Month: October 2013

The Land

The man who was run over as she crossed the street is, as they said on the news, in the hospital; which means that he was taken there by someone who took pity on him. Elias, who is considered the most restless student salon, did not understand the explanation of the teacher, which was clearly understood by others; which means that it will fail when there is consideration, because the profesor does not repeat the explanations in situations like this. 1.3. Extensive elements of a series can use semicolons to separate the constituents of an enumeration or series (sentences or propositions) when they are long. Examples: the noise of the wind among the branches; the incessant shrieking of insects; the awful cry of beasts; the inclement and cansosa rain fall; the roar of Thunder: everything contributed to my concerns and to my horror. They are the first hours of the day; an opaque light falls on the field; the horizon is a Pearlescent purple; a faint mist closes the view.

Remarks: 1.3.1. Previous propositions and sentences can be also separated by commas. Two points can be used after the first proposition of the second example. 1.3.2. In many cases, you can choose to separate with point and followed the series of propositions that are usually separated with comma or semicolon.

The choice of one or another sign depends on the semantic linkage between propositions or sentences: If bonding is weak, it is preferable to use point and followed; If the link is more robust, You should use semicolon or comma. 1.4 Contrary juxtaposed propositions must be separated with dot and coma juxtaposed propositions which express opposite ideas (opposite, antithetical). These prayers are recognized because the semicolon can replace by the expression while. Examples: They live off the land; We live in the sea. These are my tooling; those, those of Edna.

Mirian Lopez Nuria

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To be aware of the innovations of the Ensign in every day. u tips. Simple tricks to be more pupils @ and enhance the results of the treatments. u financing of treatments. Information about the possibility of paying treatments in easy installments. u make appointment. All data of each of the centres to facilitate the first touchdown and also the opportunity to manage it from the own Portal join Depilhair u. It provides the information necessary to be part of DEPILHAIR, both to be franchisee as work in their centers. A new look for this renowned network that surely will give much to talk about both physically and virtually. Press Office and RR.PP for management of interviews, the expansion of information or graphic material sending do not hesitate to contact us. Do Tfno: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Mirian Lopez Nuria crowned The dark side of Facebook Places? Nobody is making you use it Social media agency London FreshNetworks blog create free websites be pupils @ do only benefits?