The aging, comumente, can be associated with some types of illnesses, that go if revealing to the measure that the body is more fragile. However some habits of life can cause the aggravation of some illnesses, as the tobaccoism. The number of aged tabagistas is very raised, due to amount of young tabagistas that age.

The life style that these people adopt if becomes preoccupying, mainly for the great idle period, without practising no activity deviates that them from the cigarette. The recreativas activities had had as proposal to fill this empty space, mainly in the life of the aged ones that they live in the Home Is Vicente de Pablo, in the city of Ita of Mines. Words keys: tobaccoism, recreativas health of the aged one, activities. Abstract: People ploughs getting to older and this is inevitable part of the natural cycle of life. Aging commonly can be associated with many types of diseases that will manifest the body becomes lives fragile. However, adds lifestyle habits, such smoking, can lead you worsening adds diseases.

To number of elderly smokers is very high due you to number of young smokers aging. The lifestyle these people adopt is very worrying, especially the large idle period, without doing any activity that deviates from the cigarette. Proposal recreational The activities is you fill this spare teams, especially the elderly people’ s one living at Home Is Vicente de Pablo in the City of Ita of Mines.