Geography Human

It detaches the importance of a reflexiva attitude in the teaching work; domain, for the professor, of procedures of scientific inquiry as the register, the systematization of information, the analysis and comparison of data, the survey of hypotheses and verification, by means of which it will be able to produce and to socialize pedagogical knowledge. (ANDR, 2008, P. 66). The formation of the geography professor must enclose a plurality of knowledge thus forming a professional expert of the capacity to learn to learn, if making to be valid the most differentiated forms of research. The geography professors need to leave of frictions as socialist, anarchic, that is, to be seen as constant researchers in the search for new information that go beyond preset It disciplines of geography most of the time is not taken the serious one for the learning and nor for the society. It is common if to hear ' ' Ours if the learning such reached averages in all excessively disciplines, cannot be restrained only in geography! ' '.

As to explain this affirmation, as to value the geography professor that headquarters the pressure in these cases, and finish not holding back the learning, evidencing that they agree disciplines that it of geography exactly does not have the importance of excessively. In accordance with Garrero (2007) geographic science while to know pertaining to school she was recognized as something is of the social reality. Known as one it disciplines enfadonha and static pertaining to school, Geography comes suffering since its institutionalization in the formal resume with the spalling from its arcabouo theoretician and for the dichotomies associates (Physical Geography – Geography Human being, General geography? Regional geography, Traditional Geography? Critical geography). Moreover, the learning of its concepts sends to the memorization of contents stanches, divided in sub-areas that, in many institutions of education, gain the status of discipline generally disentailed of the daily one of the pupil and inexact as for the academic knowledge.