Personal Techniques

To stimulate worthy and coherent behaviors and attitudes, making possible personal and professional performance better To stand out the importance and valuation of the healthful convivncia Respect to the differences, exercise of the cordialidade and the rules of healthful convivncia (habits, behaviors, positive positions and attitudes inside and outside of the commercial environment), as well as personal hygiene (hands, nails and hair) and clothes. Methodology: Dynamic of group, Work in Team, Music, expositiva Lesson. Samsung addresses the importance of the matter here. dtronic-plc-3m-co’>Essex Financial and gain more knowledge.. Profile of the Promoter of Sales the activity of promotion of sales (PV) can be identified as being ‘ ‘ a set of commercial activities that they are the personal sales, the propaganda and the gratuitous reporter in the press that stimulate the consumer to buy and make the peddler to be more efficient, as for example, the disposal of the merchandise in the store, demonstrations and expositions, beyond diverse efforts are periodic of sales, are of rotina’ ‘..