Month: August 2011

The Development of Aircraft

From the time the balloons were invented, the flight was no longer needed just for the birds and insects. Man the aircraft took off to conquer the heavens and the world distances were shortened. Now an American company created able to fly. Everything about this fantastic model. Looks like a toy-size, with the push of a button your tires fall back and wings are made visible. The new was called Terrafugia, which means to flee the earth was created by alumni of MIT and the U.S.

technology promises to be the star of 2007. Ideal to avoid congestion in the concrete jungles and rise to a placid sky, this car, if all goes as planned, will be completed in December of the current and cost $ 148,000. According to information provided by the chief operating officer of the company, Anna Mracek Dietrich, he plans to start selling it in 2009 and reservations will be accepted for an additional 5% of the total price. Mracek Dietrich said that after pressing the button and the transformation of a flying version of “take only a few seconds.” In turn, said Terrafugia, you can run at 80 kilometers per hour on land and can reach a speed of 130 kilometers per hour when in the air. While it will be only a privileged few who can have access to this car is not yet established how high could reach in their flight and if you create rules “road” for them. It is too early to speculate but if Terrafugia come to settle, the cities will be added new streets in the air, and perhaps be more comfortable than an attentive boyfriend leave your partner instead on the balcony opposite the entrance of the building .

The image refers to the animated series The Jetsons and Futurama. Checked the phrase seems that the future is here and it seems the technology is on our side but to ordinary people the land will be the rule for much longer. If want information on new or second hand the portal is very useful. In addition, it gives you one, advises you on the advantages of model home, it gives you information about and shows you the best deals on the Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat and Volkswagen. Victoria Molnar For more information: (Source: Periodismo.

Cleaning Your Printer Like a Pro

I’ll cut right to the chase. The idea is to run head cleaning up three consecutive times and will stop if no improvement. Read this guide before taking any action to your printer. Perform the “Revision of nozzle” in the maintenance menu of the printer software. See if you get perfect nozzle pattern. Perfect Nozzle means you can see all the colors without losing the lines in the verification result of the nozzle. Perform “Head Cleaning” if you are missing lines in step 1. When done, the printer will display a window if you want to check pattern print nozzle back or stop.

(Do not stop at this step) Print “Nozzle Revision” again and see if you get the impression of perfect nozzle pattern or if you prefer. If you get a perfect nozzle pattern then you stop this process. Allow 5-10 minutes for the printer to cool off. If not, continue with step 4. Perform “Head Cleaning” again (second time). When you’re done continue to step 5. Remember, not stop at this step. Print “Nozzle Revision” again and see if you get the perfect nozzle pattern.

If you get a perfect nozzle pattern then you can stop this process. If not continue with step 6. Perform “Head Cleaning” again (third time). When finished continue with step 7. Do not stop at this step. Print “Nozzle Revision” again and see if you get the perfect nozzle pattern. Read it carefully, you should stop at this step regardless of the outcome of the pattern of Nozzle If you get perfect nozzle pattern then let stand for 5-10 minutes the printer. You can print the document / image later. If you’re not getting the perfect nozzle pattern then stop here, let sit overnight the printer. Turn off the printer. Let the printer cool off. Try to make “The revision of nozzle” again tomorrow and repeat the 7 steps above. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Why limit the cleaning head to a maximum of 3 times? If you perform running head cleaning as described above, the printer will use more and more ink to remove ink dry inside his head jammed media. Subsequently, the printer uses some ink to remove ink is dry and unlikely to solve the problem.

Let stand a printer at night, is the best method to resolve this. Why the printer needs overnight to solve the problem? When performing a head cleaning, ink cartridge inside move very fast and cause air bubbles inside the cartridge. These air bubbles needs time to settle. It is best to let it go at night to solve the problem. Perform head cleaning and again after 3 times will never solve the problem, we achieved a large amount of waste ink. What if I have the same problem again tomorrow? Alas, the print head is clogged. 7 You can repeat the above steps. I suggest you buy the new cartridge. If you using compatible cartridges, try another brand.

Local Group

And yet, said Baade, “It took hard detour before flashed the light of truth.” Moreover, because sharp differences between the diagrams of globular clusters from the standard color chart – luminosity Shepley were installed in the late teens of xx century. All globular clusters are the brightest stars are red giants, the luminosity of whom grew up with show an increase in Baade cover a small part of the visible shtoschad galaxy. Systematic photography continued for several years; plates were studied by Baade with G. Suop and S. Gaposhkin, and the results were published after his death Baade, followed in 1960 in these four fields have been found over 600 Cepheids, and in the near to center field, they make up a third of all the variables, and in more remote areas, falling to bright spiral arms – two-thirds. These Cepheids have been very useful in studying the structure of the branches.

Until now, there are disputes not only about the number of arms in M 31, but even the direction of twist, though, in my opinion, even from Fig. 42 (And from data on the H I in the outer regions) that spiral away from the core parameters clockwise and, as the galaxy rotates in the opposite direction, they spin. In any case, the localization of many segments of arms straightforward, and details of their structure can therefore be compared with the predictions of wave theory sleeves. Andromeda galaxy is often considered as an analogue of the Milky Way galaxy, but also between them and a lot of differences, starting with the fact that the central region of M 31 is much quieter – at least for now – than in our Galaxy, in which there are no signs of star formation, or the expiration of the substance. Distribution of hydrogen in general seems in both galaxies – and the atomic and molecular hydrogen in M 31 there are no closer to 6 – 7 kpc from the center, it is as comparable to the frequency of outbreaks of new stars, the number of globular clusters (talking about the high proportion of old people concentrated toward the center), and tight twisting spirals can be classified either as a spiral galaxy class 8b. However, the process of star formation in the Milky Way is now much more actively than in M 31, and we

There are several dozen regions of H ii, a bright and extended than the largest one in M 31; this is an argument for the fact that the Galaxy is closer to 8c. Masses of both galaxies appear to be close. The Andromeda Galaxy and our own galaxy – the most striking and robust members of the small clusters, numbering about 30 members and known as the Local Group. In these two systems, concluded”0% of the total mass of the cluster. Two-thirds of the members of the Local Group – dwarf elliptical galaxies like the four satellites of M 31 and the systems in Sculptor and furnaces. It includes small spiral galaxy M 33 in the triangle (Fig. 52), and several irregular galaxies – Magellanic Clouds, 1CHOS 6822.1 from 1613, and others. The number of dwarf galaxies and local groups can be much more: Berg recently discovered three new satellites of M 31 – system of the type of Sculptor.