This article will explain what a discounter, and what are its main difference from other stores and hypermarkets. The first thing worth mentioning – this is not the latest achievement in marketing, management and economists. For more information see this site: The first discount stores appeared in the 60s of last century and have evolved very rapidly. A brilliant representative of a 'hard' version of the discounter – German 'Aldi'. This is a very successful shop with branches represented in many countries all over Europe, America and Australia. The main points that allow you to reduce the prices of products: – the margin on goods is 12%, profit – only 2% – looks like the store itself more to the warehouse – with low ceilings and dim lighting, which also saves – the goods are not on the beautiful shelves and in boxes on the shelves – in the form in which received from the manufacturer – the store can pay by credit card or check, since Scanners affect the cost of production – the store has baskets, so you can pick up and cart, but for a nominal amount is refunded when you return the cart. This is done to ensure that trucks do not steal and do not leave the parking lot, and returned to the place – do not store hires people for their collection – the number of employees in the entire shop – 10-12 people. And the manager can along with porters to unload the goods, but in the rush hour sits at the desk.

The salary for workers 30% more than in similar places in the industry and is considered a good option – Store absolutely do not spend money on advertising. The only means of communication with the outside world – the magazine of the company, which details describes the products and prices. In today's world of advertising 'all over' is a considerable paper savings. .