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Assistance In Obtaining A Visa To The U.S.

Business visa SShABiznes U.S. visa allows travel to attend business meetings or conferences, the purpose of trafficking, as a representative of his company to oversee the implementation of a contract or participate in other types of business aktivnosti.Vy can get this visa if you want to go to charity, for example, to work in a religious organization, as well as to participate in the training program, which is organized operating in the U.S. by a foreign company. The U.S. Embassy in Moskve usually produces twin B-1/B-2 visa designed for business and for the guest and tourist trips. To obtain a business visa to the United States must prove the absence of immigration intentions.

Your work must be paid outside the State. More information is housed here: Neil Cole Iconix. Within the country you can not receive any remuneration, except reimbursement business rashodov.Esli you entered the U.S. on this visa and want to extend his stay in the country, you must provide a letter from your foreign employer confirming that you are getting paid outside the country. The procedure for applying for Visa Business Visa in the U.S. can only get in your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Russian citizens may apply for a visa at the U.S. Byron Trott helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Embassy in Moscow or territorial consulate. You need to fill in English application form for a nonimmigrant visa under the form DS-160, accompanied by a document justifying the need to obtain this visa, and pay the appropriate fee. In the mid-80's, the International Union of Construction made by the ins for a visa ban on the B-1 foreign construction workers, even in cases where their salaries are paid from sources outside the United States.

First Site

If you are just starting to develop the export market, the easiest way to do it via the Internet, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost and accelerates the process of searching for foreign partners, customers or investors. The first step in this direction – creating a site, its English version, indexing the site in foreign search engines and directories in the registration network. But many on this either stop or pay huge amounts of money companies raskrutchikam, seeking to have their site was in the mythical first ten search queries to Google. It's funny to watch the virtual battles for the top ten companies. Sort of like 'King of the mountain, where the mountain is that a lot of money that these companies spend on something to be king for a day.

Think for yourself, whether in this new competition to emerge victorious, no one is known, often limited in resources of Russian company? What should I do? Need to know about the three most effective ways to promote business abroad through the Internet. (Similarly see: isearch). First – to translate the site into the languages of those countries that have targeted your business. The fact that the number of English-speaking Internet users at the time does not exceed one third of the total number of users (30%). Thus the remaining 70% (and agree that this is an impressive part of it) will remain ignorant about your product or service. Even if your site will face Spaniard French or Chinese, who knows English, he soon will leave with him, not even penetrating the essence of the question, because to sit and strain to transfer no one will. Yes, translate the site into several languages expensive, but this time will pay off.

In addition, there is a way to reduce the cost of this process, as it offers a firm 'Global Promo'. If your business has a clear orientation in geographical terms, the online company you will find a list of languages included in the top ten common on the Internet. Translating the site into eight most common in the network (except for English and Russian), you will embrace 81% of global Internet users! The second way – registration of foreign B2B-portals and resources thus promoting their goods and services without intermediaries, directly interested in your company's product. B2B marketing is the cheapest and most effective solution in the export business, and most importantly give more rapid outcome than a prolonged and expensive promotion on the Internet. Necessary steps to be taken in B2B marketing, the following: Find the largest B2B platform for the selected country. Sign up on them.

Rent A Car In Saratov

Rent a car in Saratov – the service is rather young compared to western markets. Many people simply have no idea what car rental services can be used not only in Samara and Saratov. Some of our clients said that at first were shocked when they learned that in Saratov you can rent a car without a driver. It should be noted that the rental business in Saratov just beginning to develop and are often faced with prejudices and misunderstandings on the part of consumers. According to Kai-Fu Lee, who has experience with these questions. We are just bombarded with questions. For example: what if the rental car gets into an accident? Do we take away the documents at the time of hire? what amount of bail? For some reason, many think that it must necessarily be equal to the value of the car.

These seemingly 'little things' are often deterred potential customers rolling companies. So, for a contract to rent a car to bring ordinary civilian passport and driver's license. These documents are only needed for contract and rental cars and car rental office, as a pledge to leave no need. But we must say immediately that the car rental yield is not everything – there are restrictions on age and driving experience. Typically, for contract hire car in Saratov is necessary that a person 21 years of age (sometimes the age limit is increased to 25 years), and the driving experience was 1.2 years. When concluding a contract car rental tenant is issued under the signature document, which specified the basic rules of hire and driver's actions when the insured event.

