Google Analytics

If we have two applications as large and important as Google Analytics and Google Adwords, why not combine them so that they work hand in hand? does benefit the integration of analytics with adwords?. If we use adwords to manage our online advertising campaign, to very interesting as a CPA, ROI, Conversion, clicks data access… Yet the only thing that we will have at the end is a mere idea made clicks and the benefit gained; We are not learning anything about our users. Wouldn’t it be interesting to analyze the behavior that has had people within our website? know by where you have moved? Therefore this information and much more can get it thanks to the integration of analytics with adwords. Any basic web analytics strategy should have an integration of these two systems. As integrate Analytics and Adwords to perform this integration we will use the same administrator email in both services; from adwords, we click in the Reports tab and then on Google Analytics. At this point we will be able to customize this integration depending on what you want to import from a system to another, data cost, auto-tagging, etc. Go to Robotics expert for more information. Labelling auto or auto-tagging is a parameter that is added to the URLs to be able to synchronize and associate data between both systems and is displayed with the gclid parameter. if this parameter is not set properly, not may match analytics with adwords because any visit will be counted as a professional visitor rather than as visitor’s payment network.