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Metal has accumulated a few bucks, and decided to build his "hatinku" – certainly not as the oligarchs, but yet I with a beautiful metal, fronted zemelkoy! I wish that my family was no worse than their neighbors. True, the house close ranks near Kiev, so it is "no worse", according to my calculations, I had to pour in 45-50 thousand evergreen American tugrigkov. By calculating the available construction budget price, asks the question: is it possible to save? Gaze fell, primarily on kryshu.Metallocherepitsa informed decision for the roof Since I have some experience in construction, in the first place, thinking about the supply chain of metal – there is producer, is a wholesale store that provides large quantities, then – kryshniki working with retail, ie with me. In this case there are links between all the transportation costs, taxes and margins for all this is, after all, should I pay the price – the buyer of the metal roof. Certainly, the question arose – could, well, it, this roof? In the sense – without a roof in any way, but the change of water over the roofing material and roofing system seriously pondered. After a couple of hours studying the characteristics of different roof (asphaltic material type bipol, Technoelast, etc.) yet again returned to the metal. This product meets my needs as a future resident (roofing material must be safe, pleasing to the eye and on the "long century"), as the builder (it should be economically, efficiently, at low cost cost of laying), and both the buyer (the ratio of the cost of functionality.) With such cost and price / quality ratio analogues to replace metal was not found. Well, not the same slate lozhit, indeed! Although the same evroshifer also been investigated as an alternative. It is good that the weighs a little – about 6 kg single sheet (size 2×0, 94M), with such a list is required of all 20 nails for fastening.

Wall Alignment. Secrets Of The Right Technology

The alignment of the walls is made in several ways. 1.1. Simple alignment of the walls. Usually performed without placing beacons and without removing the walls in the vertical. This method is used most often with little deviation from the vertical walls, and only in consultation with the customer. However, this method of leveling walls need to align the corners, because if uneven corners Wallpapering is substandard.

Alignment angles made by the planes at 50 cm from each side of the corner. In this case it is not necessary that the angles are straight – under 90 degrees. Often, internal, and external walls and partitions are not perpendicular relation to each other. The deviations are very large. And if you do the corners straight to the end of the wall on which is the alignment angle of 90 degrees – the thickness of plaster can reach 15-20cm. It is necessary to you? 1.2.Vyravnivanie walls on the beacons.

The alignment of the walls of beacons used in the strong rejection of the walls – both vertically and horizontally. It is better to use beacons minimum thickness. The costs will be plaster mixes minimal. The most important rule at this way alignment – display of lighthouses. To achieve the necessary quality, before exhibiting at the four corners of lighthouses line the walls, mounted screws. They string is attached, in compliance with relevant parties on both horizontally and vertically. String in this case plays the role of guide to the lighthouses. Lighthouses are placed vertically. The next day after placing beacons can be produce direct alignment of the walls. And, of course, before each stage of plastering work must be carried on dust control and dirt surfaces. In this method of alignment interior angles are obtained even. Not necessarily straight at 90 degrees, and it even. It provides quality wallpapering corners. As a general rule, repair of offices of St. Petersburg requires an alignment of the walls. 1.3.Zashivka gypsum plasterboard walls. This method is used in 2 cases: – the walls are not subject to the equalization formula because of the very large deviations. – If the walls need to provide architectural excesses (niches, ledges, etc.). Rooms' walls gypsum plasterboard is carried out on pre-exposed framework of the relevant giprochnyh profiles. It should be remembered that in addition to frame rails on the ceiling and floor, must be attached to the wall by means of suspension (for stiffness). Professionals know how to correctly do the job. With this method, the alignment should provide for installation of gypsum plasterboard under the mortgage (these will then be mounted hanging furniture, TV, etc.) by itself is not gypsum plasterboard withstand heavy loads. So Bonds is necessary to provide and install necessary. Successful repair!

September Time

To put strips of hairpin roofing material, timber and tightened his nuts. Studs have a diameter of 12 mm and placed in increments of about 1 m. It would be possible to use thicker and studs – 14 mm and 16 mm. Would have been more firmly established. On the east and west sides, where we have the strongest winds are blowing, the studs are arranged more densely – in increments of 60-70 cm in the future mauerlat supposed to wrap up the roofing material and bring the wall Samana. Once we started doing mauerlat went heavy rains. Adobe wall height of two full floors stood under the open sky, covered with small scraps of film, and the rain poured and poured all, almost without ceasing. This turned out to be a rainy month for the first time in my memory.

