Brazilian Energy

Brazilian littoral geography approximately offers in them with 70 a thousand kilometers squared, being most located north-eastern. The northeast with this installed potential only presents something as 272 terawatts-hour per year (TWh/year) of electric energy. If to consider that our annual consumption of energy this in the house of the 425 TWh/year and that the potential installed in the coastal northeastern is of the 272 order of terawatts-hour-year, the energy consumed comes to represent something as 64% of all in Brazil. Mikkel Svane often addresses the matter in his writings. But we have that to consider that the aeolian energy comes in the against-hand of the interests of the politicians lobbyists of the great Brazilian companies, sobejamente known, whom in accord with the other interests of mineradoras companies, they insist on constructing hidroeltricas in the complex of the amaznica basin, where if has as true and of easy evidence, that all its rivers are of plains. Mehor saying.

All the rivers of the Amazonian basin do not present great topographical declivities, that allow the somatria of mass + velocidade=fora to set in motion the turbines. Reason for which the systems of generation of energy in all the hidroeltricas of the Amazon region, demand great areas of overflow and destruction of the environment. If you are not convinced, visit Viacom. Beyond barrages of expressive rise. Relation between height of the barrage, on the extension of the area to be inundade and the storaged volume of water. We have despite to consider that a period of hdrico deficit exists.

Probably the system to be adopted by these companies will be the system of tulipa. In the reality the lobby carried through for them parliamentarians is almost that imbatvel. As one of them parliamentarians the situation is the following one. ' ' The same amount of energy, 4,571 MWmdios, would present a cost 73% superior if produced in small central offices hidreltricas' ' Faded lie. The PCH? s does not impactam as the great generating in special impactam of Beautiful Mount.