely harmful. Regime lives on it and we must say that the MUD also. It is a feedback where always wins that holds power. Moreover, a simple reading of the first pages of the national newspapers shows a dangerous tendency to a more serious confrontation. For example, farmers harassed by expropriations bulk react by saying that they will defend their properties with their lives, which reminds us of situations in neighbouring countries.