The walls from top to get slightly wet, the water seeped to the first floor and began to soak adobe piers, which were bearing beams. Nerves were on edge. Website weather at that time had become a favorite, but it pleased us a little. The days when the rain is only slightly drizzle began to be working. I wanted to firmly close the walls of the roof as quickly as possible. In fact, rain fell for three weeks. During this time, actually managed to work most days 5. In September, we managed to do just overlap of the second floor and cover with pieces of vinyl.

The rain had ceased to be so terrible – was already on the walls, though temporary, but the canopy. It was then that nature had mercy on us, it's warm and sunny denechki. Roof frame grew, mood was rising, and I even was able to continue to plaster exterior walls. The roof beam was used ordinary 5o15 see elements attached together using metal plates and screws. Mikkel Svane is full of insight into the issues.

Processing Materials

Therefore, no claim to full accuracy, but only for readability, we divide all paint materials for the processing and protection wood surfaces and products to the following groups: special protective materials * varnishes * tinting compositions * paint. Angel investor addresses the importance of the matter here. Special protective materials are intended primarily to protect the exterior surfaces of adverse environmental impact. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mashable. Although the need to protect both external and internal wood surfaces. These special materials can be divided into two broad categories: antiseptics and flame retardants. A wood preservative – it is a special chemical substance, which has antimicrobial and antifungal (anti) effect. Antiseptics used to protect wood from biological enemies, should be persistent, do not absorb moisture and are not washed away by water. In addition, they should be relatively safe for humans and animals, shall not release toxic substances during operation and odors, and do not hinder the subsequent processing or painting wooden surfaces.

Currently, widespread water-soluble antiseptics, as well as compositions, where the diluent used white spirit, at least – turpentine. There preservatives and oil-based, such as creosote, which is impregnated railroad ties, but such compounds has a strong unpleasant odor. Antiseptic treatment of wood materials and products can be produce at the factory by impregnating baths, under pressure or at the construction site during the installation or finishing. For example, the Danish solid wood parquet hardwood JUNCKERS first dried in special chambers under high pressure, and moisture content in solid wood is reduced to zero. Then the tree throughout the depth of antiseptic impregnated, through this wood gets artificial moisture 5-7%. In the case of antiseptics and preservatives in finishing work to maximize the protective effect of the whole should produce a protective timber treatment after Planing, milling, drilling and stripping, but before assembly of wooden parts in the product. Under the influence of precipitation, and UV-untreated wood, originally having a white-yellow, gradually begins to turn gray and chip.

Pipe Installation

Installation of water For floor heating installation floor heating system of water you ponadobitsyTruba tap – which has very good flexibility, such as metal pipes, as well as the pipe must withstand temperatures 95 or coolant reservoir vyshe.Raspredelitelny (comb) – depending on the number of rooms or the floor heating loops should contain a definition of the number of outlets. The same distribution collector can be fitted simply adjusting stop valves or flow meters have to automatically adjust or disable a particular branch of the warm pola.Uplotnitel – commonly used solid foam to protect the pipe from damage to the concrete osnovaniem.Otrazhatel – designed to prevent loss tepla.Dempfernaya tape – as a warm floor is subject to thermal expansion the main floor covering, such as floor tiles, it is necessary to protect it from damage. For the installation of underfloor heating water only one or two people with the necessary skills. Once you have decided on the number of circuits heating floor heating and a place to install the distribution manifold, you are ready for installation of floor heating. Having laid damping tape on the perimeter of the room, laid with sealant, and on top of a reflector, a place nahlestav reflector, held together with tape. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro .

And since the base for rolling the pipe we have done. The next step should be reeling out and laying pipe. Pipe can be rolled in two versions – a snake or spiral. Important to remember that delivery pipe should alternate with the outlet pipe, thus you are assured an even temperature throughout the floor. If there was reeling out the pipe without rotation, is facing the fact that one part of the floor located on the feed pipe will be warmer than the part of the floor under the outlet pipe. Another important fact is that the total pipe length of each circuit should not exceed 120m. Better room divided into several contours, rather than roll out a large length of pipe. After the installation of pipes, note that there are no creases on the pipes, as it will negatively affect the future, and whether fixed pipe across the floor area, or raising of the pipe will cause the filling to increase the thickness of the layer. Using materials reference is obligatory santehnik.okis.ru

Savings Money

And if the glass in the center line of heat transfer between panes prevents air gap, then the edges, where the frame (marginal zone), insulation is minimal. This is an area usually falls and condensation. Therefore, if intelligently approach the selection of the glass, then the thickness of the profile can be save, that is, You can safely take the 3-chamber. Replacing the aluminum frame in the pane on the plastic, we can partially solve the problem kondensatoobrazovaniya in the marginal zone. In addition, a white plastic frame has aesthetic appearance than metal. The difference in price is not much tangible – the window go up about 150 rubles.

