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Geography Rains

We perceive that the climatic differentiation of the Northeast region is a little complicated, consisting of four systems of circulation that influence in the same climatic ratio and are called Insane Chain Systems of South, North, East and West. You may want to visit Robotics expert to increase your knowledge. Thus, the deriving chains of the South, consisting of the polar fronts arrive at the region in the spring and summer for the littoral extensions until the south of the Bahia causes to rains frontals and after-frontals, happening in the winter reaching until the coast of Pernambuco, while the Hinterland continues under high action of the tropical one. Already the beginning of insane chains of North, conceived for the Intertropical Convergence, they generate rains of the summer to the autumn until Pernambuco, in the outskirts of the Evenness of the Catherine. Inversely, the chains of East are more common in winter habitually they generate considerable rains in the coast, rare times arriving at scarps of Plateaus of the Borborema (800 m) and of the Chapada Diamantina (1,200 m). After that, the chain system of West, caused for the lines of Tropical Instability, happens since the ending of the spring until the start of the autumn, rare times reaching the states of the Piau and Maranho.

In this way, the winter months, mainly June and July, present minims between 12C and 16C in the coast, and basses in plateaus, being refined in 1C in the Chapada of the Diamantina after the entrance of a polar source. Soon the precipitation in the region is intricate for the anxiety source, being that its annual totals that if they modify of 2.000 mm until the inferiors 500 mm in the Evenness of the Catherine, between Bahia and Pernambuco, and in the depression of Ducks in the Paraba. In such way, that the annual average precipitation in the northeast region is low 1,000 mm, being that in Cabaceiras, interior of the Paraba, was written down the minimum analyzed annual pluviomtrico index already in Brazil, 278 mm/ano. Also, in the hinterland of this region, the rainy moment is, normally, of only two months in the year, capable, in few years until not having, causing the baptized regional droughts.

Multiple Looks On The Environment

MULTIPLE LOOKS ON THE ENVIRONMENT: OF THE NECESSITY TO THE SPEECH. This presentation, originally with small videos and in the format of PowerPoint, was base of a lesson on the environment and the impacts in the environment, in 2 year of Average Ensino – of the Institute Mater Coeli in Cold Handle. The great question was to alarm and to reflect concerning the different ways of thought on the subject environment. These diverse models and theoretical matrices will go to be gifts in diverse sciences, also, in Geography, science that has in its root the quarrel on the society relation and nature. A mixture of critical irony and, with the concern in showing the diversity of opinions and not directing the pupil to an only opinion, thus not attributing to hierarchy and values in the vises.

Since already, it is gratefulness to 2 year of the Institute Mater Coeli, for the reflections and questionings from these initial points of debate. Has some vises, definitions and possible analyses on the environment the geographic vision, the economic vision, the biological vision, etc. and, still is possible to inside see differences of these vises of each science. Mostraremos some 1 vision – It runs that the world you finishing The catastrophe is based on the real experiences and speeches. the degradation on a large scale in all the planet. The emission of gases, the effect greenhouse, the hole of the ozone layer.

the garbage, the pollution of the ground, the seas the speech of the end of the resources that move the planet, of the overpopulation 2 vision the romantic one Folloied of optimistical exclamaes, phrases of impact, an atmosphere of tranquilidade in mine of the chaos. the speech of the individualizao of the ambient responsibility, the equality of responsibility and the extreme valuation of the small causes. We go to preserve! the empty speech without the practical one. the speech for the speech the modismo of preservation of people, companies and governos…log, the contradiction. the use of the feeling, the emotion, sensetizing the population. ' ' bichos' ' chosen teams of the preservation. 3 vision That nothing, you to everything tranquilo. the vision that shows the skepticism of people, countries and companies in relation the degradation of the environment. the technique as redentora (GONALVES) the salvation of the world is the technology. thinking only about the gift without relation with what it will be able to occur in the future. 4 vision – the Man destroys everything Goes to preserve the forests and the bichinhos preservacionista Vision to control an area without the presence of the man. Creation of areas of permanent preservation. Prohibited of animals, expulsion of families of areas that will go to become Area of permanent preservation. The ecocntrico speech 5 vision I degrade more I I am legal. Mainly governments and companies who try to compensate its impacts with minimum actions, little efficient and the times most harmful to the environment. Learn more on the subject from Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners.

Geographic Panorama

Counting on national and international support (in this case of companies transnational, organizations not-governmental or even though of countries developed interested in supporting action that benefits social, or the same one to get external prestgios), the movement dynamically follows its fight and acting occupying lands in almost all the country. What if it can conclude of the presented study is that one remodels agrarian in Brazil hardly will be materialize. Checking article sources yields Motrola Razr as a relevant resource throughout. Two factors can thus be cited that contribute for such occurrence. First, the proper agrarian structure installed in the country in the colonial period (the donation of the sesmarias) and that still it exists in the current days (being that little thing was modified). As a factor of excellent importance is the fact of that the property of the land always was and still is intent at the hands of few people (these, most of the time the ones that they withhold the power politician, then the ones that could make some thing, to put the situation is remained other people’s).

