Month: October 2018

Production Relations

It is standed out that the joint object of work and ways of work is called means of production. The social relations of production are the relations that the men establish inside between itself of a productive process and depend on the property of the means of production. If the property will be social or collective these relations will be of mutual aid or contribution, for example, in the primitive way of communal production. In case that the property of the means of production is private these relations will be of exploration and subordination, as it is the case in the way of capitalist production. In recent months, Robotics expert has been very successful. As HUNT (1981), Marx observed an indissolvable relation between the productive forces and the social relations of responsible production for the beginning, development and dissolution in the production ways. As this perspective the production is always in development this process if initiates for the advance of the productive techniques. But, it has an initial impediment for a bigger jump of this process, that is, the relations established between the people, at the initial moment, are passive to these changes, becoming obstacles a greater to walk of the productive forces. In a posterior phase, these relations start if to modify and start to influence the advance of the productive forces until leaving to be obstacles and to become the main motivador element of these advances.

The productive forces in turn also influence in the changes of these relations in such a way to speed up the same ones, thus becoming a movement continue of influences until arriving at a new period of training of development, different of the previous one. As Marx this law is valid for all the production ways and is it who explains the ticket in a way for another one (SAINTS, 1984). Marx affirmed, all history nothing more is of what the evolution in the Ways of Production, that is, ' ' history of all the existing societies until today is the history of the fights of classes' ' (MARX AND ENGELS, 1948).

Accounting Applications

The Minister of economy and competitiveness contributed an interesting innovation: fantastic based accounting, i.e. a forward-looking. A surreal accounting that supports further applications. Black Cherry has posted with the greater self-confidence the number of unemployed which could have been avoided if the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero had applied the labour reform decreed by Mariano Rajoy. As explained yesterday the Minister at a conference organized by the country and sponsored by Bankia the entity that his former boss, Rodrigo Rato, presides if the previous Government had made the reform of which has befallen him Spain would today have a million unemployed less.

And he said it three days after that Mariano Rajoy warned that this year will destroy 630,000 jobs more. This means a rise in the unemployment rate on the active population of 21.6 percent in 2011 to the expected 24.3 in the macroeconomic picture for this fiscal year. A terrible and difficult social assimilation that figure not prevents that Luis de Guindos sees light at the end of the tunnel, a perception sparsely accounting software of character equally visionary. It is appropriate to recall in this regard demonstrations not long ago formulated Jose Manuel Gonzalez Paramo, Member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank (ECB) by decision of the Popular Party which Paramo hoped a high office. It missed the Counselor of the ECB in an interview with El Pais that a country with an unemployment of 22% is not raised socially.

Posts to the surrealist accounting applications I stay to that expressed by Esteban Gonzalez Pons in election campaign. Deputy Secretary General of the PP Pons said then that his party aspired to create three and a half million jobs, if it won the elections of November 20, thanks to the emergence of a million of new entrepreneurs. Every day companies large and small are discovering the power of used in conjunction with Excel macros, the companies require computer programmes tailored to their needs, to manage internal business processes automatically, fast and effective. At the same time many people in their daily work performed repetitive tasks against their Excel spreadsheets, wasting a whole days in reporting of manually which would be done with a simple click to a button in a matter of seconds. Macros allow us to automate and perform complex tasks, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the work.


We must occupy these spaces so that they are not never idle and abandoning. The Parkour invites to give us to it to life our cities and to give to life with our lives (our joys, fancies, desires, dreams, envolvement), in a process of reconstruction-construction of the spaces of social convivncia. We need to come back to contemplate the spaces. Marcelino (2001) says in them that: ‘ ‘ Despite if it does not deal with an exclusive relation, without a doubt, the gratuity for the contemplation of urban spaces constitutes, where it would have to constitute, stimulaton to sensitivity, one of the aspects that can be worked in the education for the practical ones of lazer’ ‘. Marcelino making reference the Wilheim (1976) when this affirms that ‘ ‘ to cover the city can be enfadonho and desgastante or, for the opposite, show an informative and highly pleasant experience for sentidos’ ‘ , we understand that this is the direct intervention of the Parkour as life philosophy. It nails essentially this necessity to contemplate the city and to cover it of pleasant form, feeling it and living it with that it has stops offering in them, even though the obstacles.

Popular Martial Art

Karat is the more popular martial art of the world, and this thanks to the work of a man of low stature, and modest family, which was born so weak, that its proper parents do not create that would survive; its name is Funakoshi Guichin, more known as the father of karat modern. Funakoshi was a true visionary, therefore it only left the island of Okinawa with a luggage, leaving wife and children and if subjecting to pass hunger in Tokyo to materialize a vision? to first spread out art of karat in Japan and later the o world. Perhaps the master thought: ' ' A so sublime knowledge for me must also be shared with mundo' '. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. this it made with love, and in love it walked every day of its life, and until the last sigh it was loved entranhavelmente by its disciples, loved who it as a father, therefore was donated with all its being to the men and to the art that learns in the small island of Okinawa. Funakoshi incarnates the martial artist of true courage and moral virtue. Its trancendia value its martial technique; also he was a man honestssimo, sensible, and great scholar in eastern philosophy, especially in Confucius. What Funakoshi more looked for to divulge in its andanas for the world, for incredible that seems, was not karat as efficient technique of self-defense, but its practical philosophy. A practical philosophy, also called moral philosophy, consists of a way of conscientious and coherent life.

