Month: September 2014

Formats Image

Currently, there are quite a number of different graphics file formats. Nevertheless, all of them can be divided into two groups. These are files that store vector graphics and bitmap graphics files stored. Raster graphics – is when the image is stored in the form of small dots – pixels. Accordingly, the quality of such images is limited by two factors: it is actually the size of the image in pixels and a resolution image – that is, the number of pixels per unit length (the most common pixels per inch). Files stored in raster graphics are jpg, gif, bmp, tiff, png, psd and others.

Vector Graphics – is when the image is stored in an array numbers describing the construction of images in the form of curves and key points – tops. Formats of vector graphics – swf, cdr, max, ai, partly pdf. In practice, web graphics are mainly used in two formats, raster graphics – jpeg and gif, and one format vector graphics – swf. Much less frequently used format png. Jpeg and gif formats differ in different image compression algorithm. Since the web file size still plays a very significant value for several reasons, therefore lightweight image file significantly increases the speed of loading images.

For different "types" of pictures fits a particular format graphics. Determining the required format – the basic ability to web – designer. For photos, portraits, pictures, large, rich intricate details – best format jpeg. Compression algorithm of this format works so that, when the "weight" of a picture, and therefore quality image as it "blurs" are poorly distinguishable sharp transitions between colors, and there are stray colored pixels as a side effect of the algorithm.


The graphic for the Salvadoran newspaper, see Figure (El Salvador). Figure is a classic sports magazine Argentina, born as a weekly publication in May 1919. Since 2002 is distributed monthly with a circulation of around 45 thousand copies of magazines telling the sending abroad. It is one of the oldest sports publications and respected, whose fame transcended the Argentina and settled in Latin America. Their stories and covers, in addition to his incredible display photo, made it “the bible of sport” as it is known.


Munich Franzis

A book for all Kochbegeisterten who want others to head chef & co., in the social network or Foodblog pages tasty pictured convince their joy of cooking and baking and with their culinary skills show ideas for making to how your own cooking skills in the photo meet the taste dente with ideas to make up hair, Munich, 10.10 2013 – with photography al comes from Franzis Verlag. Fared as the authors Jana Manz, Dr. Susan Brooks-Dammann and Corinna s. m. You have made it to their passion and collected in the book for others to take up.

Food photography that is fun and tastes good! All without expensive photo equipment and expensive accessories, with improvisation and clever ideas. They explain everyone can understand and can be implemented in the local cuisine, step by step with much attention to detail how properly to assemble the meal for a delicious picture. The recipes are included to do this right. After the brief introduction, what types of camera is suitable, they show on fruits, food, desserts and Pastry just how light and shadow in the game effect details and the correct styling and compositions to the make to animate. All with simple tools. Alongside, there are even how-to tips from Hobbythek creative if the ambiance to the food colours should be. The Kochbegeisterten are virtually at your fingertips and of sample recipes step by step to the tasty picture, where their culinary skills impress also the eye.

But look lacks the appropriate spices, explains to conclude how a little to help according to the computer depending on the taste. “Photography al dente” is now for EUR 29.95 as app via and the book trade, softcover, E-book available. Excerpt from the content – matching photo equipment and accessories for food photography for beginners – camera settings for different situations – natural & artificial light for the ideal lighting and scene figure – decoration, wallpapers, basic equipment of accessories for food photography – planning the shoot, Photograph food styling tips and Setup with examples -: composition, camera settings, position, perspective – creative photo kitchen: Cook, wreak, photograph and enjoy examples of the most common mistakes – flavor and refined on the computer: photo editing for beginners, tea steam from the Photoshop tricks, food photos on the Internet publish – practical exercises, creative photo ideas for making up price and availability “Photography al dente” is now available for EUR 29.95 soft cover, E-book and app via and the book sold separately. Title: Photography al dente Publisher: Franzis Verlag author collective: Jana Manz, Dr. Susan Brooks-Dammann, Corinna s. man pages: 223 Softcover ISBN 978-3-645-60269-3 about Franzis Verlag GmbH bound: the Franzis book and software publisher, headquartered in Haar near Munich, is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers. The main topics of the company lie in the areas electronics, photo software, mobile computing, Web development and model construction. The assortment of Franzis is diverse and ranges of electronic learning packages for beginners about editing software for serious photographers IT developer expertise. The photo trade portal underlines the core competence of the company on the subject of digital photography with special software solutions for HDR photography, RAW data processing, creative image processing solutions, as well as extensive expertise in camera technology and the whole spectrum of photography.

Choose Photographer

Primary, it is essential to know all the variations between a virtual typical visit and a production habitual video. You must understand exactly what without a doubt it would like to obtain with its project and to try to look for which can most of have absolutely no difficulty in the fulfillment of the tasks. With the purpose of to develop an excellent virtual route that requires time, determination, a specialist and, by all means, dollars. Its initial operation could be the one to discover a camargrafo that is advisable, as well as expert in the production of virtual visits, it must find to somebody with experience with the purpose of to make sure that without a doubt it will carry out an excellent work. It begins with the search in Internet, as well as in the telephone directory. When you have a pair of camargrafos, she watches what they have before made and see if they can adapt to your needs. We suggested to him in line throws a look to the Web sites, where these people have realised virtual visits and to see if they like or no.

If you do not have this opportunity, the information request that illustrates the particular quality, related to their individual work and will be able to far better construct an image about which they can and they cannot do. At this moment this it is the moment for watching a pair of samples and one finds out that with the following questions: 1. It is the photography exactly what waited for and more significant, exactly what you want? 2. To make this type of photos they as well as possible show to real estate (or any other type of product) the light? 3. It is the spelling used by in content and grammarly correct eloquent, rich the narration? 4. The voice in off, is pleasant or boring? Through responding to these questions that you will be able to reduce the list and they only leave a few the candidates for its work.

The Need for New Management Schools

New approaches are needed, administrative tools, better integration with the demands of the knowledge society, interpreting the behavior of the scenarios, technology, consumer needs, exploiting the strengths that promote the natural resources of each country. It requires proactive teachers, motivators to generate a radical change in the old models of learning, which unfortunately still remain in the classroom. Need Management School opened again, linked with the problems of the region, state, business sector, other schools, School Administrators, foster a more dynamic role to the political, economic, business, cultural that Venezuela needs.

Being a dynamic school, to think, engage their talent, human capital we have, in favor of running a real partnership in all that benefit that business incubators for SMEs crossing the country needs. It is becoming increasingly necessary, the emergence of new leaders, not only with regard to management, but in the political, cultural, social, but student leaders that lead to a change in the passivity in which they develop the universities, in that lethargy that nothing has benefited Venezuela. It needs a new student leadership to reclaim their rights, ensure their education, the role to be played towards the universities adequately provided service for which they were created. School requires management to restructure their goals, establish new commitments according to the present reality, to redefine all its administrative systems, academics, ensuring functional excellence. It should assess the training time and training to achieve the required degree in administration, redefine as noted, a new curriculum, structure it with courses that generate short-term practical results, leading all the changes that are needed to rescue the shirking now occurs at an alarming rate in the country.

Today more than ever, Venezuela’s new leaders demand management, more committed to change, able to lead your business performance to a more productive and prevent the country continues to rely more on imports than exports. In turbulent situations as they occur, are justified is when the roles of a school that really prepares professionals facing the challenges with knowledge that has been provided and are able to generate new, which lead to the school to be always updated. Failure to bring about changes required in the School will train professionals who will join the ranks of the unemployed and where, unfortunately, human talent is wasted a significant social cost to the country.