Know you yourself, get a introspection, look in your inner self and discover who you are?, what do you? verifies your motivations, you have to be aware that the world inside it at least equal big than the outside world, is the world that thou the barnacles when you open your eyes. This is the topic of the article Marketing in network the method infallible part II, published the 22.03.11, on the web page, which is, practically, my main blog. So I’m going to give a method to verify 100% if you like or don’t like your MLM or Network Marketing business, but it seems to me that you can use it in any situation in your life, when you want a clear answer regarding a subject you’re interested in particular. Here you have it: go in your bathroom, preferably when you’re only, and ask yourself looking in the mirror if you like or don’t like your network Marketing or MLM business. Let’s see if looking you in the eyes in the mirror, you will not give a clear, true and sincere response. As you’ve said, you don’t you lie, and even more watching you in the mirror directly to your eyes.

I have to admit that I was shocked this idea at first, but little by little I’ve used with it, and I want to tell you that all my distributors were very enthusiastic to learn it, and told me that they felt like taking a cold shower to apply it. The true power of this technique is the sincerity, you need to be honest with others and with yourself. When you lie, or when you tell half truths, you don’t feel well, you feel like a multicover123 in your stomach and you flooded a feeling of insecurity. This feeling of insecurity makes you much damage, you’re aware or not, so you say always the truth, although it hurts, that you will select your friends, you will attract to you only the good people that support hear the truth. Practical exercise: 1. nothing else to listen to a presentation of the MLM business you want to make, if you are at the beginning of path and want to make a business of Network Marketing or multilevel, enters your room of bath, make sure that you’re only, and ask yourself if you want or don’t want to do this business which presentation you just see. 2. If you are a dealer and carry a time in this business of Network Marketing or MLM, you can also apply this technique, not passes nothing if you have not applied this technique at the beginning of your career in MLM, any time worth to know the truth.

3 You can apply the same technique, wondering what your real motivation in this business, you want to get doing this business, etc., use your creativity. At the end let me a comment on this article, I am sincerely interested in knowing your opinion. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video Gratuit * or: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business get click and download it now!