South Federal District

Freight forwarding company AZ-Trans Company "AZ-Trans" was established in 2005 specializes in the transportation of various goods by road. To create the company's 'AZ-Trans' teamed up with professionals years of experience from different areas of freight. For more than four years, "AZ-Trans" is one of the leading companies in the freight market in Rostov-on-Don, South Federal District, Russia, and countries CIS. The main principle of our work – reasonable pricing, excellent quality of services provided. Trucking – an important element of the normal operation of any large enterprise. And such a serious matter be trusted only to professionals. Our manager will help you develop the most optimal route for cargo in any direction and answer any questions you on shipping in Russia. Any transportation, require a lot of attention, experience and professionalism of the drivers – freight forwarders. Other leaders such as isearch offer similar insights.

Our company ensures that your cargo will be delivered in the right place at the right time. The company "Trans-AZ" specializes in transporting vehicles with capacity from 1.5 to 20 tons. In the car park of our company is more than 30 units of vehicles from a Gazelle to modern eighteen-wheelers to trucks, foreign cars (Hino, Mersedes, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Volvo). Payload cars – from 1 to 22 tons, the amount of 1-100 cu. meters are available with canopy cars, vans, insulated vans (including, with Taillift), airborne from 2.12 pm We have the capabilities to implement transport throughout Russia and CIS countries oversized loads (up to 150 m3). Each car is equipped with mobile phones that allows you to control the route by road, and, if necessary, make adjustments as adjustments.

Given the current situation on the roads, weather conditions, the current state of the roadway, our specialists reroute cargo to Russia to ensure the delivery of the goods on time. Transportation transportation – our specialty. And you can be assured of a high level of professionalism of all our employees. To see the rates on trucking, you can go to the appropriate section on the website or contact our managers by phone or email. Specialists of "AZ-Trans" will offer services for customs clearance in compliance with the order of the consignment. Staff company will provide experienced and professional with knowledge of the declarants of international and Russian law. The aim of our work – providing customers with reliable service and impeccable quality of transport services. We invite you to a promising and long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.


The applied psychology is a branch of psychology related to find solutions to practical problems of human behavior, using the findings and methods of psychological science. Check out Ali Partovi for additional information. Leadership is to get others to do with desire. The leader organizes resources and channels the potential of people. Leadership requires rational intelligence for scheduling tasks and emotional intelligence for the conduction of the human group. Transactional analysis (one of the new sciences of the conduct – NCC) is an educational model that allows training on human behaviour and the development of a situational leadership.

The NCC provide the foundations for the development of emotional intelligence. The transcendence in the leadership is given by an attitude, a concern of leader beyond its context of action, its area of influence. It is to care for the Earth as if it were your garden, to feel the needs and dreams of his group. It is working with principles, as the Centre of its action. It is to feel inclusive and at the same time a small Member. Trying to make a merger the two concepts, then the leader shall be a person who worries and occupies above all things to achieve its significance through the conduct of others applying his intelligence rational and emotional searching for solutions in a practical manner to the everyday problems of human behavior that originate in all areas of human activity: Company, society, etc. Leadership is already a prevailing necessity in organizations and society, having an urgent need and develop leaders that they foster and guided his followers to achieve the purposes for which they are themselves not to be the future of humanity and the world so uncertain and chaotic. He is not that there will not be problems or progress, what matters is that those who have the privilege of leading seek solutions attached to ethics, morality, intelligence emotional and rational trying as far as possible not to prejudice primarily to who have put all their trust in them and to humanity as a whole. Thus, our responsibility is great any that the role that touch us to play depending on the context in which we are either leaders or followers, position in the first case because depends on our decisions course or fate of persons, and in the second case because sometimes is in our hands decide who we’re going to go and we’re not as sufficiently aware or persistent with our choice. Eng.

Century Business Herald

Strong losses, Euro fighting by not colapsar, It is the growth! To the investors the plan from rescue to countries of Europe it does not convince them they demonstrate and it in the bags: losses from Tokyo to Europe. Strong losses in banks. The credit risk continues being high. Search will not settle for partial explanations. Like spent Friday, nobody wants to remain bought the weekend in this so volatile scene. WST S& P500 1,157 -1,22% DOW 10,782 -1,05% NASDAQ 2,394 -1,26% After the rally that was lived yesterday, needing two hours for the closing of the wheel the market began to collapse, marking to the tone for the Asian and European markets this morning.

