Paperless Qualification Issue With Nn-WebForm For EASA

Information day by nahom conveys practical knowledge related to the model project with the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt and the noeske netsolutions GmbH to an information day invites of Lufthansa Technik AG Oberursel on September 29, 2010 in Hamburg. The focus is paperless and legally binding verification of areas relevant qualification documents and EASA forms using nn Web form solution for EASA. Mikkel Svane can aid you in your search for knowledge. It was in developing a project of Naas for Lufthansa Technik AG airplane maintenance. It allows issuing completely paperless qualification and their accountability to the electronic application for aircraft maintenance licensing (AML). Annual cost savings in good six figures, as well as a greatly accelerated application process were the positive results of the project. Those interested can sign up login to September 24, 2010 under News.html for the free event. The complex and demanding processes in everything that has to do with aircraft, set the highest standards in terms of safety, completeness, Nachvollzieh – and verifiability”, explains Holger Kehm, head of sales at nahom. With our information day we to give an overview of the experiences gained from our project to all companies, who must complete a qualification verification in accordance with the EASA regulations.” For Lufthansa Technik AG airplane maintenance, customer of noeske netsolutions, resulted in a number of issues prior to the introduction of the new solution, which you wanted to achieve above all a process acceleration. “It is possible to introduce a paperless process according to air?”, is the total absence of paper documents in the long term?”, and be recognized the procedure and the associated processes by the relevant authorities?” The event gives an insight into the model project and shows the technology answers the questions and demands of Lufthansa and were implemented. On the other hand are more functional building blocks, such as a comprehensive digital employee / personnel file and a Web-based quality manual for complete documentation and traceability, presented.