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Digital Assistant

Laptop computers laptops, also called simply laptops, or portable computers are personal computers easily transportable, able to perform almost the same functions as desktop computers. Laptops have many advantages, and by its portability, small dimensions, performance, functionality and lowering have moved in many tasks to your desktop, both domestic and professional. Types the expression laptops is a generic name that includes any device which can be classified as personal computer and supports mobile use. There are several kinds of laptops: laptop (laptop or notebook): perform the same functions as conventional computers (13-17 inches). Portable gaming (gaming laptop): laptop with desktop gaming performance, tend to be expensive and exclusive (17 inches or more). Portable desktop (desknote): notebook large power with desktop (17 inches or more) specifications. NetBook (sub-portatil): they have the same functions as a laptop, only that are smaller and lighter (10-12 inches). Tablet PC: it consists of a touch screen without a keyboard that contains a laptop computer (5-10 inches).

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, personal digital assistant): it has most of the functions of a laptop but they are mainly oriented to electronic calendar and personal organizer, being one of its most important functions synchronization with personal computers (2.5-3.5 inches). Smart phone (smartphone): are mobile phones that also offer numerous functions of a personal computer, as a web browser, multimedia players, touch screen, e-mail, games and possibility to install applications (2.5-3.5 inches). Features see some important features of notebook computers: equipment: hard drive capacity, processor, RAM memory, graphics card, sound card, reader/engraver of DVD, webcam, speakers, microphone, GPS, fingerprint reader. Screen: the size and characteristics of the display condition functionality of the device. Touch and multi-touch screens are very common. Dimensions and weight: laptops portability is a critical factor. Connectivity: is convenient having the greater possible connectivity, as USB port, FireWire, card reader, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3 g Software: operating system is of great importance, having large differences in performance and functionality between them. There is great diversity: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry battery: autonomy is a very important feature in laptops.

There are many types of batteries: rechargeable, replaceable, replaceable hot, supports standard batteries. Accessories laptop computers allow the use of various accessories that improve the usability, the functionality or ergonomics: Media: raising the height, modify the inclination, favor the cooling and improve the position of your hands. External keyboard: facilitates the task of writing long documents, since it is difficult to write some words in tiny or virtual keyboards for many laptops. External mouse: increases the usability of laptops, since they improve the interaction with respect to the touchpad. (Docking): many laptops have as a base option or station docking that adds functionalities of connectivity, ergonomics or battery recharge. Source: Laptops

Open Doors

God wants you to open big doors and wants you to be successful in everything that you do, but you will not manage it if you’re not in front of people thanks the King is pleased in honest lips; he appreciates who speaks the truth. Proverbs 16 (NIV) was some years working exclusively in the technical service of computers and something that felt when visiting new customers was that the majority had attitude of mistrust, thought that somehow it would them defraud charging them more or exaggerating the work, I learned that in technical services weighs much confidence and people seek honesty as something essential.When I toward a diagnosis of computers trying to explain to people in a way the most possible clear which was the problem and possible solutions and always advised them what suited them more. He worked with fear of God and honesty and gaining what she believed right in each job. While in this room I realized that the majority of technicians exaggerated diagnoses and charged fairly high the prices.People perceive sooner or lack of transparency; and the fact speak with complete honesty generated a grace in me, then me returning customers to call and to recommend, as well was that my work is multiplied in a surprising way. Lugo of a time when I had to leave that job by another activity was to my clients and they lamented much and I was asked please continue giving them service, because had won me his trust. Conclusion? Honesty is the largest business for your life, grace, the kind words, good treatment and transparency makes you generate excellent relations, makes that large doors open to you. I realized how some lose opportunities only for being pushy, aggressive, captivating and poorly spoken. Even if you’re very skillful and endowed with great talents, you will close many doors for having bad attitudes.It is ultimately your heart is like Jesus, to do the work of God on all sides, no matter if they were from the Church or wherever, the truth of your life is view in the occult, in the things that you do when nobody sees you.I read that 80% of the managerial problems in the companies is by the treatment between persons, by problems of human relations, not by the capacity of employees, managers have much in mind the skill that a person has to relate with others and do not generate conflicts.

Network Marketing

Another cause of failure in Network Marketing is that we don’t know to properly choose a company which linked, perhaps some bind to the first option they have without a prior analysis, must be taken care of business of pyramid scheme, those who make money without paying a service without offering a product, you must observe the path of your choice company, and is that if you have reliability you can learn something from it in the search engines, why resort to information, at least for Google search. One reason more of MLM failure, is not to create a plan of action, is not having a goal or defined goals, is to believe we should just link to a very good company, that we know if this still thrives in other people, and that the rest will be only, however the reality teaches us to be disciplined, to consult and trainclarifying any doubts with our upline, with our sponsors, because of insurance as well as you’re now an apprentice, you’ll soon be master, your downline will resort to you for help and collaboration and is that you a feature of the Network Marketing is teamwork. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ali Partovi on most websites. A last appearance in this the theme of why many people fail in MLM?, is the product that you have to link you to the company, looks at its usefulness, frequency of use, its quality, its demand in the market, its price, you must find whatever possible great deals for your customers and prospects, that they think it may be an unbeatable competitive offera single option. I encourage you to strive in your MLM business, and I wish you great success in online business. Original author and source of the article

Johannes Gutenberg

When it was invented the film thought that nobody else would read because all could see and hear, without greater efforts by the spectators. But the book survived. When he began television thought an imminent end because of a medium where you can see, hear and pass feel, all at the same time. But the book survived. Later homes were flooded by videotape machines and so the book should become a museum item be rescheduled within a few years.