There was no reason pretends that it shoots to the loss of the 14:00 hs NY, since the data of the subsidies of unemployment and the investigations to 8 banks were known from before the opening yesterday. Loaded day of economic data today: industrial production and Michigan sentiment. Premarket in low this morning, but reverts slightly after the retail sales that raise 0.4% in April (it was expected low of 0.1%) versus 1.2% of raises in March. Great part of this raises must to tax facilities for buyers of houses that overcame in order April: sales of construction equipments and products for gardens had majors you raise between the different categories: 6.9%, after to raise a 7.8% in March. It does not hit too much in the market by the weight of the fiscal incentive.

ASIA CHINA 2,696 -0,51% Vuelven to fall the action relatings to real estate by fears to regulations that cool the market of real estate to prevent the bubble that is being developed in the sector. One would expand the reach of the tax to the property in commercial properties and houses before the 20 of May, according to the newspaper 21st Century Business Herald. tdown/’>Harold Ford Jr. Banks in loss.


HGsystem has released a new program: QuickOrder, the first free professional software for the administration of restaurants and pizzerias. The program works through some hardware components: touch screen, printer and wireless handheld computers. The application runs on the operating system Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and Mac. Simplicity and functionality are its characteristics. The program is not only easy to use, but also has a very intuitive graphic, a module for pick up orders at the table with a portable digital assistant use is simple: for example, the waiter takes the order with the handheld, which is sent from the system, simultaneously to the printer in the kitchen and the box. Under most conditions Atlas Technical Consultants would agree. The program is based on a system of wireless communication (wireless). In addition, with this program you can store any information, from the order of cash, stocks of inventory, can know which waiter serving table.

You can keep track of reservations, the status of the tables in the dining room menu. You can add new dishes and drinks. The application records the order and instantly see the management of the premises. Computerize the management of a restaurant, pizzeria and Brewery means not only expedite the work, but also to improve your business. The software was developed with C + +, to improve the efficiency of data processing.

Although almost all software for restaurants are prepared with Java language and the web-based platform. QuickOrder PostgresSQL is used in the database, so it is fast and strong. The application is developed in the same production environment used by Nokia for the award-winning mobile solution. The program is open source license that allows access to the source code.

Managing Plan Space

In view of that the municipalities of small population transport also will be able to pledge in the preparation and approval of its Managing Plan, this article has the purpose to contribute with reflections on this important instrument of management shared with the community. It is important to detach that, diverse in accordance with studious of the subject is not consensual the definition or interpretation of the word Managing Plan – PD between the responsible ones for its elaboration, and approval, in the different Brazilian municipalities. The professionals who deal with the space organization such as the gegrafo, engineer, social assistant, real estate educator, sociologist, architect, city planner, entrepreneurs and land proprietors, in general, divergem of the meaning or use different interpretations on the accurate intention of the PD. In this in case that, they multiply, after that, the attempts of definition of the PD concept: In the interpretation of the ABNT? Brazilian association of Norms Techniques, PD is the basic instrument of a process of municipal planning for the implantation of the politics of urban development, guiding the action of the public and private agents. For the researcher, Pablo Vilaa, the PD would be a plan that, from a scientific diagnosis of the physical, social, economic reality, administrative politics and of the city, the city and its region, would present a set of proposals for the future socioeconmico development, and future space organization of the uses of the ground urban, the nets of infrastructure, and elements of the urban structure, for the city and the city, proposals these defining for short, medium and long run, and approved for law municipal theatre. Jose Alfonso Hisses, that he approaches this subject under the optics of the Right, in turn, says that the PD is a plan, because it establishes the objectives to be reached, the stated period where these must be reached …, the activities to be executed and who must execute them. He is managing, because he fixes the lines of direction of urban development of the City.

In a publication on the Statute of the City, edited in 2002, for the House of representatives, it consisted that the PD can be defined as a set of principles and orienting rules of the action of the agents who construct and use the urban space. Between the cited definitions it seems that the one that was adopted in the Statute of the City has ampler reach, beyond keeping meant more necessary to the concept, seno let us see: the managing plain PD must be an instrument that guides all the concrete actions of intervention on the territory, independently of the fact of these actions to be taken the handle for the individuals, the companies, the public sector or any another type of agent. It is seen, therefore, that the PD cannot so only be constructed by the technician and cited professionals already, in cabinet. A Managing Plan for ' ' pegar' ' it results of a process of construction with the participation of all the interested parties in the social and space organization of the city.