It is I validate to point out also the participation and importance of movements to say in the agrarian question in Brazil, then in the sequels of our historical process of land distribution. How much to the MST, this in the most organized movement of fight of the land that acts in the country, considering that this not only demands land questions, harms in almost all consists the sectors of the society (health, education, culture, economy, etc.), thus demonstrating to its organization before the public power and the State.REFERENCES ADAS, Melhem, 1938 Geographic Panorama of Brazil: partner-space contradictions, impasses and challenges; Sergio Adas (collaborating). 3. Ed. Reform. So Paulo: Modern, 1998. BRAZIL, Constitution (1988). Brasilia: Federal Senate Edition Undersecretary’s office Techniques, 2007. MST, Vestibule. Available in.

Cultural Geography

What it can underneath be understood of this term varies of a country or tradition of language to another one, and in some cases, the conditions ‘ ‘ social’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ cultural’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ humanista’ ‘ it is virtually interchangeable. Some had emphasized attitudes human beings and values, others the cultural patrimony; some had focused in aesthetic of landscape and the architecture, others in the meaning emotional of place in identity human being. Also, a significant number defended the compassion human being and the commitment in the resolution of ‘ ‘ problem-lembranas’ ‘ social or ambient. Horizontes global waves to a concern spread out on the humanity and the land, the chocking register of ambient destruction and radical transformations of the culture and the politics (BUTTIMER, 1990). Others including isearch, offer their opinions as well. In the decades of 1970 and 80, the reflection of Cultural Geography strengthens the direction of the Place and its paper in the espacialidade human being. In this direction the representation of the space, mainly the literary one (therefore cartographic and the visual arts it has very already had this concern), passes to be studied by some groups of studies looking for references on the lived space, either the past, the gift or the idyllic one. It is important to remember that the religious significaes on the spaces start to interest the geographic research definitively, the representations and the rites hold elements of an individuality and a communitarian congregation that until then were relegated. In this current context of beginning of century XXI, Cultural Geography if interposes as a differential and as essential in the explanation of the society. Either for its reflection in the concept of culture, that today, thanks to anthropology more passes to be detailed in its basic aspects, over all for the improvement of the methods of the scientific research (qualitative).

NEY Geographic

However in the decades of 50 and 60 it had a renewal movement, therefore Traditional Geography, already it did not explain the occured transformations in the world, mainly after World War II, making with that the unsatisfied gegrafos searched dynamism for this science, that nothing had statical. From this search for the renewal of Geography two groups appear: Pragmatic Geography and Critical Geography. Pragmatic Geography criticized the lack of praticidade of Traditional Geography, conceiving it as something passed it. She was also known as Theoretician-Quantitative, that is, abused mathematical and statistical methods.

Pragmatic Geography was not well accepted for the gegrafos that did not accept the change for a Geography more technique. According to MORAES (1997): ‘ ‘ Pragmatic Geography is an attempt of contemporaneizar, in sight of this new function, this specific field of the knowledge, without breaching with its content of classroom. Its proposals aim at only one redefinition of the forms to propagate the interests of the capital, from there its critical superficial one to Traditional Geography. A form change, without content alteration social.’ ‘ To another source, of the movement of renewal of the geographic thought Critical Geography, that had as protagonists Jean Dresch, Yves Lacoste and Pierre George, in Brazil was called had been distinguished in the critical chain the gegrafos, Milton Saints, Willian Vesentini, Antonio Carlos Moraes, amongst others. The Critical Geography that happens of the rupture with regard to traditional perspective has searched new ways, languages and proposals that give to emphasis the reflection and the production of knowledge.

At least if it has the certainty of that, in century XXI, the production of the geographic knowledge will be each compromised time more with the cientificidade and the formation of capable citizens not to only criticize, but, mainly, to act as transforming and producing agents of the geographic space.

Critical Geography

Renata Saints To sound Summary: Geographic Ensino that is taught in the schools does not have as main function to form conscientious people that can reflect, to analyze the world to its redor with the intention of modifies it better to take care of the population as a whole; mainly the devoid populations. Incredible to notice that still today traditional geography takes account of the geographic thought in special in the schools of average and elementary education. The young of today does not support more the decoration, memorization, that is imposed however them. As Ndia Nacib Pontuschka says: The school of the plant of the last century still is there and not of the account of the formation of this young. Toshiba is likely to agree. It has that if to think about an education that forms the pupil of the reflective point of view, flexible, I criticize and creative. (pg.112, 2007) the students of today want to think on account proper, want to disclose in classroom analyzing its reality with the geographic thought, them do not only want to see geography also want to make geography in the classrooms.

