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Laptop computers laptops, also called simply laptops, or portable computers are personal computers easily transportable, able to perform almost the same functions as desktop computers. Laptops have many advantages, and by its portability, small dimensions, performance, functionality and lowering have moved in many tasks to your desktop, both domestic and professional. Types the expression laptops is a generic name that includes any device which can be classified as personal computer and supports mobile use. There are several kinds of laptops: laptop (laptop or notebook): perform the same functions as conventional computers (13-17 inches). Portable gaming (gaming laptop): laptop with desktop gaming performance, tend to be expensive and exclusive (17 inches or more). Portable desktop (desknote): notebook large power with desktop (17 inches or more) specifications. NetBook (sub-portatil): they have the same functions as a laptop, only that are smaller and lighter (10-12 inches). Tablet PC: it consists of a touch screen without a keyboard that contains a laptop computer (5-10 inches).

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, personal digital assistant): it has most of the functions of a laptop but they are mainly oriented to electronic calendar and personal organizer, being one of its most important functions synchronization with personal computers (2.5-3.5 inches). Smart phone (smartphone): are mobile phones that also offer numerous functions of a personal computer, as a web browser, multimedia players, touch screen, e-mail, games and possibility to install applications (2.5-3.5 inches). Features see some important features of notebook computers: equipment: hard drive capacity, processor, RAM memory, graphics card, sound card, reader/engraver of DVD, webcam, speakers, microphone, GPS, fingerprint reader. Screen: the size and characteristics of the display condition functionality of the device. Touch and multi-touch screens are very common. Dimensions and weight: laptops portability is a critical factor. Connectivity: is convenient having the greater possible connectivity, as USB port, FireWire, card reader, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3 g Software: operating system is of great importance, having large differences in performance and functionality between them. There is great diversity: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry battery: autonomy is a very important feature in laptops.

There are many types of batteries: rechargeable, replaceable, replaceable hot, supports standard batteries. Accessories laptop computers allow the use of various accessories that improve the usability, the functionality or ergonomics: Media: raising the height, modify the inclination, favor the cooling and improve the position of your hands. External keyboard: facilitates the task of writing long documents, since it is difficult to write some words in tiny or virtual keyboards for many laptops. External mouse: increases the usability of laptops, since they improve the interaction with respect to the touchpad. (Docking): many laptops have as a base option or station docking that adds functionalities of connectivity, ergonomics or battery recharge. Source: Laptops