Social Networks

Marketing on social networks with new techniques that play up our hands like mobile phones and computers internet, users of the internet can and are more time on the internet every day, spending most of his time in any social network such as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, etc, is for this reason that businesses increasingly rely more on the techniques of marketing on social networks. Rimer. Marketing on social networks can route and classified according to the information in user profiles and their fashions and tastes, so investing in a secure manner. In this new way of marketing, advertising remains in virtual communities for consultation of customers according to their interests and preferences, and it relies on attracting potential customers, retention or reconnection with the client, generate the recommendation of existing customers of virally towards users. This style of marketing expert facilitators are called managers or administrators of social media or Social Media Manager, those who create, perform and direct marketing in social networks like LinkedIn, taking charge of the planning of the scope in the media, in contrast with the Community Manager, who interacts with customers immediately and monitors the reputation in the signature line. The advantages of marketing on social networks, according to global companies through the WSI (in 2010) study, by provision of importance are interaction and customer engagement, low price, building relationship, ability to transcendence to new customers, influence on new users, immediate communication with the client and obtaining of credibility with consumers.