For the master of shotokan, the martial art would not have to limit it socos and kicks, and for it, needy of the fighter who thought of different form. In its auto-biography called Karat-do my way life, tells some chances that had to fight, but knew to solve all pacifically its conflicts. Its lessons if did not limit to the techniques of auto defense which improved during all its life; Funakoshi was also an excellent master of generosity, altruism, and disciplines; disciplines such made that it to practise its katas until fainting at the beginning of its training, which every day practised until its 90 years of age.

In Brazil

Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, in the account as the acceptance of the black slavery was fast, before exactly of our continent to be discovered But the primrdios of the black slavery had been elaborated well before, in the coast of Africa, since the beginning of the Portuguese discovery. For this, the experimentation laboratory was an island desert, busy and colonized by the Portuguese already in years 1470: They are Tom, to the deep one of the gulf of the Guin. It was there that if it systemize the practical one that made of the black not plus a man, and yes a work instrument (2004. P. 752) the indian obtained to become free itself of the pack of being enslaved in 1570, through decree of D.

Sebastio, king of Portugal. But the blacks had not had the same luck. In Brazil, in 13 of May of 1888, he only is that this people finally can have the privilege of if becoming free and mainly human, because until then, they had been treated as animal. He turns themselves in history, to justify that an ethnic group, does not construct themselves without a past, identifies that them as such. In the scope of this reflection, we can perceive the memory as a quantity of souvenirs that in guarantees identification to them in the universe of an infinite confusion of possible souvenirs: in other rescued words, registers as souvenirs amongst that they had been forgotten (…) the proper experience to cultivate the memory it is the identification of the citizen of the memory I obtain exactly. (MOURA, 2005 P. 81). Continuing in this necessary reflection, it is questioned: in the literature of century XXI, the indian and the black can now express themselves adequately, not only as a being ' ' arranjado' ' provisorily to be a national hero? Or simply as one to be ' ' inexistente' ' , transparent, without identity? 5.

Brazilian Workers

The domination of the companies on the life and mentality of the Brazilian workers. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. Gimenes, Thiago Summary: During decades fights against the exploratria domination of the capitalist system had been stopped on the life of the workers. Capitalism this that becomes appeared in the companies contemporaries, who if use of the Hand of workmanship human being to generate the value more. What if it perceives is that this exploratrio system meets in its height, and if it less materialize the cost of an unconditional submission of the classrooms favored socially. Words? key: more-value, poverty, assistencialismo. 1.O capitalism As one forms evolved of the mercantilism, the capitalism appears in begins facing diverse broken manifestations of the diligent classroom, that does not admit the life conditions the one that they were being submitted. In the Brazilian context, the consolidation of this system if of still in the old republic, and majority of the population still meets living in the agricultural area. Mikkel Svane usually is spot on. The situation where if they find the workers is preoccupying, since if they congregated around the units manufacter living in a complete situation of lack of water, sewer, energy and total insalubridade.

The exploration arrives at the beginning at such point, that a person works 14 hours, of the century (1920), em1911, will be on average 11 hours and, for return of 1920, 10 hours. To supply the necessities of these families, they were necessary that all the people of the family fulfilled the mission of the work, not exempting child, aged and nor women. The exploration unchains the revolt, long ago free Workers initiates a revolt schemes against them. Believing that these were its dominadores, they destroy them with the industry together. They are received by the coercitive power from polices, is with this physical coercion that the government goes to deal with the diligent classroom until the end the old republic.

Understanding Milne

A.A. Milne was a writer without much success, but everything moved of the day for the night. After seeing its son playing, Milne was felt inhaled and wrote the poem ' ' Vespers' ' in the table of the coffee of the morning. Although it has not found nothing of brilliant in the poem, its wife found incredible and found that she would have to be published. When the reviewed celebrity ' ' Vanity Fair' ' it received the poem infantile she was magic and it contracted Milne to produce other works. Thus poems, stories, histories and books had been appearing The personage who more called in way to this was ' ' Ursinho Pooh' ' , an affectionate bear and comilo that was based on the favourite toy of the son of Milne. The books of Pooh if had become a success, as well as its films and, all and any product that is atrelado it. Its success if must its candy personality, that seems to combine so well with the meiguice where we find in its appearance.

Likeable and affectionate, until Pooh it knows that he is not very smart there, but the magic of its histories happens when we perceive the goodness that surrounds Pooh and its group of friends. The group of Pooh is composed for friends, animals or not. The personage who makes company and costuma to be its better friend is Cristvo, a kind boy who possesss its characteristics based on the son of Milne. In the animal kingdom, the main personages are Tigro, Pig, Abel (Rabbit) and I. If Cristovo appears in the series to leave the relation between it and Pooh more human being, the animal friends of Pooh represents its side adventurer. She is with them that Pooh obtains to put itself in amused confusions, as well as solving many problems. Everything related to the Ursinho Pooh costuma to make an immense success, its dolls and pelcias are one of the most bought in the Walt Disney. You can use to advantage all this fofura of the Pooh to transmit its messages livened up the dear people. In sites as the Clickut you will be able to send messages livened up and thematic of the Ursinho Pooh, being left that moved special person!


