Popular Martial Art

Karat is the more popular martial art of the world, and this thanks to the work of a man of low stature, and modest family, which was born so weak, that its proper parents do not create that would survive; its name is Funakoshi Guichin, more known as the father of karat modern. Funakoshi was a true visionary, therefore it only left the island of Okinawa with a luggage, leaving wife and children and if subjecting to pass hunger in Tokyo to materialize a vision? to first spread out art of karat in Japan and later the o world. Perhaps the master thought: ' ' A so sublime knowledge for me must also be shared with mundo' '. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. this it made with love, and in love it walked every day of its life, and until the last sigh it was loved entranhavelmente by its disciples, loved who it as a father, therefore was donated with all its being to the men and to the art that learns in the small island of Okinawa. Funakoshi incarnates the martial artist of true courage and moral virtue. Its trancendia value its martial technique; also he was a man honestssimo, sensible, and great scholar in eastern philosophy, especially in Confucius. What Funakoshi more looked for to divulge in its andanas for the world, for incredible that seems, was not karat as efficient technique of self-defense, but its practical philosophy. A practical philosophy, also called moral philosophy, consists of a way of conscientious and coherent life.

For the master of shotokan, the martial art would not have to limit it socos and kicks, and for it, needy of the fighter who thought of different form. In its auto-biography called Karat-do my way life, tells some chances that had to fight, but knew to solve all pacifically its conflicts. Its lessons if did not limit to the techniques of auto defense which improved during all its life; Funakoshi was also an excellent master of generosity, altruism, and disciplines; disciplines such made that it to practise its katas until fainting at the beginning of its training, which every day practised until its 90 years of age.