Month: February 2014

Johannes Gutenberg

When it was invented the film thought that nobody else would read because all could see and hear, without greater efforts by the spectators. But the book survived. When he began television thought an imminent end because of a medium where you can see, hear and pass feel, all at the same time. But the book survived. Later homes were flooded by videotape machines and so the book should become a museum item be rescheduled within a few years.

But the book survived and even have failed to condemn him to exile the multimedia, the internet and all the technological advances. The question is: until when will resist? It is not yet known but nobody should hurry in issuing death certificate. It is likely that the format change as it did when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press: the world saw a dramatic change. We went from an unwieldy, manuscript book and which only they could access a few privileged, to another better designed and diagrammed and, best of all, within reach of a greater number of people. Maybe we have to prepare ourselves for another change, and in a few years we will have digital editions in which we can navigate without any difficulty: and much attention, because a difficulty, and big digital books currently on the market, is the eyestrain that produce the reader.

Correcting this problem we will have a new form of the book but not his replacement and, much less, their disappearance. The books will remain good travel companions; friends of every occasion; teachers trust; thesis of which dissent. They contain the wisdom of the ages and the convictions of all intellectuals. Enclose to them always will be an act of intelligence and forget them will, at least, a regrettable decision. If you are of those who wish to fall again for reading or reaffirm their good reader habits, we humbly present the following tips: forget that reading is subject for scholars or boring people.


First, I’ll have to explain what is law of attraction and how it works. The law of attraction are the energy and focus (vibrations) that place to attract to your life, everything what desired you or unwanted. Vibrations that puts out can be negative or positive, according to ell approach you give it. At all times, the law of attraction is responding to the vibrations that you are offering to give you more of the same, whether desired or not desired. I.e. everytime you think about one particular thing this attract towards you.

If you’re curious about what you are offering vibratoriamente in any area of your life, you just have to take a look at that area and see what you’re getting is a perfect combination. Mentally take a brief inventory of the different relationships that you have in your life. For some people, there is a mixture of the kinds of people who have in their lives, and some who support and raise them, and others which are negative. Why do you attract negative people? In both cases, is already experiencing the law of attraction. To enjoy and appreciate certain people in your life at that moment, you are offering positive vibes. The law of attraction is unfolding and orchestrating everything what has to happen to bring you more of the same.

And as notice and pay attention to the negative people in your life and the things that irritate you about them, you will see the law of attraction are deployed to bring you more of the same. To change its focus and attention to what they want, then you will change the results accordingly. Do you want to know how to attract your ideal partner? Create a list of all the things that I did not like your current or last partner / Companion. This list, called change, will help you to understand. For example, if your list of negative things about past teammates include someone who does not take you to eat, spend time with you, not you lifting, or pass long time out travel, now you can see why they’re attracting this. Your list makes it recall clear, that whatever you put your attention, you will get over him. The law of attraction only can bring to you what you pay him attention, energy and focus, so you change what you’re focusing your attention on wondering to himself, what I want? When thinking or saying what we don’t want, at the same time, state what you want to be surprised. The words and the vibration will change. Remember that you can only get a vibration at the same time, so it is a good photo! In the example above, if we were to ask: what do you? after each of these negative statements, our new list would bring us clarity about our ideal couple and would sound like: my ideal partner leads me to dinner often happens quite some time with me, I lifted and spends a nice amount of time at home. Can you feel the difference? It is this feeling, or environment than the law of attraction is responding. Do you have sense? Go ahead, try it. Change your attention to what they want and know that currently the law of attraction is responding to your vibration. The results amazed him.

Network Marketing

When start to undertake a journey in Network Marketing on-line, is almost certain that the other networkers you’ve known in the field of traditional, old-fashioned MLM, who evangelized about their tradition to develop marketing networks to anyone, will disapprove your work, and in fact, you will be put aside when they are talking about strategies for developing the organization. Surely you lose your time if for them Branding Personal and Marketing On-line Network do not represent important elements against the changes in the industry, or if they don’t even perceive changes, then you are periendo your time. You can change the subject and simply leave it at that, because these strategies of promotion are not even for them. There is more to do. If they are in agreement in finding something if even if they disagree with your approach, they understand that we must find something, you can ask them what propose? and thus give a more productive course at the moment.

Also you can better understand what is happening with the networkers who ignore trends, and gain more knowledge of the industry. Now you can continue your way, despite what you think, focused, because you are aware of the changes that are occurring in the industry and would like to be there to take advantage of these opportunities in the development of your plan. Changes are those who are, and who the benefit will be the results. Until the next article. Original author and source of the article


In the country that talks about Philipp Blom’s book on the vicissitudes of the construction of L’Encyclop die, and makes some interesting comparisons, among which is this: see Blom in common as in the work of the eighteenth century, on the Internet “is also great articles written by the great thinkers with the most trivial things.”  Our Products are sometimes as giants and sometimes as dwarfs. “This impressive compendium of knowledge that was officially called Encyclop die, ou dictionnarie raisonn des sciences, des arts et des m tiers, par une societe de gens de lettres, can be seen as an antecedent to Wikipedia, the free on the net.”Of course there is a relationship. The Encyclop die was the first collective library of knowledge that was done. Wikipedia is all good and all the faults of the Encyclop die: interesting articles and other utterly useless, impartial and objective articles and other ideological positions and of all concerned. Both the Encyclop die and Wikipedia are in moments of history where it is believed that knowledge is highly fragmented.  I’m interested, especially the last sentence because it reflects something that largely explains the success of wikipedia.Although apparently very easy to search the Internet, for many people enter the network is literally going down a huge mixed bag where one is, simultaneously, aware of two things: that there is all the knowledge and that this is intangible. Problems of finding information on the Internet are becoming more pressing and in the future, this will become a field of extraordinary social and political struggle to control information received by citizens: who controls, and no information because the existence of the Internet is uncontrollable, but its documentation, their management, their access will have an area of exceptional power at your fingertips. Wikipedia’s success is that it offers a library of knowledge limpita and tidy. In that sense, the wikipedia, I think, is a testing ground for that future.Those working more closely with sectors of the population with a cultural level not yet developed (mostly young …) are fully aware that wikipedia is becoming a primary source of information for them (substitute, even, reading newspapers and magazines as a means of in-training). In my opinion, and without fear of appearing boastful, we must consciously take very seriously our social responsibility in this regard: the rigor in the writing of articles, neutrality and the correct linguistic expression should be permanently remembered principles. Is on us to avoid the temptation of endosiarnos or allow others to fall at our expense to that temptation. It occurs to me that this is a good argument for, as far as possible, prevent the entry of private external control advertising on wikipedia. – Camima Mar  I like the concept on which we can be the spearhead of a “second enlightenment”, this time globally. Thank Escarlati, is a beautiful note. Lourdes messages here Wow, that metaphor comparing the Encyclopedia inverted with wikpedia rather than backwards, almost makes me mourn. respected right We are the pioneers, pioneers! Now I’m going to blush, many congratulations for something that after all I have not written it. Like when I read The Republic back to amaze me of the similarities with today. A The  Britannica, Encarta and others, are the past. Who knows, as the third generation of Encyclopedists talk of us as we talk about Diderot.