Month: October 2012

Technology Of The Information And Communication

The CURRENT IMPORTANCE OF the TICs The graduation in the modality in the distance helps to surpass geographic distances when offering the chance of professional formation having the interaction between pupils and professors mediated by technologies of the information and communication, becoming flexible the study dynamics. This new current modality, only favors the concept on technology, contributing an excellent performance to has access who it as center of scientific and pedagogical research. This makes to fortify the importance of the same in the academic world, becoming as a basic factor in the study environment. This tool can in providing to new knowledge many possibilities to them of acquisition as a material to give complementary lessons, activities and much more, without counting that the TICs makes possible to keep of easy and fast form the interaction between the professor and the pupil in the EAD. At last, the TICs is an information source, with excellent tools as: Blogs, videos, Slides, chat, frum, email, however a series of possibilities inside of web and video conference, allowing to the pupil a good preparation and formation in its area inside of the virtual reality, supplying an interactive virtual experience in real time. Leticia Mariane de Brito Brando

Technology In The Education

The technology today is reason of many quarrels between educators, philosophers and sociologists, many of them believes that the technology only serves to move away the people from the studies and what is really important, already others find that exactly with this it can be used to facilitate to the learning and the creation of memory of long duration. About the case, for example, of the TV this not dumb, many think that it alienates, apia the consumerism and live criticizing, others prefer to look at the side good of the technology and for emphasizing it, using the TV to illustrate, to introduce, to deepen some content; it offers a great variety of types of programs, contents and boardings that can be adapted to each etria band. Through the use of it the professors obtain to arrest the attention of the pupils, to create debates and quarrels, to create an opinion criticize and to live deeply the reality with interesting and instigantes boardings that arrest the attention of the pupils.