Month: May 2014

Production Lines

PPMA Member shows the next Webcast for machine manufacturer CAD Schroer the advantages of 3D-planning of production lines, the position of the offer to the efficient project management free webcast for production equipment manufacturer: (English) news/webcasts/pk/180 / engineering software has become expert CAD Schroer before recently member of Britain’s manufacturing and packaging machinery Association (PPMA). We support the PPMA since the PPMA Show 2008,”said Anke Adams CAD schroer. This year we are joined. We want to contribute to the growing awareness of the manufacturer about the benefits of large-scale 3D planning of production lines, because the correct 3D pays quickly. He stands out from the competition, supports strong customer relationships and break communication barriers.” Video: MPDS4, software for the size-independent factory planning in use: the 45-minute webcast which machines, turnkey system providers and system integrators size-independent factory planning before. We show project planners as defined from the 2D-Grundrissen of their customers quickly 3D-Raumlichkeiten and E.g.

conveyor systems interactively can be moved, with other funding bodies or machinery connected in 2D or 3D and visualized with virtual tours in 3D,”explains Bill Wilkins, sales manager at CAD Schroer UK. “Among others, we show the auto-routing of pipelines and also how important is the collision detection in tight or safety-critical areas.” Learn more about the Fabrikplanungs software MPDS4: software/MPDS4/factory planning/pk/180 / the same tool: determines whether sales or technology is the Fabrikplanungs software MPDS4 both the sales and project engineering. Was from the standard catalogs can be placed quickly and flexibly, moved and connected. Impressive visualizations provide the basis for detailed planning, in the period which means great time savings in the order. Automatic collision check, BOM and 2D-Zeichnungs-Erstellung reduce the time, labor, and cost, ensure quality and avoid costly mistakes during the construction. CAD Schroer CAD Schroer is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions. Company of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and supplier industry, as well as the public utilities, energy and water management are its target market.

With several branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States the company presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. CAD Schroer’s product range includes solutions from the area of construction, plant construction, factory planning and data management. Companies in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA, MPDS and STHENO / PRO to move efficiently and flexibly in an integrated design environment between all phases of product or system development. In addition, customers are supported through services such as consulting, training, maintenance and technical support in achieving their goals. This and an individual customer care ensure higher competitiveness, lower costs and better quality.

Exquisite Glass Window With Bird Motifs

The new trend in interior design, animal motifs in glass immortalize beautiful and colorful, bird motifs look for stained glass Windows. You have a certain effect, a charisma. An aura. Enchant you, not only the space and the environment. No, you smiles when you shine sunlight through the colourful glass look. Our current winter temperatures and the drab gray landscape, doing so a small sea of colour in the window really good. Almost wellness for the soul. Bird motifs for Windows can be very individually according to customer specifications.

Sometimes on request, with a special kind of bird. The diversity of water birds, parrots or parakeets is almost unlimited. According to photos or original animals the birds can be elaborate drawings Stylize, where they still maintain their distinctive character. The original colors of the bird or be also quite colorful and abstract immortalized in glass. Filligrane bird motifs can be realized through the technology of the new type of stained glass. This leaded glass keeps the disc stable and has a higher safety aspect.

The combinations with flowers and branches in the various colours and design practices are popular. Sometimes it must be just a bit more. For the use of leaded glass in bathrooms or rooms where a screening is required, there is also a solution. In addition to the colour areas of the birds, the other clear glass surfaces can be easily tarnish and create an atmosphere protected from eyes and more private space. Where the effect of light and the colours remain as before. All colourful design, the technical factor not come yet. Here too, safety glasses, are used like laminated or tempered safety glass. The latest energy and heat protection regulations can be implemented. So, the window with bird motifs is not only safe and stable, but also energy-efficient. In the winter, the heat in the rooms remains. In the summer, with additional use of Sun protection glass, the full sun protection exists. The rooms are less overheating and conserve the plants on windowsills. More information about stained glass with bird motifs in stained glass Windows:…


