A vacant idea to carry through a course in the modality in the distance is more easy of what also exists in the actual modality it can be influenced by factors as the convenience of the pupil in stipulating its schedules one of the characteristics of the EAD. Although the modality in the distance allows to greater flexibility of schedules, in case that it does not have establishment of alternated moments, but constant, of access to the course and elaboration of the materials, can imply accumulations of tasks that, in the impossibility to be carried through in the established stated period, lead to the desistance of the course. The pupils who make courses in the distance, had generally presented difficulties in the interaction process; how much to the fulfilment of the stated periods for accomplishment of activities; had affirmed that they feel lack of bigger contact with the professor. The function of the professor is based, over all, in the search to surpass the difficulties of the pupils with the specific content, being articulated alternative to facilitate the learning process, as much at the actual moments how much in the virtual environment. Moreover, it has the attribution to establish relations that favor the learning through the different medias proposals – video, virtual environment, CD-ROM, material printed matter, etc. Another present agent in courses in EAD is the tutor, who possesss paper to promote the interaction and the relationship of the participants. A series of abilities is presented by Mayan (2002, p.13) Technological ability – domain technician enough to act with naturalness, agility and aptitude in the environment that it is using. She is necessary to be an user of the net resources, to know sites of search and research, to use e-mails, to know netiqueta, to participate of lists and fruns of quarrel, to have been mediating in some group (e-group).