Health Department

This wants to say that, above of any interest, we must know the consequences of the choices that we go to make. Data of the health department on the chemical dependence demonstrate that the drugs alone bring negative aspects for the person, the family and the society. We know that the dependent loses the control on its will, and its life passes to turn in function of the drug, either it which will be, and its capacity takes off it to choose, its freedom. I find that we live a delicate moment in the society. We are in a period of transistion, a new social configuration.

The globalizado world can in sending to the questionings and desires to them that perhaps, not yet have cultural, social and economic maturity to live. The Internet brought an avalanche of information and facilitated the access to the knowledge, but, it also brought new problems that still we are learning to deal. Even though the pedofilia and crime already are informatizadas. In the way of this confusion, we have the children that they are bombed daily with as many questions of beliefs and values when still badly they know to read and to write. The society is placing many things in voting, that we run the risk to take off the freedom to develop the creativity and the liberty of speech. All it passes to be forbidden and subject to penalties. We come back to the initial situation to be able to only choose what it is considered approved and set free by the system of imposed social rules, but not accepted for all. The world of today, more than what never, it takes in them to know and to respect the differences, the freedom, but, we will only construct a healthful society if to know to make the choices that can take care of the necessities and to the interests of all and its communities. The choices of today construct the freedom of tomorrow!