But the book survived and even have failed to condemn him to exile the multimedia, the internet and all the technological advances. The question is: until when will resist? It is not yet known but nobody should hurry in issuing death certificate. It is likely that the format change as it did when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press: the world saw a dramatic change. We went from an unwieldy, manuscript book and which only they could access a few privileged, to another better designed and diagrammed and, best of all, within reach of a greater number of people. Maybe we have to prepare ourselves for another change, and in a few years we will have digital editions in which we can navigate without any difficulty: and much attention, because a difficulty, and big digital books currently on the market, is the eyestrain that produce the reader.

Correcting this problem we will have a new form of the book but not his replacement and, much less, their disappearance. The books will remain good travel companions; friends of every occasion; teachers trust; thesis of which dissent. They contain the wisdom of the ages and the convictions of all intellectuals. Enclose to them always will be an act of intelligence and forget them will, at least, a regrettable decision. If you are of those who wish to fall again for reading or reaffirm their good reader habits, we humbly present the following tips: forget that reading is subject for scholars or boring people.

Urban Centre

The 163 hectares that delimit the urban center of the city of Malaga have been inscribed in the catalog General historical Andalusian heritage, with the typology of historic.New value for the urban centre of Malaga is is a summary historical and evolutionary city, for a period of three thousand years, since it was founded in the VIII A.C. and located between two landforms that historically determined the settlement: the Gibralfaro mountain and the River Guadalmedina. All this has contributed to the Government Council of the Junta de Andalucia to take this decision which makes summary of the historical evolution of the city from its Phoenician Foundation until the expansion of the 19th century. The center of the city, very close to the Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, presents an overlay of traces of the passage of different civilizations: Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Arab, modern and contemporary. For this reason, it is rich in monumental quality, with exponents such as the Cathedral, Custom, the Jewish quarter, the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba, the Rector of the University, in the Paseo del Parque and the Cistercian Street.

Eastman Kodak Company

There are images that will transport you to other lives elsewhere, to other souls even photographs that transfer you the feeling of the moment in which they were taken, as if while the sights were aware of belonging to that common story that we all share and something you removiese you on the inside that is precisely what happens when you look at the photographic archive of the Claverol Foundation. Joseph and Valenti Claverol, father and son respectively, are considered the first Andorran photographers, even the latter UNESCO Picasso received in 1998 the gold medal for his contribution to the history of the Principality of Andorra and although his life is best known through his legacy, today would like to make a special mention to both reviewing their biography. the Seu dUrgell (Lerida), but at age 14, he was orphaned and moved to Chile with his uncle, where he discovered photography. However, Jose returned very soon to the place that saw him grow because his sister fell sick and coincidentally, during This room would know who would be his wife and the mother of their future children, Concepcio. Installed again in La Seu he opened a Photography Studio defending provided that a good picture should be made in a natural environment. Unfortunately, subsequent developments in Spain made that most of the documents were lost.

Jose and Concepcio had four sons, of whom, only the small, Valenti, born in 1902, continued fondness for his father and although he started his career at Barcelona, following the family tradition that their grandparents with a fabrics shop, had been initiated soon began to also work for the Eastman Kodak Company. Married in 1930 and his wife fell in love with Andorra, where they were boyfriends trip, so very soon, the country of the Pyrenees became at home and in the workplace that would develop his photographic career, combining with a small business in Andorra la Vella, the first of the Principality in which you could find Kodak products. In 1970 founded the Valenti Claverol archives that were relegated by the Claverol Foundation, which today houses more than 7,000 negatives, photographs and an important part of the history of Andorra in film support.

Photographic Portraits

Exposure with me, myself, I will continue until June 10.Photographic portrait of Picasso portraits photography of Picasso, on Malaga Picasso Museum, which is located very close to our hotel, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. It shows a lot of snapshots of photographers who captured the Malaga artist devoted to his work. This exhibition shows the role of Picasso in the construction of their public image, feeding the cult of his personality. The sample is organized in collaboration with the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and brings together a total of 166 photographs corresponding to 34 authors, who include Robert Doisneau, Irving Penn, Robert Capa and Andre Villers. It covers a period of time that begins at the beginning of the 20th century, the years of the Bohemian Parisian. It can be considered a foto-biografia, not so much of the life of the character, but the creation of the modern artist. Next to snapshots, a fragment is shown also Incontrare Picasso, filmed in 1953 film and work of director Luciano Emmer. The exhibition is curated by Kerstin Stremmel, Associate Commissioner Museum Ludwig de Colonia. Photo: Courtesy of Museo Picasso Malaga