Diskeeper Corporation Europe unveils new technology LONDON, October 11, 2011 Diskeeper Corporation Europe will next week from the 18th until October 20th as an exhibitor at the VMworld in the Bella Center in Copenhagen take part to introduce the new technologies there in the recent publication of its virtual platform optimisers V-locity 3 are included. At stand 8 is the Technical Director of Diskeeper Corporation Europe Spencer Allingham demonstrate how V-aware, CogniSAN and the automatic space reclamation tools it can use the new features, to eliminate excess I/OS and to maximize the use of memory bandwidth in the virtual environment, without having to compete for CPU or I/O resources other users or processes. The technical director Spencer Allingham commented: “virtualization is more exciting in the course of time. During the hardware to set up virtual environments for the real world ‘ always more economically (i.e. for other than test applications), it is still essential to maximize the investments of companies in technology.” V-locity 3 is now fully integrates with VMware ESXi, supports other platforms like ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer VMs and is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all virtual VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor platforms – and automatic, intelligent and understandable way. Spencer Allingham next: “V-Locity prevents not only the performance of individual virtual machines I/OS; the advantages are everywhere to be seen, the entire memory range through to the level of the storage area network (SAN).

Besides avoiding I/OS, that unnecessarily consume power, can accommodate a larger number of virtual machines in any hypervisor.” To sum up the Technical Director, says: “In today’s economic climate these advantages can be good for just only each data center. I look forward V-Locity at VMworld to, thus I these improved conditions so many virtualized data centers accessible do imagine can as possible.” About Diskeeper Corporation – innovators in performance and reliability technologies : Diskeeper Corporation is elite technical Alliance and Microsoft Gold competency ISV partner of VMware. CIOs, IT managers, and system administrators from global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 companies rely on Diskeeper corporations store performance software to their real and virtual systems of faster, more reliable, more durable and energy-efficient to make. Free trial versions and more information at. 2011 Diskeeper Corporation. All rights reserved. V-locity, V-aware, CogniSAN, and innovators in performance and reliability technologies are trademarks of Diskeeper Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

New Mediation Of Finca On Mallorca

Individual Finca or Agrotourismusferien mall individual Mallorca – your Mallorca who after Mallorca flies in the holiday, there looking for rest and relaxation, this experience is best on a Finca. Fincas and Majorca holiday houses offer the best and most romantic way, the holiday to make. The old Spanish country houses have been lovingly restored and modernised in order to meet the increased demands of the mostly German tourists on a holiday home in Mallorca. Almost all Mallorca Fincas, cottages and apartments today have a swimming pool, a barbecue area and are equipped with modern technology. Where it went, old romantic elements were of course retained and incorporated into the modern design; many Fincas have a fireplace of course, old stone walls and lovingly landscaped gardens or natural olive groves and citrus trees. A family Fincaurlaub in the Balearic Islands is exciting especially for children, because a Finca can be raged without interruption and in the near Environment we see animals such as chickens, goats, and sheep – something that city people know hardly still live.

A Finca of mall-orca.demit benefits for her family vacation on a Finca on Mallorca brings many advantages over a traditional hotel vacation on Mallorca: on the swimming pool can be grilled, you need to reserve any concerns and to plan meal times individually. Enjoy your Mallorcan wine as the sun sets in the evening on your private terrace! Can you imagine the following ambience in a tourist information center: wakes up in the morning you with the chirping of birds on and in the evening you can watch the starry sky? Rather not. You will experience this at a Finca holiday. Up close and undisturbed. The car quickly everywhere at Finca holiday usually a car is necessary because the old fincas are often in the Interior of the country. A Finca in reaching the fine sandy beaches of Mallorca but often in a few minutes.

The Mummy

The test is performed at atmospheric venues, located outdoors on the roof of a building or on the ground. Types of pigments. The most widely used inorganic pigments, they are divided into natural and artificial. Natural relatively few, they are extracted from the earth and in its natural form ready for consumption. They are inferior to the artificial brightness and color, but cheap, harmless and very resistant to weathering. Natural mineral pigments. Chalk – white powder. Consists mainly of calcium carbonate (CCO3).

It is used in water based paints and putty. The Mummy – red, with brown tint pigment. Is an aluminosilicate, colored with iron oxides. Applies to all forms of communication. Minium iron – brownish-red color, represents a floured into a fine powder and iron ore in the main mass consists of iron oxide (78 – 85%). Different light – and atmosferotoykostyu. Ochre – yellow pigment, consisting of clay, painted 10-25% solution of Fe2O3.