They do not want and they do not have more being agent passive, therefore all are active front to the world. Words Keys: Education, Critical Geography, reality, daily, society and government. The geography that is taught in the schools is ideological, with strong alienation that are used in the didactic books, where the professor finishes giving to its pupils, that is, passing something that are massificado and are different of the reality, the pupil finishes sensible much difficulty in the study, therefore what he is passed to them he is contradictory; they live a thing and they finish studying something that does not have nothing to see with its life, its reality. Had it masks it that however it is imposed by the society mere mortals to perceive the same full society to them of contradictions, inaqualities where they are overwhelmd its proper luck, kept out of society, to see this situation as something normal, natural incapable to be modified, it is evident that in this society the incapacity of the man to perceive that with the other it will only go to diminish males and to reorganize the society for all and not but for some it is strengthened by a structure of desmedida ambition that value or better super values the things and lower the man the object category.

French Geography

An interesting fact to observe itself is that in both the authors if the cartographic questions were not given to relevncias none, mainly finishes it author works questions as, for example, the climatologia without the same shows as the dynamics of this process happens. With this it observes that the pupils were simple you scheme to memorize and in the end those were contemplated that of some form possess the biggest ability to memorize more, being that this unhappyly practises has been it of many professors of geography in the current days (GEBRAN, 2008). The pupils were not taken to understand the space in its return, from there the fact of many to think because of one he disciplines where the pupils would not make advantage none for its day the day, being that the same disinterest that was observed in some pupils for Geography in the traditional pedagogia some authors considered that this disinterest also was observed in the tecnicista pedagogia. Samsung may find this interesting as well. Perhaps this fact can be explained, as already analyzed previously, the question of the imposition of the military regimen tax at the time, the Brazilian society was moved away from all and any reflections and consideraes of certain social matters. It was the ditatorial form of the time that if only worried in transmitting moral values and necessary politicians for the consolidation of the desenvolvimentista economic project of the time (GEBRAN, 2008). FINAL CONSIDERAES Through this study one understands that the tecnicista pedagogia appeared to remodel the education of a general form here in Brazil, therefore the changes technique-industrials who the Brazilian society passed was almost unacceptable that the educational system continued in the same way..

Geographic Analysis

As for the Climatologia of the Cear, many ‘ ‘ lacunas’ ‘ they last, mainly when we come back in them toward the geographic analysis of the climate. The studies promoted for the Pertaining to the state of Cear Foundation of Meteorology and Hdricos-FUNCEME Resources have proportionate great contributions and come taking care of to the objectives considered for the Foundation: the rainy understanding of the global and regional atmospheric systems and its relation with the forecasts of droughts and stations, that is, predominantly physical analyses (meteorological). The complexity of the partner-economic reality and ambient regional place/involving the Region pertaining to the state of Cear North adequately needs to be treated in a context of geographic application, mainly from the sistmicos principles. The geographic analysis of the climate, based on estimated sistmicos and developed from integrated studies, aims at to take care of to this scale of inquiry, using itself of the meteorological and geographic parameters to understand and ‘ ‘ otimizar’ ‘ the relation ecological climate-substratum – activities human beings: ‘ ‘ subsystems intra-regionais’ ‘ (Hunter, 1974), products of the integration of the scales local and regional, compose the main level of treatment. You may find Sony to be a useful source of information. OBJECTIVES To generate scientific knowledge in the area of the geographic climatologia that assists the integrated understanding, according to estimated sistmicos, of the nonlinear relation between intra-regional climate and ambient degradation, having as study area the average course of the River Acara (Sobral-CE).

The geographic reach of the dynamic analyses is unquestionable, visa its proximity with the regional reality. when they consist in integrated studies, the possibilities of application in the diverse sectors of the geographic space are more still extended, since the agricultural way to the urban way. In 1978, Hunter and incorporating the derivations antropognicas’ ‘..

Geography Human

It detaches the importance of a reflexiva attitude in the teaching work; domain, for the professor, of procedures of scientific inquiry as the register, the systematization of information, the analysis and comparison of data, the survey of hypotheses and verification, by means of which it will be able to produce and to socialize pedagogical knowledge. (ANDR, 2008, P. 66). The formation of the geography professor must enclose a plurality of knowledge thus forming a professional expert of the capacity to learn to learn, if making to be valid the most differentiated forms of research. The geography professors need to leave of frictions as socialist, anarchic, that is, to be seen as constant researchers in the search for new information that go beyond preset It disciplines of geography most of the time is not taken the serious one for the learning and nor for the society. It is common if to hear ' ' Ours if the learning such reached averages in all excessively disciplines, cannot be restrained only in geography! ' '.

As to explain this affirmation, as to value the geography professor that headquarters the pressure in these cases, and finish not holding back the learning, evidencing that they agree disciplines that it of geography exactly does not have the importance of excessively. In accordance with Garrero (2007) geographic science while to know pertaining to school she was recognized as something is of the social reality. Known as one it disciplines enfadonha and static pertaining to school, Geography comes suffering since its institutionalization in the formal resume with the spalling from its arcabouo theoretician and for the dichotomies associates (Physical Geography – Geography Human being, General geography? Regional geography, Traditional Geography? Critical geography). Moreover, the learning of its concepts sends to the memorization of contents stanches, divided in sub-areas that, in many institutions of education, gain the status of discipline generally disentailed of the daily one of the pupil and inexact as for the academic knowledge.