Without dwelling on this, go ahead. Technological advances now allow us to improve the insulation properties of the glass – we use it. Order a double-glazed windows with so-called top-coating. What is it? This is – a very thin layer of silver oxide on one of the glass inside the glass. Due to their properties, such coverage reflects the cold (longwave) radiation from the street back to the street, passing into the warm (short wave). In summer the hot weather top-coating is the opposite role: does not pass into the warm rays, keeping cool in the home. On energy-efficient light transmission glass top-coat effect is small and visually almost imperceptibly (outside you can see a bluish tint glass.) Heat loss from glass top th reduced by 10-15%. In this window going up by only 200-250 rubles.

Thus, ordering a plastic window, you can save the profile (3-chamber instead of the 5-chamber), a little spent on the plastic frame and top-coated in insulating glass units. Savings Money, however, is not very big – about 500 rubles a single window, but the payoff will be as significant. By the way, top-coating can be applied to not one but two glass pane. In this case, the heat will drop more more. It is important that when installing windows installers sorienirovali correctly. This can be easily controlled by the labels on the glazing: Pay attention, there should be an inscription – "side of the room." In general, many of the secrets of measuring, installation, adjustment and finishing of plastic windows can be found on related sites oknosam.ru

Wiring Repair – Causes And Remedy

Typically, electrical (copper wire) initially has a long service life and therefore never by itself does not terminate and does not close. 60 per cent of cases, all the faults in the wiring occur in the joints wires between them. These places may be: Raspayachnye boxes; Electric (connection wires to the current device, the zero-bus); Breakers (place sample sconces and chandeliers); Connect the wires in the sockets (sockets are train) Defective wiring can cause a mechanical action in the field of drilling, chiseling the walls, installing baseboards, sample pictures, chandeliers and other things that can affect the faulty electrical wiring. In 20 percent of the electrical fault is due to the circuit or an open electrical wiring in the wall panels. This is due to the large electrical load.

If the unit of protective disable (RCD) properly, and correctly selected, the machine must limit the load of electric networks by means of his trip. Circuit or open outlet can also be associated with crumbling, old aluminum wires, or if you simply banal filled neighbors. Typically, this type of failure can, is associated with defective wiring on which to work, "Hill electricians." Was paved or not damaged Certified wire were produced without connection wires raspayachnyh boxes, poor attachment of the wire. This is the most difficult type of fault, since slotting Linked to walls, ceilings, etc. After removing this failures have something to cover up, repaint or glue, that is wasting time and money on redecorating. Initially, to determine fault in the electrical conductivity must be visually to examine the presence of carbon in the darkening and sockets, switches, chandeliers.

Perhaps the problem is with a mechanical (drilling walls, installing baseboards, etc.). Then look at the electrical panel and make sure that all automatic shut-off device (RCD), leading to the apartment included. For troubleshooting, you can use one of the above electrical measuring instruments: tester, voltmeter, AC current, a screwdriver-phase indicator or probe consisting of a light bulb screwed into the socket is connected to two lengths of wire insulation in vinyl.

Painting A Surface

Where to start? You start with the fact that the paint and the painted surface in terms of physical and chemical properties must be compatible with each another. Each facade material for best results requires its own color. Before starting the work necessary to determine the type of surface and analyze its condition, because the surface characteristics determine the requirements for one or another form of paints and varnishes. For example, for the concrete surfaces of paint used must be weather-and alkali-resistant, for timber – water-resistant, Elastic and non-combustible, for metal – are necessary corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. In addition, if the surface has been previously painted, then it is necessary to determine the composition of old paint.

If they are not compatible, the result may turn out the most unpredictable. Once defined the type of surface, it is very important to evaluate quality and to prepare the base before applying the cladding coating. Training surface includes the cleaning, degreasing, hardening impregnation, finishing leveling, and in conclusion – the opaque coating primer to equalize the color and improve the adhesion (bond) to paint. It should be remembered that the only good-quality surface preparation will provide a quality finished surface. It is known that the appearance and durability of facade coatings depend on: 60% – from surface preparation; 10-15% – of the correctness of the paint; 25-30% – on the quality of the paint itself.

Selecting the type of facade paints for exterior paint binder divided into three groups: acrylic paint, silicate paint, latex and silicone paint. To date, the world's leading paint facade materials are acrylic coatings – paints, primers, enamels, fillers. The main advantages of acrylic materials – durable and reliable protection of covered surfaces. It is worth to underline the fact that the acrylic coating (unlike oil, alkyd, silicone, etc.) and has the ability to flexibly "Breathe".

