Social Assistant

For this the profession is conditional to the limits of the capitalist system. The objective of the study of this article is directed for professional performance with the educational context, objective we will go to direct the referring demands and social matters in the problematic intermediary of pupil and educational that it will be the focus of research of the work of the social assistant in the pertaining to school scope. 3,0 CONCEPT OF EDUCATION to understand the relevance of the displayed subject of the mediaes of the education with performance of the Social Assistant we will go to call the education concept and to understand that the education is one practical social one. The education is all learning that we constitute and we learn in such a way in the school as in the society, the education is the base for the development of our academic trajectories until the professional, being necessary to have social supports to consist cultural rules and ethical, developing transferences to know, all way of learning and orientaes are education, not being only assigned in the schools and yes in all society, the school is yes object of qualified study to develop qualifications and explicitar by means of them you discipline the information established by means of the society is by means of studies in histories explaining current phenomena. As Brando (2007: 11) Thus when they are necessary warriors or bureaucrats, the education is one of the ways of that the men launch the hand to create warriors and bureaucrats. It helps to think the types of men. More than what this it helps to create them, making to more still pass of one them others knowing constitutes that them and legitimizes, and education participates of the process of beliefs and ideas, of qualifications and specialties that involve exchanges of symbols, good and powers that the set construct types of society, and this is its force.