We must occupy these spaces so that they are not never idle and abandoning. The Parkour invites to give us to it to life our cities and to give to life with our lives (our joys, fancies, desires, dreams, envolvement), in a process of reconstruction-construction of the spaces of social convivncia. We need to come back to contemplate the spaces. Marcelino (2001) says in them that: ‘ ‘ Despite if it does not deal with an exclusive relation, without a doubt, the gratuity for the contemplation of urban spaces constitutes, where it would have to constitute, stimulaton to sensitivity, one of the aspects that can be worked in the education for the practical ones of lazer’ ‘. Marcelino making reference the Wilheim (1976) when this affirms that ‘ ‘ to cover the city can be enfadonho and desgastante or, for the opposite, show an informative and highly pleasant experience for sentidos’ ‘ , we understand that this is the direct intervention of the Parkour as life philosophy. It nails essentially this necessity to contemplate the city and to cover it of pleasant form, feeling it and living it with that it has stops offering in them, even though the obstacles.