Cheap and durable pigment. Umbra – brown, green-tinged color, contains 50% iron oxide and MnO. Siena – temnozhelty, the composition of aluminosilicate containing 45-70% iron oxide. Burnt Sienna has a brown color. Cinnabar – mercury sulphide. It occurs as the mineral red. Bauxite (from white to red) consists mainly of aluminum hydroxide. Characterized by a high weather resistance, lightfastness and covering power. Pyrolusite (black to steel-gray) consists of peroxide of manganese. Water used for production of dye formulations. Graphite – dark gray mineral consisting of carbon. Used to cover oryachih metal surfaces. Synthetic mineral pigments. White pigments. Zinc white – to represent the composition of zinc oxide with small amounts of impurities. These white apply for both domestic and for exterior. They have good light – and weather. Spreading rate – no more than 100-110 g / sq.m., Koeffetsient reflection – 99.7%. Lithopone white – a fine powder – a product of deposition from a solution mixture of ZnSO4 and BSO4.

Portable Discs

Keys USB are not another thing more than the good well-known Pendrive. It is a storage device, this means that it owns a flash memory, that allows to store great amount him of data and to conserve them even though it is not connected. He is extrable and it has a compact format, small and more and more practical, that it makes portable extremely. This memory USB is connected and disconnected of any equipment, is regrabable and worked exactly like any space of storage of its computer. It can keep until several gigas at the moment from data, with as much capacity, that up is very useful to conserve its archives in the form of back, and to protect important information surely. On the other hand, the last plates mothers are prepared to start with keys USB, this we can initiate an operating system from ours pendrive, using memory USB as disc. Extremely useful for those who want to recover the information of an enslaved disc without having to format it nor to particionar it, or for those users of free soft who wish to take their surroundings of work a where they go.

Often it happens, in the place of work and the home, that we needed to leave the computer ignited, but we do not want that another person has the possibility of acceding to the documents that we are using or the windows that we have open while we are absent. To extinguish or to suspend the computer is a valid option, but a little uncomfortable. If it has a memory USB, this task long ago simpler him, using his pendrive like key USB and the aid of a specific software to protect the privacy of his computer.

The Digital Gauntlet

Omnitronic sets a new standard for the market of low-priced double-CD player in the entertainment field with the now available CMP-1200. In the future the products of competitors on the high-quality drives, clearly structured optics and its precise as brilliant touch of the CMP-1200 must you can measure. The player shines with sensitive, colored deposited rubber keys and a very fine running and just working JogDial with mode choice (fast or frame-accurate search). Also the signal processors of the CMP-1200 convince with a superb time of 10 milliseconds. They also offer an Antishock capacity of 10 seconds per drive. So, title can be played within a very short time and the player is safe against shocks at any time. The reliable software of the CMP-1200 lets you play all MP3 formats with constant or variable bitrate. It also offers an automatic beat counter (switchable to manual mode) as well as a seamless loop/Reloop function.

The pitch can be for targeted manipulation of sound material between 4%, 8%, 16%, 100% (MP3-CD up to 16%) switch. Optionally this tempo lock (main tempo) be enabled to maintain the pitch also if you change the playback speed. Mixing two songs thus becomes child’s play! All important parameters are easy to read from either alphanumeric LC display at any time. The presence of basic features such as pitch bend, relay function, Fader start and digital output at the CMP 1200 of course of course. The Omnitronic CMP-1200 is now available in the classic colors of black and silver. Music for the ears.

Whether it’s CD player, turntable, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones or radio systems: OMNITRONIC opens the doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place for 15 years. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and State of the art technology.

Powder Coatings

At the turn of 60-70 years of the twentieth century came a fundamentally new kind of paints and varnishes – powder paint. Impetus to the emergence and spread of powder paints were of excellent quality: non-waste technology coatings (paints almost complete recovery in powder coating, their return to the production cycle), the relative simplicity and economy of the technological process of coating (usually applied one layer instead of two or three, as when applying liquid paints), ease of automation of painting works, which contributes to a sharp increase in labor productivity, the application of powder coatings can reduce energy consumption in the production of coatings by 20-40% compared to the use of liquid paint, lowering the degree of fire and explosion hazards of production, good performance of the coatings that go beyond the physical and chemical properties of coatings prepared from liquid paints, environmental considerations – in the absence of organic solvents, paints and other volatile substances and, consequently, the absence of their release into the atmosphere from the point of protection for the environment the application of powder paints, solvent-free, has a clear advantage: no need to install expensive to clean polluted air, the effective electrostatic application of polymer powder paint provides a low level of losses. We can say that the environmental benefits of the equipment for powder polymer paint lead to economic, that is not only help reduce pollution, but also bring considerable savings to the consumer (reduced working space, reduced consumption of materials – Utilization of powder coatings over 97%)..