Pain does not exist crueler, deep, that to lose somebody that we like, somebody next a in. It is as if they dilacerassem our heart without anesthesia, as if a bomb blew up in the brain, paralyzing it, spraying the nexus of everything. First it comes the shock, later not wanting to believe, finally the acceptance, always folloied of much revolt, incompreenso. The death definitively is not a subject of which the people if feel comfortable in debating it, much less she mentions it, the discomfort is well-known, exactly when we try, sensation of that is it, ' ' the Morte' ' , it is definitively our icognita greater; because not, enemy to be looser, deciphered. Exactly being the thing most certain of the life, nobody still obtained an explanation logical, or satisfactory. But dying is inevitable! Already it checks, in one afternoon of Autumn, to fall leves deceased? Thus the souls in the eternity fall every day. Learn more about this with Viacom. One day, the fallen leaf, you will be.

The great paradox to put, is that according to theological, god it created to give it exactly descao in the living beings Without a doubt, the death was not part of the nature, but it became natural; because god did not institute the death at the outset, but he gave it as remedy. Condemned for the sin to a continuous work and the insuportveis lamentations, the life of the men started to be needy. God had of finally to these males, so that the death restituted what the life had lost. With effect, immortality she would be penosa than beneficial, if he was not promoted by the favour. (Ambrsio Saint). Our education, culture little opened the subjects most complex, also finishes contributing to increase the mystery, the fear.

Parents, schools have, it as a mythical subject, that cannot be boarded, or when they are, always of superficial, fast form, thus being, are educated since ours tenra infancy not to sail, to transit for this subject. The death is a great taboo, no matter how hard let us strengthen in them, will never be something pleasant to be debated, of if interacting. Beyond of our attachment for ' ' vida' ' , the great one cheap is, for where goes after all? Exists exactly something after our departure? in this subversion, we more advance each day for our end, each day more for our physical decay, since exactly that let us fight for the life, it the life, does not want in them for the remaining portion of the life. Then what to make? I think that not it nothing, not to be to live, to live as if everything was to finish at any time. Prescriptions of living? They are so fools, as trying to decipher the proper death, do not exist answers that satisfy in them, that in it gives some tranquillity to them. Then the conclusion that I arrive is, that life is synonymous of death, death is synonymous of life, one only exists in function of the other, nothing more than this. I only want therefore to be able to live in peace. To die living.

Quality Education

In the current days it is essential to have a good professional formation and an education of quality; but nor all are born with the same luck, or at least with ways of condition. Many people dream in if professionalizing in some area technique; therefore they believe that the study it is the guaranteed life, but nor always she happens what they wait; the example of this we can cite those that only make college to carry through the dream of some familiar one. The ones that does not have the same luck, those that had not concluded 2 degree, do not obtain job in no place, or if obtains is not recognized and still they are discriminated. To certain they leave me things infuriated as for example: to be a lixeiro (gari) she needs to have completed 2 degree; but pra that so great requirement if this person alone go to collect garbage and not to recite the arithmethic table. It had to be a normal thing, exactly having completed the studies it does not mean that person is not responsible and competent. The companies are ignorant in these directions; but this depending on the company is clearly: steel mills they are this type of profile that only works there who completed the escolaridade; I ask pra that this if the company can place depending on the sector that person to working there, why what same valley is the experience; but as these people they will have experience if nobody of the no possibility to. What it would have to be led in account is that: talent, ethics and experience not if purchase in place none: it is born I obtain and if it earns throughout the life.

Social Assistant

For this the profession is conditional to the limits of the capitalist system. The objective of the study of this article is directed for professional performance with the educational context, objective we will go to direct the referring demands and social matters in the problematic intermediary of pupil and educational that it will be the focus of research of the work of the social assistant in the pertaining to school scope. 3,0 CONCEPT OF EDUCATION to understand the relevance of the displayed subject of the mediaes of the education with performance of the Social Assistant we will go to call the education concept and to understand that the education is one practical social one. The education is all learning that we constitute and we learn in such a way in the school as in the society, the education is the base for the development of our academic trajectories until the professional, being necessary to have social supports to consist cultural rules and ethical, developing transferences to know, all way of learning and orientaes are education, not being only assigned in the schools and yes in all society, the school is yes object of qualified study to develop qualifications and explicitar by means of them you discipline the information established by means of the society is by means of studies in histories explaining current phenomena. As Brando (2007: 11) Thus when they are necessary warriors or bureaucrats, the education is one of the ways of that the men launch the hand to create warriors and bureaucrats. It helps to think the types of men. More than what this it helps to create them, making to more still pass of one them others knowing constitutes that them and legitimizes, and education participates of the process of beliefs and ideas, of qualifications and specialties that involve exchanges of symbols, good and powers that the set construct types of society, and this is its force.