The Mummy

The test is performed at atmospheric venues, located outdoors on the roof of a building or on the ground. Types of pigments. The most widely used inorganic pigments, they are divided into natural and artificial. Natural relatively few, they are extracted from the earth and in its natural form ready for consumption. They are inferior to the artificial brightness and color, but cheap, harmless and very resistant to weathering. Natural mineral pigments. Chalk – white powder. Consists mainly of calcium carbonate (CCO3).

It is used in water based paints and putty. The Mummy – red, with brown tint pigment. Is an aluminosilicate, colored with iron oxides. Applies to all forms of communication. Minium iron – brownish-red color, represents a floured into a fine powder and iron ore in the main mass consists of iron oxide (78 – 85%). Different light – and atmosferotoykostyu. Ochre – yellow pigment, consisting of clay, painted 10-25% solution of Fe2O3.

Cheap and durable pigment. Umbra – brown, green-tinged color, contains 50% iron oxide and MnO. Siena – temnozhelty, the composition of aluminosilicate containing 45-70% iron oxide. Burnt Sienna has a brown color. Cinnabar – mercury sulphide. It occurs as the mineral red. Bauxite (from white to red) consists mainly of aluminum hydroxide. Characterized by a high weather resistance, lightfastness and covering power. Pyrolusite (black to steel-gray) consists of peroxide of manganese. Water used for production of dye formulations. Graphite – dark gray mineral consisting of carbon. Used to cover oryachih metal surfaces. Synthetic mineral pigments. White pigments. Zinc white – to represent the composition of zinc oxide with small amounts of impurities. These white apply for both domestic and for exterior. They have good light – and weather. Spreading rate – no more than 100-110 g / sq.m., Koeffetsient reflection – 99.7%. Lithopone white – a fine powder – a product of deposition from a solution mixture of ZnSO4 and BSO4.

Siena Rouge Royal White

Decorative painting has a millennial history. Still living in caves, our ancestors sought to decorate their home designs and color images. Methods of decorative painting developed and updated at different the historical periods, reflecting their characteristic fashion trends and preferences. Decorative plaster and paint is relevant even today. Therefore, possession of decorative painting techniques is important advantage of the professional master painter. MramorSovremennye Tikkurila paints make it possible to easily and inexpensively achieve accurate simulation of stone or wood.

These effects are widely used in interior restaurants, cafeterias, institutions, offices, public and private buildings and homes. Marbling involves knowledge and skill to stone – a heavy and expensive, the use of which is often technically difficult or even impossible. Still, with the paint can create a whole marble walls, complex in form arches, obelisks and ornaments, original combination of different types of stones, even on the same wall, and all this can be make use of – hammer enamel. The earliest, painted marble surfaces were found during excavations of ancient Egypt and Pompeii. In the XVIII century mramorirovanie used extensively in interior painting and church temples rich aristocratic homes. In the XIX century mramorirovanie experiencing strong rise in France, which have created new methods for the time marbling.

The most popular types of marble that becomes the object of mramorirovaniya, at the time were white Kararsky, yellow and red Siena Rouge Royal. From malaria-masters required knowledge of various kinds of marble and their specific characteristics, it is impossible to create a nice marble effect only simple copying of a separate pattern piece of marble. Information about the origin of marble is important because it helps to understand its structure, which, for its part, helps to recreate it figure on the decorated surface. And to this day remains in force is generally recommended before the start mramorirovaniyu more deeply acquainted with the origin of the marble, the specifics of certain types of marble, imbued with its domestic natural rhythm and music in color. According to their origin rocks are divided into igneous, sedimentary (brass sediment), and metamorphic. Metamorphic rocks are the result of recrystallization under high pressure and temperature. Marble (from the Greek marmaros means ‘shining stone’) – crystal-grained metamorphic carbonate rocks, the product recrystallization of limestone or dolomite. By the color of marbles are divided into white and colored (pink, yellow, gray, blue, greenish, reddish, black, brown, and various combinations of these colors.) Colored marbles characteristic of the presence of veins, which are cracks filled with natural cement. Modern paint for walls makes it possible to achieve the perfect marble effect using relatively simple techniques and instruments. In this journal we acquaint the reader with the methodology of play Kararskogo marble. Kararsky marble – the most popular type of marble marble Kararsky mined mainly in Italy and is best used in construction and decoration of the type of marble. Color Kararskogo marble usually light, although it varies from almost white to dark gray. Marble surface, made Tikkurila acrylate paints, non-yellowing and maintains its pure light color for many years. Bright marble Kararsky best played on the white basis. As a primer under acrylic paints and varnishes are recommended primer or adhesive primer Helmy Oteks.