Oil Colors

Such a cleaning regime helps to ensure optimal micro removal of all water suspensions and dissolved trace elements, and dissolved trace elements that are necessary for the human body are in treated drinking water. Thus, the purified water through a membrane filter Nerox track has no harmful elements to the human body and is living water, rich in dissolved trace elements helpful, which makes it taste similar to spring water. Household nerox filter from Simferopol, in contrast to the back of osmotic membranes reserves the right trace elements and minerals in the filtered water. That water filter nerox became the first membrane filter household, which was used this technology. Most importantly, the quality of the filtering during operation will not deteriorate before finalizing the resource of the filter. This will be an indispensable household filter and easy to use as a simple home, and on the march, cottage or fishing. Rules of operation of the filter Nerox: Hang or set the container contained therein is untreated water to the 0.7 m-1, 5 m above the tank itself, which is designed to collect the filtered water. Immerse in a bowl of raw water Household Water Filter nerox.

After 10-20 minutes filter Nerox filled with water and run. Accelerate the auto-filter the water through the tube may be using a light suction. Then you need to omit the container for purified water free end of the tube, after which Simferopol nerox filter will be ready to use. The effectiveness of the filter Nerox: Vibrio cholerae ….. 100% E. coli Salmonella …..

………. 100% 100%; Pesticides ……… … 100% Heavy metals ……. 85% ……… 95% Oil Color …………. 80% Turbidity …….. …… 90% Radionuclides ……….. 50% Aluminum-90-100% Iron 2-stretching 87% Iron 3 stretching 100%; Arsenic -90 -100%. You can filter Nerox buy in our online store, make a reservation =>


Sunday arrived, good day pra to lunch in one shopping and to amend with cinema. I chose Shopping D, in the Tiet Delinquent. Arriving bonanza late (costumo to lunch enters 11:30 and 12h, but already he was 13h), I was idiot with the stranger slope in screw for the parking of shopping. But, all good, surpassed obstacle. The lunch options were not inside of what I would like and finished opting to a bithread of Chinese food. Different system: instead of you to catch the food and regret later, paid R$ 8,90 and they make the plate (in portions pra there of generous) of the item that to choose.

All good, accepted the sacrifice, nothing to leave food sobrando. Findo the lunch, bought ingression already, I enter in the room to attend ' ' The Albergue' '. It must have one 6 people, only seated back in the high one. I decided to be in the fifth row, good of front to the screen. How beauty, the empty cinema! Nothing of adolescent making coarse joke, nothing of people racket eating popcorn, cellular, etc. had bought a bottle d' water and I was there, relaxing The film it started.

Legal, scenes of sex with beautiful women! Well interesting Despertou the desire to know the east European. But, the film goes uncurling, the shady thing happening, images, scenes of explicit carnage, shouts, vomit, blood, meat, etc., start to feel stranger to me. What it would be happening? How giddiness! Terrible bother, meeting position pra not to seat, to close the eyes does not advance. Pra to get worse, I drank much water, will to make pee I go to vomit, does not have skill! Better to pay the mico to leave running the cinema, with everybody thinking that not aguentei the heavy scenes of the film. Late excessively! It does not go to give, the skill is to vomit here same and to close the Cinemark It runs! It is not so far from the exit! I leave running, slip here and acol, the vomit already force ticket, staggering, coil for the stairs, I raise quickly of new The people already must be more haunted with the reality that with the film I run in direction to the corridor and give of face, in the dark one, with the door closed! Idiot, this is the entrance! I come back, feeling the vomit flavor sour, almost vomiting for the soil! I obtain to estagnar the flow when, breu in it total, meeting the emergency exit.