Design decisions nodes pair of plastic windows with exterior walls. The practice of PVC windows – profile in different climatic zones of Ukraine showed that one of the common problems encountered by almost all buildings are elevated heat loss and condensation on the surface of the window slopes (and later the appearance of fungus on the slopes). If you decide to make the slopes of the drywall with his own hands then technology is not much different from the one-if you do plasterboard ceilings. The absence of a plastered slope materials have good insulating properties, the likelihood of hypothermia and teuvelichivaet cracking window slopes downward in the period of seasonal temperatures. Severe hypothermia leads to a slope of condensation on the surface of glass and elements of the window, even at low humidity.

Especially clearly seen during installation of plastic windows in single-panel walls of brick or reconstructed and newly constructed buildings. One of the main reasons for the marked beneficial effects are not – the increased flow of heat through a non-insulated windows slopes to bypass a window box. Heat losses are not only along the window box (in the outdoor environment), but also in the thickness of the medium with lower temperatures (in slope). This leads to a decrease in temperature inner surface of the window slopes. Moreover, calculations show that the heat loss through windows slopes can be up to 40%, which is clearly not appropriate in terms of energy efficiency. Therefore, the correct manufacturer of window slopes is not only sanitary – hygienic, but also economic benefits. Just to increase the temperature zones is not recommended priokonnoy completely cover the sill heaters. In the general case Several different approaches to solving this problem: * increase the thickness of insulation between the window frame and the outer wall, there is a device in the thickness of the wall thermoinlay Figure 1 * insulation on the outside window slopes by * insulation window slopes on the inside, the manufacture of slopes in older homes with great depth of quarters, in order to save money you can make the slopes of the drywall but always with warmth and See waterproofing so well designed living room