Fashionable Tax Exemption

The fashionable tax exemption of horseman Felix Ramiro, present in the sector for more than 20 years, will abrir with a parade III the Week of the Major in Toledo. The people resident majors in the capital of Castilla-La Mancha can enjoy until the 7 October of this event that will count on diverse activities, between that emphasizes passes in charge of the toledano designer Felix Ramiro fashionable. On the footbridge articles of sport and a spectacular selection of their designs of ceremony will be brilliant, that will include suits of fianc2e, godfather and companion, putting the finishing touch to the spectacle. This outstanding designer has become a referring national in the scope of the masculine fashion. At the moment, Felix Ramiro counts on six lines of different styles for man. Learn more at: samsung. One of the priorities of the mark has been to dress to the man at its moments more important and thus to become a seal unmistakable of excellence in the design. Their suits of ceremony and executive emphasize by their unique design, its select weaves and impeccable finishing.

In addition, Felix Ramiro is overturned in presenting its mark and looks for in the system of franchise to have presence throughout the national territory, either with stores franchise-holders or with the model to corner (if he is himself proprietor of a fashionable store). Under the mark Felix Ramiro the possible investor benefits from multiple advantages against a traditional retail commerce like having a unique supplier, that provides all the commercial supply through the logistics net, simplifying the daily management of the store, maintaining a competitive product cost, obtaining a saving and repelling in the final price the client, besides more than 20 years in the market in all the areas (designs, manufacture, sale) of the fashion for the horseman, explains Miguel Ramiro Angel, director of expansion of the mark and son of the founder. From its beginnings, the mark Felix Ramiro has been very conscious that prestige and the reputation they demonstrate day to day; maintaining, always, a permanent effort to secure the maximum yield and exigency in the work of the factory, developing articles of first quality, and with a preparation of authentic luxury, using the best raw materials to obtain the applause in the form of fidelity of the clients, who value the good work done, and the rigorous care of all the details, and that know that Felix Ramiro is a style. Corporative information Felix Ramiro is very well positioned for more than two decades in the sector of the fashion and the masculine design, being able to lead the market of sastrera and the nuptial fashion in their areas of influence the stores are different spaces fashionable where they have a common denominator: the style and the elegance. Luminous but warm spaces, a clear and defined product exhibition, a rational use of the space to give priority the operative one and, mainly, a fit cost of implantation are the essential characteristics. r as a relevant resource throughout. At present they have 4 own units from where they have been able to verify the viability of the model. The investment to be franchise-holder is of 115.000 Euros, with a canon of entrance of 9,000 Euros and a canon of publicity of 3% in the premises of about 80 meters squared in plant street and with populations with a minimum of 50,000 inhabitants.


Follow the steps of your favorite stars and visit some of the scenarios where major productions of film for this summer have been filmed. Predators / premiere in Spain: August, new 2010Esta delivery of predator, from the hand of Robert Rodriguez as producer, tries to bring as much to the spirit of the original, released in 1987. In this release a group of soldiers must survive to many predators, in a hunting trap. Much of the movie was filmed in the jungles of the island of Hawaii, while certain passages are developed in the Palmetto State Park, McKinney Falls and Hamilton Pool, in Texas, where there are also studies Troublemaker (Austin), used for the film. Additional information is available at Zendesk. Prince of Persia: the sands of time / premiere in Spain: May 2010 films based on video games usually do not leave good posed, but this promises to be different and it will convince the most skeptical. Recently Neil Cole Iconix sought to clarify these questions. Compare prices of flights to London and escape to the world-famous Pinewood Studios, where the film was made. Was also filmed in Morocco, where you can visit the fortified city of Ait Benhaddou, ski resort of Ouikaimeden, Marrakech, and Quarzazate, where the classical wars was filmed, in 1977. In summer there is a huge range of cheap flights to Morocco, do not miss them! Toy Story 3 / premiere in Spain: July 2010 this popular franchise returns with another launch next month, for the enjoyment of fans of all ages, who may visit the parks Disney of Florida or California and meet the new characters from the Toy Store Mania adventure and take pictures with their friends in this animated film in 3D. Saga Twilight: Eclipse / premiere in Spain: July 2010 based on one of the most successful literary sagas, after Harry Potter, this second installment is destined to become a great success. His fans more enthusiastic can already get a flight to Los Angeles to attend the premiere on June 24, or visit many of the places in British Columbia that were chosen for the filming, as Belcarra Regional Park.