The Magic

The perfect cabrona manual. Why men love the Magica. Gentlemen prefer gross. Up on many issues has become way of thinking popular with highs such as the following:-men are cold, egocentric by nature aceptalo and aguantate. -Do not claim. Don’t give them so many explanations. The magic word is you’re right – gives you space.

Do not call much. You should see your not afraid to be without the – No seas very sentimental. Not the tell much that you want it. Don’t let the see you having a bad time. -Offer a mental – challenged it follow not will Etc etc etc. Promising us then that if we follow this tactical strategic war get a man that drop surrendered and amazed at your feet, by the cunning slut you are, by the cabrona que eres.

Never have tried this do?? Do you never get trying to be cold and distant?, not to call, and as magically that robot practical and romantic anti turns towards you as a confused and innocent man who Gaius on your networks? And das assumes that the tips really work us the Magica us be blessed!. I’ve done it, and in some ways they have worked me wonderfully when it has been implemented, but developing this theme a little more beyond, does not are we women losing two very important points of view? Doing all this wonderful strategic tactics of conquest; being cold, distant, little communication are we happy? Women by nature have a high capacity for communication, are very expressive, doomed to processes, retailers. Is suppress this, adapt, healthy? Is a weakness of our being emotional, intense, talkative? It is worth changing this to get a man, and here comes something that makes me shudder like a rock, we are thus finding a man but do of what kind? Vale la pena, drown your own nature by getting someone who if you were authenticated you not endure and why have to disguise? I have met thousands of women that following these tips repress many behaviors that is normal among us women.